Become your healthiest self with cannabis
The data and testimonials are in: cannabis is healthy and it can change your life. ​​​​Learn how to use cannabis in a way that supports your health goals.
Health doesn't have to be hard.
​​​​​​​There's cannabis.
Because of our modern culture, we've forgotten that being healthy is our natural state. But here's the truth: getting healthy doesn't have to be a struggle and cannabis can help.

Unfortunately - when it comes to cannabis - years of unjust laws and propaganda by "the man", mean that we have ALSO forgotten how to use this powerful plant medicine for healing.

Thanks to modern science and cannabis reform, all of that is changing. We're discovering more about the uses of cannabis every day.

That hasn't really made things any easier. A lot of the information we find in books and on the internet doesn't add up. It seems like every "expert" is saying something different. I know how confusing it can be.
​​​​​​​Well, it doesn't have to be that way.

If you're ready to use cannabis and feel great, you can now pre-register for my Cannabis for Health Online Weekend Workshop (coming August 1st) and get access to the method that has helped hundreds of clients overcome chronic pain and anxiety and helped them start feeling good again.
Love edibles? Me too!
If you came here looking for the healthiest and most affordable way to create effective cannabis infusions and edibles, you can do that in just 3 steps with my Cannabis Kitchen Starter Bundle. After over 6 years of experiments, this method is the easiest way to create potent and healthy edibles at home. Check out how simple it is:
Step 1: Activate your plant material in the Nova 
Step 3: Use the Dazed + Infused eBook to learn how turn your infusions into edibles that improve your health
Our Mission:
The Cannabis + Health Revolution
After living with chronic pain for over a decade, I used cannabis to kick all of my prescription drugs, lose 60 lbs and eliminate my anxiety.

Since 2013 I've helped millions of people understand how to use cannabis on their journey to better health.

​​It's my mission to show people how to:
  • Use cannabis consciously and effectively
  • Create healthy and affordable edibles and cannabis infusions
  • Incorporate powerful health and wellness tools into their cannabis journey

If you'd like to invite me to give a workshop at your dispensary, come on your podcast or work together to promote your super healthy cannabis or hemp product, click the button below.
Corinne Tobias
Founder of Wake + Bake
What people say about Wake + Bake:
"This blog has seriously changed my life, health wise."
Chastity W.

I love the information you have because it can be daunting for me finding a trust worthy source. Each source I look up, my gut says “no way”. With you it’s a green light! Thank you!

Pamela M.

I started following your site, and using your recipes, tips and suggestions to incorporate cannabis into my wellness routine. I began using medical cannabis last year and your site has been a key in helping me find out how to use this amazing plant to improve my health and reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasms. My overall quality of life is improving day by day and I thank you for your role in my wellness!

Heather M.
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