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Ardent Mini Decarb Machine Review 2023 (Plus an Ardent Coupon Code)

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2022 may have been full of challenges (like Wake + Bake getting hacked to oblivion by a gambling site), but it was also full of beautiful surprises – like the new Ardent Mini Decarb Machine showing up on my doorstep.

I’ll be honest. After Ardent came out with the Ardent FX, I thought they had innovated themselves into a corner. I wasn’t expecting to see a new device from them for many years.

The reason I think it was so surprising to see this new decarb machine is because I think the Ardent FX decarb machine is practically perfect for cooking with Cannabis.

weed cocoa butter recipe

Ardent’s FX is both a cannabutter maker and decarb machine. The FX:

  • Handles big batches of flower (up to 4oz)
  • Decarboxylates weed – flower, concentrates, stems, and more
  • Is a decarb machine for THC, CBD, and CBG
  • Makes cannabutter and infusions for consistent edibles recipes

Heck. You can even bake in it.

It includes a convent carrying case and now has a line of super helpful accessories that I use every time I make edibles recipes – like the strainer and scent shield.

But then Ardent Mini Decarboxylator arrived. It does all that the Ardent FX does.

the best cannabutter maker and decarboxylation machine

Plus, the Ardent Mini is: 

  • Small and convenient enough to throw in a backpack or in your luggage when traveling
  • Can be tucked into small storage spaces in minimalist and tiny kitchens
  • Can decarboxylate up to an ounce of flower and up to 6 ounces of oil
  • And is lighter on your wallet

Now that travel has opened up and Alice and I are spending months on the road living van-life or inserting ourselves in foreign locales, the Ardent Mini is my new go-to decarb machine/weed butter maker. 

TL;DR it’s worth the investment. You can buy one here BUY AN ARDENT MINI and use the code: WAKEANDBAKE for $30 off. 

Post Sections:

  1. What is Decarboxylation?
  2. The Ardent Mini Decarboxylation Machine Review
  3. Ardent Mini Features
  4. Ardent Mini Benefits
  5. Ardent Mini Downsides
  6. Ardent Mini vs. Ardent FX
  7. Ardent Nova vs. Ardent Mini
  8. Ardent Mini vs. Magical Butter Machine
  9. Wake + Bake Verdict: Is the Ardent Mini The Best Decarb Machine and Cannabutter Maker?
  10. Ardent Coupon Codes


What is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process of removing a carboxyl group from an organic compound, transforming THCa into THC or CBDa into CBD.

The most common way to decarboxylate weed is by heating it.

You do this automatically when you light a joint or smoke a bowl. Vaporizers also decarboxylate Cannabis to a precise temperature to achieve specific effects from Cannabis and hemp.

When making edibles, you don’t have the same grace as smoking or vaporizing.

When making edibles, Cannabis has to stay at a specific temperature for a certain period to decarboxylate fully, before being infused in oil or tinctured.

We use the term “acidic cannabinoids” or “raw cannabinoids” when talking about THCa and CBDa.

When Cannabis is decarbed, we typically refer to the cannabinoids THC and CBD “active cannabinoids” – these compounds have been altered chemically to become more bioavailable for human consumption.

THCa is likely useful for a lot of things but is non-intoxicating. We don’t have as much data on THCa and CBDa as THC and CBD for things like anxiety, sleep, and pain.

Decarboxylation can be done independently or in combination with other processes such as extraction and distillation.

What is a Decarboxylation Machine?

A decarboxylator (also known as a decarb machine) is a device used to rapidly and efficiently perform the process of decarboxylation.

Decarb machines typically have a heating element, a temperature control system, and a chamber.

There are industrial decarboxylators used by edibles and hemp companies, and there are now decarb machines designed for home use.

The purpose of the decarboxylator is to heat the material to the desired temperature and maintain it there for an extended period to ensure complete decarboxylation.

Ardent Cannabis is the only company I know who has lab tests showing the effectiveness of their decarb. They’ve demonstrated 97-100% decarb in third-party lab tests using their machines.

Decarboxylation machines are used by many Cannabis cooks, as they help to bring out the full potential of Cannabis products. By using a decarboxylator you can make the most effective and potent Cannabis products possible at home.

cannabis coaching institute

The process of decarboxylation is essential when making almost all edibles recipes, from weed oil to CBD salve.

Unless you want to incorporate “acidic cannabinoids” like THCa, CBDa, and CBGa, you’ll want to decarb all of your weed, CBD flower, CBG flower, and concentrates before infusing or making Cannabis tinctures.

Decarboxylation is an important part of making homemade edibles, and you can do this using homespun methods.

By utilizing a decarboxylator, you can make the highest quality, most potent edibles and Cannabis products without having to guess at the time and temperature for decarboxylation. And that guessing can cost you money.

The truth is that many homespun methods don’t activate your Cannabis fully. For example, you can lose up to 33% of your THC by decarbing in an oven.

If you’re using Cannabis as medicine and are making lots of products, a decarboxylator is a good investment for getting the most out of your plant material.

Decarboxylation is also beneficial for recreational Cannabis users, as it helps to activate the compounds in Cannabis so that they can feel the desired effects. Whether making edibles for adult use or using Cannabis as medicine (or both), you can save hundreds of dollars a year making your own at home using a decarboxylation machine.

But decarboxylation is just the first step in this process. The next step is infusion.

If you’re planning on infusing your weed into cannabutter, Cannabis coconut oil, or Cannabis cocoa butter, read on to find out more about weed butter makers and why the Ardent Mini excels at both steps.

What is a Weed Butter Maker?

what is a cannabutter maker

A weed butter maker is a device used to quickly and easily make cannabutter. It typically consists of an electric heating element, a butter mixture container, and a timer.

This machine makes it easy for anyone to produce their own medical or recreational edible recipes with less effort and mess.

Experienced Cannabis cooks love weed butter makers because they make it easy to infuse cannabutter, Cannabis coconut oil, and other types of weed oil.

The infused oil and butter you can make in a weed butter maker can be used to create various edible recipes such as brownies, cookies, cakes, spreads, sauces, topicals, weed lube, and more.

They take the guesswork out of temperature and allow you to have a “set it and forget it” attitude toward making cannabutter.

Whether for medical or recreational purposes, a weed butter maker is a great tool for anyone wanting to explore the possibilities of cooking with Cannabis.

It’s an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make their homemade edibles safely and efficiently. Using a weed butter maker means that your edible recipes are consistent and reliable each time you use it.

For a long time, you could only get a decarb machine or a weed butter maker.

But then in 2019 Ardent Cannabis came along with the FX.

The Ardent FX was the first machine that combined the two. They took that technology and shrunk it into the cutest and most portable Ardent decarboxylation machine and weed butter maker yet.

The Ardent Mini Decarboxylator Machine Review: An All-In-One Decarb Machine and Weed Butter Maker

ardent mini decarboxyator review

The Ardent Mini Decarboxylator is a unique device that combines the precision of a decarboxylator and the convenience of a weed butter maker into one compact machine.

This revolutionary device makes it easy for users to precisely control temperatures during decarboxylation, allowing them to create consistent and reliable edibles recipes.

Ardent Mini Features

The Ardent Mini Decarboxylator makes it easy for home Cannabis cooks to create their own cannabutter, Cannabis coconut oil, and other edibles recipes safely and efficiently. The device comes with preset temperature settings that allow users to get the desired results without guessing what will work best.

The Ardent Mini’s user-friendly interface makes it ideal for both experienced Cannabis cooks and novice users alike.

Unlike other complicated decarboxylation machines and cannabutter makers, the Ardent Mini is simple.

You don’t need to research the best temperature for decarboxylating THC. You press A1 to decarb THC or to decarboxylate CBG. If you’re decarboxylating CBD, you press the A2 button.

After decarboxylating your weed, add oil, butter, or cocoa butter and press the “infuse” button. The machine does everything else for you.

If you want to make tinctures or add your decarboxylated Cannabis to recipes directly, remove your decarbed weed from the device.

For making tinctures, I like the Ice Dragon Freezer Cannabis Tincture. For other tincture recipes, you can check out this post: How to Make Cannabis Tinctures.

If you’d like to sprinkle decarbed weed directly on your food (like oregano, but with a kick), you can store it in a cool dark place and add it to recipes or meals as needed.

I haven’t found any data on how long you can keep decarbed Cannabis before degrading or “going bad”, but I live in a dry climate and store mine in the cupboard for several months.

Ardent Mini Benefits

There are many great things about having a small decarboxylator and weed butter maker all in one. The Ardent Mini is worth the investment because it:

  • Can decarboxylate up to an ounce of flower
  • Can infuse up to 6 ounces of oil or cannabutter
  • Decarboxylates your THC, CBD, and CBG (97-100% activation)
  • Saves you time and hassle when making homemade edibles recipes, topicals, and things like weed lube
  • Can save you hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars a year over store-bought edibles and CBD products

Ardent Mini Downsides

While I love the Mini’s size and portability, that’s the only potential drawback of the machine I’ve encountered since I started testing it.

The Ardent Mini may not be what you need if you make large batches of cannabutter or weed oil. Luckily for a small addition to your investment, you can upgrade to the Ardent FX and decarboxylate up to 4 oz of weed at a time (depending on density).

If you microdose, like to experiment with different ratios and plant materials, and generally mix it up, the FX’s size may be overkill.

It depends on how you’re going to use your decarb machine.

Ardent Mini vs. Ardent FX

ardent mini vs ardent fx

The only real difference when comparing the Ardent Mini vs. Ardent FX is that the FX can process more Cannabis and make more oil than the Ardent Mini Decarb Machine.

The FX also has better accessories like the Scent Shield and the Infusion Press. The Ardent Mini is currently compatible with the Frainer and Infusion Mold. You can check out all of the accessories currently available here.

But after watching Ardent innovate for years, I can see them releasing more Mini-specific accessories in the future.

Big batches, unlimited space, stay at home = Ardent FX Wins

A variety of different batches, small space, take it everywhere = Ardent Mini Wins

Ardent Nova vs. Ardent Mini

ardent nova vs ardent mini

The Ardent Nova was Ardent’s first decarboxylator. They discontinued it a few years back.

You couldn’t infuse directly in the Ardent Nova, and it didn’t have the extra temperature button for decarboxylating CBD, so you had to run two cycles in the Nova.

I love that they brought back the smaller size when they released the Ardent Mini, and I’m glad it came with all of the upgraded features from the Ardent FX.

Plus, the Ardent Mini comes with a sweet little carrying case to take it on the road and has a bigger capacity than the Ardent Nova.

Ardent Mini vs. Magical Butter Machine

the best cannabutter maker

When comparing the Ardent Mini vs. the Magic Butter Machine, the most important distinction is that the Magic Butter machine doesn’t decarboxylate Cannabis fully.

That means you must decarb your weed before using the Magical Butter Machine. Theoretically, you’d have to decarb using your oven or have a separate device to decarboxylate.

They sell a decarb box for $49.95, and the Magical Butter Machine typically retails for $225-$275, making the Ardent Mini and Ardent FX more affordable, all-in-one options.

The other downside is that the Magical Butter grinds up your Cannabis as it infuses. Grinding leads to more mess during the straining process and more of a weedy taste, without increasing potency.

How Much Weed Can Fit in The Ardent Mini Decarboxylation Machine?

The Ardent Mini Decarb Machine can decarb up to an ounce of weed (depending on density) and 6 oz of oil.

An ounce may not seem like a lot, but at 20% THC, that gives you approximately 5600mg of THC to put in your edibles recipes, topicals, or weed lube. That’s a lot of weed lube!

(You can use the edibles dosage calculator to find out approximately how strong your infusions will be in the Ardent Mini).

Wake + Bake Verdict: Is the Ardent Mini The Best Decarb Machine and Cannabutter Maker?

weed butter maker and decarb machine

The Ardent Mini Decarboxylator is a great compact and portable decarb machine and cannabutter maker.

Yes. This revolutionary device makes it easy for users to control temperatures during decarboxylation and infusion.

Yes. It’s the smallest and most portable decarboxylation machine on the market (while still being able to decarb up to an ounce of Cannabis).

Yes. It’s the cutest Cannabis gadget around.

But – most importantly – the Ardent Mini Decarb Machine takes the guesswork (and the messwork) out of making edibles recipes using other methods. With two presses of a button, you can create custom edibles that are potent, affordable, and of higher quality than anything you’d find in a dispensary.

In short, it makes it easy.

And whether you’re using Cannabis as medicine or to make life more meaningful, fun, or relaxed, it makes sense to make the process as easy as possible.

Ardent Coupon Code for The Mini and The FX

Save $30 on your purchase using the Ardent Mini Coupon Code: WAKEANDBAKE




Have you tried the Ardent Mini yet? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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