And the winner is…

Someday I'd like to be the Oprah of weed food. Then I could be like:

“And YOU get a Nova, and YOU get a tCheck, and YOU get a bottle of Organic CBD Oil, and YOU get a Magical Butter!” to errybody.

Unfortunately, there are limits when you're not Oprah yet. And there's only ONE grand prize winner. And even if it's not you, I think you're going to be pretty happy for our 4/20 Survival Pack Giveaway winner (more on that in a minute).

First, some important administrative announcements:

  1. If you entered, make sure to check your emails. There were a few winners who haven't confirmed yet and it could be you!
  2. If your name isn't on this list, also make sure to check your email because I sent over some bonuses just for entering!

Thank you all so so much for entering and sharing and instagramming and emailing. I absolutely loved sharing my 4/20 with all of you and seeing all of yours.

If you didn't win…

No worries!! I love contests so I hope to put another one on later this year. But if you don't want to wait until our next giveaway, I have coupon codes that can save you some cash and a whole lot of anticipation.

The Nova Decarboxylator

The tCheck: wakeandbake15 for 15% off (about $45 off)

Magical Butter

NuLeaf Naturals: wakeandbake for 15% off

Wake + Bake: winner for 20% off

The Firefly Vaporizer: firefly420 for a $40 Gift Card (details below)


– One Firefly vaporizer must be added to your shopping cart
– Must be applied to the purchase of $40 worth of Accessories
– Use the FIREFLY420 code at checkout
– Offer expires Sunday 4/30/17




3rd Prize Winners: Lyle, Annette and Elicia

Lyle, Annette and Elicia are getting all of the Wake + Bake ebooks sent directly into their inbox. Congrats guys!

2nd Prize Winner: Josh S from Michigan

Josh won a bottle of my favorite farm-sourced solvent-free organic CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals. I hope you love it Josh!

1st Prize Winners: Angela S from Portland and Lisa @carefarmacy

Lisa and Angela are going to be the coolest cannabis cooks on the block with their:

Lisa won via Instagram by sharing this super cute #420survivalpack pic. Eeeee! You should follow herand me (obvs).

cannabis giveaway

Grand Prize Winner: Mary P from Illinois

Mary will receive the Cannabis Cooking Survival Pack:

The email I got back from Mary was very touching and I'm so glad she's our grand prize winner. With stage 4 lung cancer, Mary is a medical marijuana patient who can't smoke and was using edibles as her main form of cannabis medicine. With all of her new gadgets, she can save money, make effective medicine and find a consistent dosage that works for her. Congratulations Mary! Your prize pack is on its way!

Okay! I need to go make that book 🙂

Much love,


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