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Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe?

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In this episode of the Wake + Bake Podcast, cohosts Andrea Meharg and Corinne Tobias dive into what we do and don’t know about the safety of cannabis vape pens. Vape pens are the second most popular product in the cannabis industry (the first being flower), and they grow in popularity every year.

It’s no wonder why.

Cannabis vape pens are convenient, tasty, discreet, and potent, but are they as safe as people in the cannabis industry want you to believe?

We went down the rabbit hole to find out:

– What’s inside a cannabis vape pen?

– How are vape pens made?

– What was behind the wave of vape related lung injuries and deaths in 2019?

– Could vape pen batteries cause injury (or even death)?

– Are vape pens safer for your lungs than smoking cannabis?

– Is there a way to use a vape pen without any risk?

This research yielded some of our most shocking findings since we started this podcast, so if you’re a vape pen user, cannabis enthusiast, healthcare or wellness professional, you won’t want to miss the verdict. 👇

Drop your thoughts, questions, or experiences in the comments below. Let’s continue the conversation and support each other on the path to wellness! 🌈💚

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Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

14 thoughts on “Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe?”

  1. Where is the info on CHS being caused by these vape pens and other altered forms of THC???? Knowledge is power! My 17 year old son has been in the hospital for a week because of this! It is a life or death situation! Please be aware of CHS Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome!!!

    1. I’m so sorry your son is experiencing this Amy. Yes. We actually have an episode about CHS with Ethan Russo coming up soon. I’d love to talk with you about your experience if you have a minute. Can you email me at [email protected]?

  2. Ive loved your blogs for years . The podcast is fun too. I wanted to say although I loved my Pax my friend and I feel ,after a few months of using it, our breathing was impacted . Making it harder to breathe. So we switched back to pipes and joints. Keep up the good work.

    Peace Spike

  3. You mention oil is not good because of the process using solvents, so is RSO not good also because it uses alcohol in the process?
    Thank you, Tom

  4. Vape pens are BS….well done….actually lost a friend to cannabis Vape pens….back when they were adding Vit E…..oils……twas a tragedy…..better alternatives>>>>>>.Dry herb vaporizers….Cannabis Coconut Oil Infusions…..tinctures….I agree……Keep up the Education….. tytytytytytyty……Thanks, folks

    1. That’s crazy! I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s still a real Wild West out there, and I’m glad you like the episode. Thanks for listening!

      With love,

  5. Having hEDS and over 40 other diagnosed ailments, I have severe gastroparesis with even more severe chronic constipation, so cannot reliably use edibles, or consume cannabis orally in formulations like infusions for reliable results. I am allergic to over 30 items including latex, preservatives, botanicals, perfumes, so cannot use patches or topicals. I’ve tried dry leaf inhalation using the Pax 3, but it hurts my lungs & burns. Using vape cartridges is the only formulation I can safely and reliably use. Why do you not support vape users more for those of use who are restricted from using other forms of cannabis regularly?! This podcast is so unfriendly to vape users it’s not funny. If you don’t suggest or support vape using, then what should those of with restrictive medical conditions use? Ty.

    1. Hi Julie!

      We covered this at the end of the episode. I don’t believe the episode was “unfriendly to vape users” as it was sharing what we know to be true about the current state of vape pen manufacturing and the lack of consumer protections. If anyone is being unfriendly to vape users, it’s the companies that perpetuate the lie that these products are harmless and safe, especially for medical users like yourself. We went over other options at the end of the episode and briefly covered how you can use dry herb vapes with concentrates or a higher quality vape pen you can load yourself. But if you found something that works for you and you’re not worried about it, than keep on keeping on. It’s our job to share the – sometimes inconvenient – truth about the current state of cannabis, but it’s up to you to do what’s right for you.

      With love,

  6. Hi!
    On your recent podcast episode about vape pens, you recommended dry herb vaporizers. When I was in the market for one of those a few years ago, I read about the importance of an all-glass air path, but then had a hard time finding a product that had one and was at least semi-portable. (I’m a digital nomad living in a camper van and small AirBnBs, and changing locations every 2-4 weeks. I don’t necessarily need something as portable and discreet as an oil vape pen, but I’d prefer something that’s not large and fragile that I would be stressed about protecting while in transit). I read that all-ceramic was better than many alternatives, but all-glass was the ideal. Can you comment on the extent to which you think an all-glass air path is important, recommend any dry herb vaporizers that have one and are “semi-portable”, and touch on whether you think all-ceramic is sufficient if I can’t find all-glass?
    Thanks so much!

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