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So, you cook with cannabis?
Is that really a thing?
Can cannabis help improve my diet and lifestyle?

Hey there! I'm Corinne Tobias, and I’m here to emphatically tell you that YES, cooking with cannabis can most certainly change your life for the better, as it has mine. If you're interested in my story, feel free to read more about my past and inspiration, here. But, right now, you need to learn more about Wake+Bake and all that is has to offer.

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Simply put, cannabis is a natural and organic substance that can be used and applied in countless ways. Yes, you can certainly smoke it, but you can also use it to cook just about anything. Here at Wake+Bake, you’ll find it all – information about the cannabis lifestyle that will allow you to learn more about how it all works and ultimately, to incorporate the aspects of the cannabis journey that could benefit you.

That’s not all. In addition to information regarding cooking with cannabis, including great tips for how to make edibles, salves, tinctures and more, you also have access to the best information and cannabis news on the internet. Why? Because we publish new cannabis articles and information regularly due to the fact that the world of cannabis changes every day, despite the fact that it’s been part of human life in one way or another for thousands of years.

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Easy Recipes and Encouraging Stories

If you're interested in learning more about how to cook with cannabis – like how to make edibles, how to make salve, how to decarboxylate, or just make some weed lube – you're in luck!

Get started making homemade edibles and cooking with cannabis with the Wake+Bake blog. Featuring great lifestyle tips, as well as recipes for CBD and other cannabis-centric research, we're ready to help you get started cooking with cannabis.

Become a Certified Cannabis Coach

We’re on a joint mission: transform our broken healthcare system and to create opportunities for women in the lopsided cannabis industry.

In partnership with The Cannabis Coaching Institute, we've been able to do what others haven't – train professional coaches who are skilled at supporting and educating people about how they can benefit from this powerful, medicinal plant. Become a part of the cannabis healthy community by starting your journey as a cannabis coach.

Cannabis eCookbooks

With reservations available to be made for Corinne's upcoming cookbook release, explore all the great eCookbooks from Corinne and her team of cannabis cooking experts. 

From Dazed and Confused to helpful cannabis recipes for the holidays – ya know the ones where you're outside avoiding your family? – enjoy the greatest recipes of all time with cookbooks for everyone from Wake+Bake. Find your favorite recipes, share the love and tell your friends!

Shop Till You Drop

Explore the Wake+Bake store and find great products from Althea CBD, bananabros, LEVO, Magical Butter and more! Find smoking cones, CBD tinctures, organic cannabis flower, salves, massage oil, vaporizers, all-in-one kitchens and other great gadgets and gizmos to enhance your cannabis experience.

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How to Make Weed Gummies

If you're a lover of cannabis and all things gummy bears, you might have been curious about how to make weed gummies. Cannabis-infused gummies are...

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What others have to say...

The information you’ve provided over the last 3 years has made such a difference in what I make, consume and offer to others.  I use the dosage calculator often and feel confident my canna caps are always around 20mg each. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Tricia Mills

Thank you. Your website and resources really are very comprehensive and well thought out. So nice for a beginner like me.

Thomas Adams

What y’all do is so very precious to me! Yeah, thanks to COVID-19 my job’s gone and my Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ends 12/26, first day of Kwanza, day after Christmas. How some ever, the Wake & Bake team provides me the opportunity to live my best life without exploiting others.

 I truly thank each and every one of you that contributes to the wonder of “Wake & Bake”!


You’ll really never know how much your site has meant to me and my cannabis for chronic pain journey. Between all your geeky science post to your dosage calculator I am completely comfortable with the process of making my own cannabis edibles and sublingual drops. I already am a huge CBD/THC fan but now I’m super excited about cooking with CBG! Like really, really, really excited! Did I mention I’m excited? Thank you for putting yourself out there to bring knowledge to people like me!


Thank you for all of your hard work! Your blog really helps me medicate well. Thanks!


Corinne, your website is really the best place to synthesize all the info that’s out there. A great starting place for research. And your recipes are helpful foundations for experimenting. Take care


Thanks for being who you are, making a difference, and inspiring others such as I!

Martina A. Perez

Please know you’re making a difference and changing people’s lives! ❤️