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Corinne's Healing with Cannabis Story

Hey there,

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about Cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!).

Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their Cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

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Today, you might call me a “Cannabis health nut” and a “weed nerd” (thank you very much 🤓), but I wasn’t always healthy, happy or driven with a purpose.

In my late teens and early 20’s, I was: 

  • more than 60lbs overweight
  • crippled by chronic pain and anxiety
  • on daily opiates, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, and on and off other pharmaceuticals 
  • binge drinking and chain smoking every day
  • fueled by fast food and glued to my TV screen

I was sick more often than not and I was told that by the time I was 30, I wouldn’t be able to walk.

A doctor once told me that without back surgery, I’d be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I thought I was broken and was constantly looking for the next miracle pill or magic diet that would make me happy, pain-free, and “skinny”. 

That's me on the left...

Enter: Cannabis

I had been using Cannabis “recreationally” for years, typically when I was hungover or wanted to watch movies with my friends. 

But one fateful day, when I was about 23, a young man I like to call JB told me that cannabis was healthy. It was the first time I’d ever heard that idea. 

I’d heard the argument that “cannabis should be treated like alcohol” and knew it wasn’t some big scary drug, but healthy

Wasn’t medical cannabis an excuse for people to say “I have back pain” so they could get high? And sure, they felt better… because they were high. Right?

Even though I was skeptical, I figured that even if it didn’t work, it would help me save some money, so I gave it a go. 

I started using smaller amounts of cannabis consistently (in a one hitter) and within 2 weeks, I tapered off of the opiates and other prescription drugs I was taking and over time, shifted into a much healthier lifestyle.

I lost that extra 60 lbs (and have kept it off for over 15 years), have not had back surgery, and haven’t touched an opiate since. 

"Cannabis IS a
'gateway drug'...
It's a gateway to health
and vibrant living."

When Colorado legalized in 2013, I decided to make a cookbook and start a blog (the one you’re reading right now!) and it went on to reach over 7 million people! It still blows my mind that so many people have made these recipes, read these words and joined this community. 

Shortly after starting the blog, I got hundreds of questions about how cannabis works for health. Over the years, I’ve studied and trained with some of the best in Cannabis Education to try to get a handle on what science says about this plant and how we can use that to help others. 

That quest to learn and share turned into the training program The Cannabis Institute – where we’ve trained over 500 Certified Cannabis Educators and Coaches since 2018 who are out there making a real impact in their communities. I’m so proud of that community and so excited about that work. 

After that, the lead cannabis science educator from the program – Andrea Meharg – and I started the Wake + Bake podcast where we interview some of the greatest minds in Cannabis Medicine and Entrepreneurship. 

TLDR; For the past decade, my whole life and career has been dedicated to this plant that changed my life – and continues to do so every day. 

A part of me always felt like I owed it to the plant to help people see what she can really do. I’m ready for the stigma to go, the plant to be understood, and for cannabis to be returned to its rightful place in our gardens and medicine cabinet.

People are tired of being fed old propaganda from the war on drugs.

They also won’t be fooled for long by cannabis industry marketing and lobbying that says it’s hard or dangerous to grow cannabis and make your own cannabis products (puh leeze).

The truth is available now and more people are coming on board the Cannabis and health revolution. 

I believe that Cannabis is a life-changing, transformation-accelerating, and scientifically-backed option for so many people who want to get healthier.

I mean…I never needed that wheelchair after all, and my body consistently surprises me in its ability to heal, open up, and grow stronger because of this plant.

Cannabis radically transformed my life from sick, sad, and painful to joyful, healthy, and free – and I believe that it can change the world.

Are you ready to experience that change?

Let’s go! Here are some resources for each step on your journey. 

Just getting started with cannabis medicine? 

Check out all of the free edibles recipes, podcasts, and cannabis education posts on the Wake + Bake blog

Want to learn more about making healthy edibles? 

Take my Cannabis Cooking Masterclass to learn how to make your own medicine. (You can get it right now for less than the cost of ONE dispensary edible.)

Ready to “go pro” and become a Cannabis Educator or start a Cannabis Wellness Business? 

My team and I at the Cannabis Institute have trained over 500 Cannabis Educators and coaches who are making a huge difference in the world. You can learn more with our free webinar: 3 Steps to Launching a Cannabis Wellness Business. 

To enquire about programs or attending The Cannabis Coaching Institute, email [email protected]. Please reach out if you ever have any questions or have feedback. I’m here to help.


Corinne Tobias a.k.a. “the Wake + Bake Lady”