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Elevate Your Practice: The Best Cannabis Strains for Meditation and Yoga

cannabis for yoga and meditation

Let’s face it, life can get stressful. That’s why it’s so important to carve out as much time as possible for self-care and quiet time. If you’re looking for a natural way to loosen up, physically and mentally, we have three great options for you: Cannabis Meditation Yoga On their own, cannabis, meditation, and yoga can do wonders to help alleviate life’s little downsides such as: Depressive Thoughts Aches and…

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What’s the best job in the Cannabis Industry?

best cannabis career

It’s time to tackle today’s Q+A question… “How do I quit my dead end job and make a decent living in the cannabis industry without becoming a budtender? BTW, I’m way over 40.” In the video below, I’ll show you: Why being what I like to call a “green rush grunt” (a budtender, trimmer, or grower) probably won’t give you the impact or the income you’re looking for in the…

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5 Cannabis Infused Thanksgiving Recipes (that actually make you feel more grateful)

thanksgiving cannabis

One of the things I love about cannabis is that it has the power to make you feel so much more compassionate, open and grateful. Which is why it’s such a good match for this week’s US Danksgiving. (I’m so sorry I missed Canadian Thanksgiving again!). Even if you’re north of the border or anywhere else around the world, I hope these cannabis-infused holiday recipes get you into a mood…

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Do you need to Decarboxylate CBD?

do you decarb cbd

Decarboxylating CBD is a simple process with a fancy name. If you’ve never heard the D word, I break it down in further detail in this post about Decarboxylating THC. But after writing that post, I got tons of questions from you about decarboxylating CBD. Like: What does decarboxylating THC do to CBD? Do you need to do it to “activate” your CBD rich plant material? And… how do you…

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Infused With Gratitude Giveaway: Win a Levo Prize Pack and Wake + Bake eBook Bundle!

It’s that time of year when all of those cheesy Thanksgiving giveaways pop up, forcing you to share what you’re “thankful” for. Ughhhh… so cliche. I would never do that kind of thing to you. This year, for our annual “Danksgiving Giveaway” I want you to share what you’re grateful for.  And there’s a huge, but subtle, difference between those two things. Let’s break it down really quick. The OED defines thankful as…

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Backdoor Medicine: an Easy DIY Cannabis Suppository Recipe (with 3 uses!)

thc cbd suppositories diy

I’ve been dying to share this Cannabis Suppository recipe with you for months. I’ve been sitting on it (so to speak) but now that Dazed + Infused is finished, I couldn’t wait another second. Ladies… if you experience cramping and aching during your period, I have a remedy for you. And ladies… if you’d like a deeply sensual weed lube alternative, this is just the thing. And ladies… (Actually, I’m talking…

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Why I Don’t Blanche My Cannabis Before Making Edibles…

infusing olive oil with cannabis

This is going to be a short post, but I felt compelled to do it this very moment because I’m getting lots of questions about it. You may have noticed that I don’t recommend blanching your cannabis in any of my recipes or oil tutorials. Some chefs recommend blanching your cannabis before cooking with it and say it’s the bees knees, but I’ve gotten lots of comments from you guys…

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Cannabis Coconut Oil vs. Cannabutter: The Best Oils for Edibles and Cannabis Infusions

the best oil for edibles

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. It has been rugged. And after counseling many people on sleep issues, I can’t believe it took me so long to finally do something about it. Last night, I took a scant 1/4 teaspoon of some Nova Decarbed Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil and I slept like a baby. Well… like someone else’s baby. It was 8 hours of pure bliss and I woke…

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The Firefly 2 Review: The Best Portable Vaporizer in 2017

firefly II vaporizer

“I thought vaping was whatever. Every time I hit it (the Firefly), I eat my words.” – A Tester The first time I ate an edible, my life changed forever. I was fortunate enough to have a delightful, pain relieving, fun and mellow experience that I wanted to replicate again and again. Soon after, I started making cannabis infused coconut oil and putting it in every food I could think…

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