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Wake + Bake Podcast 105 – Becoming a Cannabis Writer with Author Danielle Simone Brand

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If you’ve ever thought about writing a book about cannabis, becoming a freelance cannabis writer, or starting up your own blog, THIS is the episode for you.

In episode 105 of the Wake + Bake Podcast, we talk to published author and fellow weed nerd Danielle Simone Brand about:

  • Being a cannabis writer in a prohibition state
  • How she got started in the plant medicine niche
  • Tips for launching and growing your writing career
  • How to let yourself and your work evolve over time

Danielle Simone Brand is the author of Weed Mom and has published articles in both mainstream and cannabis publications.

This was a very insightful episode that I wish I would have been able to listen to when I first got started as a cannabis writer, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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EPISODE 105 Wake and Bake Podcast Transcript

 Becoming a Cannabis Writer with Author Danielle Simone Brand

This week on the wake + bake podcast.

Danielle Simone Brand: I didn’t really care about cannabis, didn’t wanna be writing about cannabis necessarily,

Ended up falling in love with it and, you know, truly like learning so much about cannabis and interviewing folks who had been helped by it

Andrea Meharg: Let’s talk about what it’s like for you to be a cannabis writer who is also a mom, but you also live in a prohibition state.

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: And you’re in a really 

Corinne Tobias: prohibition state. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Am I correct in that? 

Corinne Tobias: Like, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I don’t think you guys can even get 

Corinne Tobias: CBD 

Danielle Simone Brand: Every day I think that I kind of walk this fine line.

There’s some tension for me

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: look at Andrea’s bookshelf. Is that not the craziest like 

Corinne Tobias: cannabis bookshelf 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: on the face 

Corinne Tobias: of the planet? 

Andrea Meharg: How long you got Danielle? It’s gonna be a long one. 

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Andrea Meharg: Today on the podcast we are talking to author, Danielle Simone Brand, the author of Weed Mom. But if you are not a weed mom, you need to stick around and listen anyway. In fact, we spend most of our time talking to Danielle about what it’s like to be a cannabis writer in this day and age, about her journey into this space and about what it’s like to write out loud for the whole world about this plant when you are a mom and especially for Danielle, because she lives in a space where cannabis is prohibited. 

If you love cannabis and you love talking about cannabis, stick around. This is a great episode. 

But before we dive in, have you heard about the amazing program that we run over at the Cannabis Coaching Institute? It’s called the certified cannabis educator program. 

In it, we give you all the tools, skills, and knowledge so that you can feel super confident about talking about this plant out loud to the whole world. And we also give you a pathway in order to turn this passion and this knowledge into a side hustle Or even a full-blown career .

 There are many cannabis certification programs out there on the market, but CCI is unique in that we’re combining not only learning about cannabis, but how to make a business out of it. 

Plus we have a thriving, amazing cannabis community that you can come and join. We’re all here for the same reason. 

We want to change the narrative around this plant. We want to teach the world about the potential benefits of this beautiful plant. And if you want to come join us, we encourage you to head to. .We’ll see you on the other side. 

Corinne Tobias: Join me in welcoming Danielle 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Simone Brand. Now, 

Corinne Tobias: in the past few years, Danielle has blasted 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: in the cannabis scene 

Corinne Tobias: and has created a freelance career writing almost exclusively about 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: cannabis and now psychedelics. 

Corinne Tobias: Danielle is also a published author and wrote one of my favorite books 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: about cannabis of all time 

Corinne Tobias: called Weed Mom.

Um, it’s not just for moms. I think 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: it’s one of 

Corinne Tobias: the easiest to read, well 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: researched. Um, it’s, 

Corinne Tobias: it’s really one 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: of the most like 

Corinne Tobias: comprehensive, but simple to understand books I’ve read about cannabis. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: It’s the one that I recommend most in own bookstore. 

Corinne Tobias: It also 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: shares Danielle’s story about how she came to cannabis, which 

Corinne Tobias: I love as 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: a writer because she came to it by exploring it as a writer.

Corinne Tobias: If you’re interested in learning how to get 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: paid to write 

Corinne Tobias: about cannabis 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: for a limited time, Danielle is offering a bonus workshop for the Certified Cannabis Educator Program at CCI, and she will show 

Corinne Tobias: you how to get 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: freelancing gigs as a cannabis writer. 

So if you know you wanna do that, if you wanna get paid to talk right about and you wanna learn from people who have actually done it, like Danielle, check out the C C E P information in the podcast resources.


Corinne Tobias: welcome, welcome, Danielle. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Thank you so much for being here 

Corinne Tobias: today.

Danielle Simone Brand: Oh, thank you so much. I always love hanging out out with y’all from CCI and Wake and Bake.

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Yes. 

Corinne Tobias: And oh, she said y’all. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: So, um, 

Corinne Tobias: should probably clue you in that it’s not just just us. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: here on this 

Corinne Tobias: podcast. I’d also like to introduce you to my co-host, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Andrea Mahar She’s the founder of Reveal Cannabis and is the lead cannabis science educator at 

Corinne Tobias: Cannabis 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Coaching Institute, and she’s my personal favorite Canadian. Welcome, 

Corinne Tobias: Andrea, 

Andrea Meharg: Guess what we just found out four minutes ago? Danielle Simone’s brand’s mom is from woo Woohoo, Canada.

Danielle Simone Brand: That’s right! I’m Canadian citizen!.

Corinne Tobias: Are you really?

Danielle Simone Brand: Yeah. Well now . Just in time. 

Corinne Tobias: That’s awesome. All right. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I feel outnumbered. So let’s get started.

Danielle describes her path to becoming a cannabis author

Andrea Meharg: We’re really so excited to have you on this podcast so that we can talk to you about your career in writing about cannabis just in general.

So can you talk to us about your career path in writing articles and books about cannabis? What was your journey from starting out to being all the way to a published author? Um, tell 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: us about that, 

Danielle Simone Brand: Yeah, sure. know, so I’ve had kind of a circuitous career path, like a lot of folks out there. Um, you know, I, I picked up experience writing and the academic arena. And then I was a yoga teacher, pivoted and was a yoga teacher for a while, and definitely was communicating with my students through blogging and, you know, and newsletters and things like that.

So I was writing then as well, but really I chose to pivot into freelance writing around the end of 2016, um, beginning of 2017, somewhere in there. I was a mom, you know, I am a mom. My kids were littler at the time, and I needed something that I could do, you know, in the, in those few hours that I had while they were at school.

And then, you know, once I tucked them into bed at night and things like that, I was looking for flexible work. And writing has always, you know, really pulled me and drawn my soul honestly. So, um, I started really just writing little personal essays about parenting. Because that was my, you know, really immediate experience and, um, something that I felt like I could put into words and, you know, put out in these different parenting sites, like, What’s Up Moms and Kavala and places like that.

Um, and so I was working really hard on these little essays and getting paid like 50 bucks . But, you know, it felt really, really good to at least get a few things published and get my name out there and I built on that. So after working with personal essays, I started pitching more non-fiction and the, you know, personal essay is usually non-fiction too.

But I started pitch pitching more reported work where, you know, I’d have to interview some sources or pull together some research and um, you know, those sorts of assignments usually, you know, are a little more serious. They pay a little bit better. Um, they, you know, tend to take more work as well. So I just kind of kept, you know, gradually upping my, you know, My game and my, um, you know, my, uh, pitching skills and my writing skills as well.

So I fell into this cannabis niche, really. I tell the, the story of my book kind of by accident. I didn’t really care about cannabis, didn’t wanna be writing about cannabis necessarily, but I saw calls for pitches, um, and friends would forward me stuff cause I was living in California, like, Oh hey, you know, legalizations happening now.

There’s all this interest, you know, you wanna write a couple articles. And I was like, Uh, maybe. Okay, fine. Ended up falling in love with it and, you know, truly like learning so much about cannabis and interviewing folks who had been helped by it, you know, and those stories, those testimonials really helped change my mind about the plant.

So anyway, from there, I developed a niche that was writing about cannabis and then another niche that was writing about parenting. And I was doing that for a lot of like, you know, cannabis publications, but some mainstream publications too. Um, and then sometimes those crossover works about cannabis and parenting together, which is really where my interest then, you know, uh, developed.

The path to getting a book deal is a long one for many books. And it was for me too. I actually wrote an entire book on something totally different before I wrote this proposal and got my agent and got this deal. Um, so it was a several year process for me. Um, I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna lie about that because it, it really, it takes work.

Um, but, you know, after really just sort of, you know, increasing my credibility, you know, showing my chops as a writer, um, I was able then to, you know, to parlay that into a book deal basically because I had a lot publications under my belt and I had you know, good feel for the, the landscape of narrative nonfiction.

Um, but you know, still the process was long and arduous. Getting an agent, finding a publisher, and then, you know, of course, like the whole process of producing and promoting the book. 

Danielle is a mom who writes about and uses cannabis in a prohibition state. What’s that like?

Andrea Meharg: I’m really glad that you were honest about that like this wasn’t just like an instant best seller for you that you, you know, wrote in a couple of 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: weekends. 

Andrea Meharg: It’s really important for 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: who 

Andrea Meharg: are out there, you know doing the thing to hear 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: you 

Andrea Meharg: gotta keep on doing the thing and up-leveling and, and get better in order to make that successful. 


talk about what it’s like for you to be a cannabis writer who is also a mom, but you also live in a prohibition state. So what kind of obstacles have you faced with that trifecta, and has it changed any relationships that you you or opened up anything you know, being a canna mom in a prohibition, state?

Danielle Simone Brand: Yeah, mean, that’s a great question. So, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t live in a prohbition state when I started writing about cannabis. I 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: was living 

Danielle Simone Brand: in California, like I said, and then, um, actually moved to a prohibition state before getting the deal. So , it was an interesting, like, coincidence of moments there. So every day I think that I kind of walk this fine line.

There’s some tension for me between the openness that I have on the internet and in this like, you know, national, even international capacity to some degree. You know, she’s saying I’m a cannabis advocate. Here are the ways I think it’s helpful as a parent. All that good stuff. And realizing that, you know, in my community where I live, it’s criminalized and you know, and I’m a parent and it, I, I need to be really cautious in that regard.

You know, there is a legalized movement where I live and I am part of it. Uh, we do collect signatures and, and, you know, we’re working on our, our new initiative because last one failed . Um, So I do feel like part of a small community of activists here, and that feels good to have a few people, you know, who have my back.

But really, like in my personal life, I’m, I’m fairly cautious still, you know, Um, I told a story couple weeks ago of teaching yoga at a, a fundraiser for my kid’s school. It was a yoga, wine and chocolate tasting event. of course. I was like, Gosh, this really should be cannabis. It goes so much better with, with yoga, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: and wine. Right?

Danielle Simone Brand: Um, but you know, even in a prohibition state among, you know, other moms, uh, you know, similar demographic, I suppose, uh, there was, there was talk of cannabis even there, even in, you know, a place where it’s, it’s, it’s still heavily criminalized. So I like the conversations are happening and am having them, and sometimes people are approaching me with them.

Sometimes I’m, you know, opening it up very cautiously, but like with CBD or something, you know, you know, opening the conversation about CBD.. But oftentimes people are coming to me or just interested in what I do. And when I talk to them about being a writer and writing about cannabis, there’s way more openness than stigma that I’ve actually felt personally.

Of course, out there, you know, on the internet and the wide world, there’s plenty people who hate the idea of cannabis and moms, and plenty of people who 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: are will, 

Danielle Simone Brand: you know, wanting to take, take us down. Um, but generally speaking, you know, in terms of my interactions, my personal interactions, digitally and, and you know, here in my, my everyday life, I feel like it’s, I feel like things are changing, the wind is changing and I’m encouraged by it. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: That’s rad. And you’re in a really 

Corinne Tobias: prohibition state. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Am I correct in that? 

Corinne Tobias: Like, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I don’t think you guys can even get 

Corinne Tobias: CBD right?

Danielle Simone Brand: There, there is cbd, there’s You can get there’s get isolate. 

Corinne Tobias: You can get isolate. Yeah. You can’t get full spectrum CBD in the place you’re currently living, so that’s pretty extreme.

Like you said, you have this 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: dual world, you have this online 

Corinne Tobias: world where you’re very outspoken, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: you’re a huge member in the community. You’ve written a book about it. 

Corinne Tobias: And 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: then you’re very, very prohibited place. 

What is Danielle’s advice for people looking to enter the cannabis industry in prohibition states?

Corinne Tobias: Um, what would 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: you say to other people who live in prohibition states who know that they’re passionate, they want to be working in cannabis. Um, what would your advice be for somebody who’s navigating 

Corinne Tobias: that?

Danielle Simone Brand: Oh, that’s a great question. You know, it depends on how they’d like to be Obviously, you know, if you wanna hold a license, you have to wait until, until that’s possible where you live, obviously. But you know, there are so many ancillary businesses around cannabis and writing obviously is one of them.

Um, you know, or having products that support, you know, cannabis users or cannabis consumption is another area that I’m seeing Women entrepreneurs, especially, you know, moms living in places all over the place, including places where it’s not legal starting to join the industry and, and become part of it that way.

Get to know, get to know your community both online and in person as much as you can. Like the more we have a support system and other women. That’s my perspective is like, you know, speaking to, and, know, for and about women as much as I can. You know, that’s my passion.

Um, I’m a feminist and I believe in women’s and mom’s empowerment, and I just, I want us to support each other. I know that I feel so much more confident in being an advocate when I have folks around me, whether it’s actual IRL or just, you know, on my online community like you and lots of other women that I’ve, you know, had the privilege to meet recently.

What is it like to work in cannabis in a prohibition state?

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Let’s 

Corinne Tobias: talk about writing. Yeah. What would you say about that? And especially in 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: prohibition states. Cause I think that’s such 

Corinne Tobias: an interesting 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: perspective to have. Um, so many people in prohibition states I think are 

Corinne Tobias: holding themselves 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: back or like, I guess 

Corinne Tobias: I’ll wait till I 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: can move to California to 

Corinne Tobias: do this work. And 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: so I’d love to hear, um, 

Corinne Tobias: yeah, your thoughts on that..

Danielle Simone Brand: Well, you know, I mean, I didn’t get started writing in a prohibition state

 My general advice for breaking into the cannabis writing field is like, work hard. You know, that you will be working hard, but also work smart, right? You know, so as much as you can, you don’t, like, don’t reinvent the wheel, um, you know, lean on Facebook groups, um, writer newsletters, you know, other writers in your network to, to like, give each other ideas. Where are you pitching? Where are you, you know, finding success? Who pays well, who pays on time? that’s a big one. I’d say study good writing, definitely. And, um, you know, study good writing and good writers because the clarity and the personality of our communications matters more and more these days. Like people really do respond to tone and content and they don’t wanna just read a bunch of schlock.

So . So, you know, take your time to write something good. Um, and then in terms of if you’re living in a prohib state, that is something that’s so personal, are you gonna put your name on your work? So if you don’t wanna put your name on your work, you can write about cannabis you know, as a content marketer, um, as a blogger for brands, and you can still get paid, You can still learn, but your name won’t necessarily be associated with it online.

Um, so that’s a safer place to start if you want. Um, some people do use pen names, but it’s not especially in journalism, it’s not, um, recommended. Um, if you wanna just like start a personal blog and talk about your experience as a canna-mom, um, and, you know, even your product recommendations and stuff, you don’t have to use your real name.

So it depends again, are you looking to go for mainstream pub publications, cannabis publications, or are you just sort of producing content to educate and build a business, even if it doesn’t is not associated with your own name. 

Corinne Tobias: I would just like to kind of piggyback on that. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Don’t invent the reinvent the wheel and like get trained, study up, Like take that time in the front end of something that I wish I would’ve done, but.

The information wasn’t 

Corinne Tobias: really collated at the time and it was kind 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: of like, you know, you start in 2017, it 

Corinne Tobias: was was still 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: at that place where 

Corinne Tobias: you’re like, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I need to get this from this paper. I need to figure out if that’s true or if that’s an old myth that’s 

Corinne Tobias: on, or whatever 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: it is, 

Corinne Tobias: you know, misinformation 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: that’s still sticky. Um, 

Corinne Tobias: so I, I I would say that. that too. Just take that time and. Study as 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: much as you can read a lot of cannabis writing. You know, you’ve got like, look at Andrea’s bookshelf. Is that not the craziest like 

Corinne Tobias: cannabis bookshelf 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: on the face 

Corinne Tobias: of the planet? I mean, read those books, see what people have already 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: written, um, see if things have find like how, um, people research those kinds of things. 

Danielle Simone Brand: And keep learning because it’s changing. Like we’ve , we know a bunch now and there’s so much further to go as we know. And you know, I mean, I, I’m still learning all the time and I know you are as well, which is pretty exciting about this field.

Corinne Tobias: Andrea’s doing this face like, um, yeah, there’s so much to learn because she’s like in a huge geek out. She’s gone way far 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: down the rabbit hole 

Corinne Tobias: recently and she’s like, You guys have no idea what we don’t know now. 

Andrea Meharg: Every class I’m in, I’m like, oh, nothing. We know nothing We’ve got zero answers to any questions. So , 

Danielle Simone Brand: I want you to do a podcast on that. I wanna know what, what, you know, what your what, what all the open ended questions are at this point in your perspective, from your perspective.

Andrea Meharg: How long you got Danielle? It’s gonna be a long one. 

Why Is Danielle Simone Brand So Passionate About this Plant

Andrea Meharg: Let’s circle back. So you said at the beginning that you had no interest in writing about cannabis, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: but then you 

Andrea Meharg: got into it and it changed for you. You became passionate about this plant. What is maybe one of the most exciting or mind blowing things that you’ve learned in this journey that you’d love for everyone to to know? 

Danielle Simone Brand: I mean, the mind blowing stuff, it seems so simple now. Like we have an endocannabinoid system, you know, and these molecules, um, you know, work with our body to achieve homeostasis like that is shocking because I think for so long, the stigma about cannabis is just that it, like, it clouds you, it does something weird to you. It like puts you in another state instead of like, it. It tunes you into, it makes your body work better, right? , you know, know right dose, right moment, right cannabinoids, all of that stuff. But you know, it actually tunes us up, in my view, in, in a way that is like, so, you know, interesting and so counter to the stereotypes about what cannabis is.

So I think, I mean, I learned that early, but it’s still kind of like, Wow. Yeah.

Weed Mom as a TV Show??

Andrea Meharg: That’s how I feel about it too. What is coming up next for you danielle simone Brand. A while ago I tried to convince you to, to make Mushroom Mom. Is that coming? Like 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: that 

Andrea Meharg: the next book? 

Danielle Simone Brand: You Know, I don’t know. I’m actually, um, getting interested in pitching the book is a TV series because, um, I think that a lot of the, the moms that I’m trying to reach are, just they’re frazzled, they’re hairy. They’re not sitting down necessarily to read an entire book. Um, but they want information. And so I’m thinking like, I would love to be able to deliver this message about responsible cannabis consumption, wellness based consumption, the changing, you know, conversations all around it, you know, in a video 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: format. 

Danielle Simone Brand: So, so we’ll see, like two years ago, I would’ve never imagined that I 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: would wanna do 

Danielle Simone Brand: a project like this.

Corinne Tobias: No, no. Yes, you have to. It’s like It’s like How to Change your Mind for weed 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: moms 

Corinne Tobias: like, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I want, I wanna see 

Corinne Tobias: it.

Danielle Simone Brand: That’s what I’m hoping. That’s what I’m hoping. And what I would want to do is, is just go around and interview people like you and you know, br like broaden this conversation and bring a lot of perspectives and, you know, talk about the science, talk about the policy, talk about the, you know, raising kids in behavioral development and social interaction and all that good stuff. I just just think it’s so ripe for exploration right now. Like we’re in the beginning of this like long phase of normalization. I’ve said that before and I think that, you know, the, the need for information is just, is just increasing.

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: Yeah. 

Corinne Tobias: Let’s please, let’s have us on your 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: thing. We’ll 

Corinne Tobias: just have you keep coming on 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: our thing and then we’ll just 

Corinne Tobias: keep talking 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: to each other as much as humanly 

Corinne Tobias: possible possible forever 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: and ever because 

Corinne Tobias: love you so much. Danielle, thank you so much for creating that book again. It’s like, it’s my favorite 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: book to recommend. It is. I’ve I know I’ve 

Corinne Tobias: said that to a 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: billion times, 

Corinne Tobias: it’s still true. And we have like one left on the shelf 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: and I’m like, 

Corinne Tobias: Oh yeah. Like I get so 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: excited about who 

Corinne Tobias: gonna 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: go to next. 

Corinne Tobias: And um, and it’s, again, it’s not just for moms, it’s not 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: just 

Corinne Tobias: parents, which 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: is what 

Corinne Tobias: I love so much about it. It’s, it’s so, um, it’s so comprehensive and, and really well done. And you’re amazing 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: and I can’t wait to read 

Corinne Tobias: or watch whatever you make next.

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate2: thank you 

Danielle Simone Brand: so much. And I am still freelancing about cannabis and psychedelics and learning a ton as I go, so, you know, that’s, that’s my privilege. so much,

Nervous About Talking Openly About Cannabis? Join the Club!

Andrea Meharg: Ours too, cuz we get to read it all So. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: And hear 

Andrea Meharg: about you on podcasts and soon to come 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: on TV shows. 

Andrea Meharg: is awesome. I’m so glad 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate1: you never wanted 

Andrea Meharg: write about cannabis and then got into 

Danielle Simone Brand: wanNever wanted write about cannabis, never wanted to be on film like I used to hate video, like conference, just like with my mom. I’d be like, Ugh, no. Why don’t look at me. It’s just, it’s, it’s funny how you just get used to things.

Corinne Tobias: Yeah That’s 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: interesting. And you brought this earlier. I know we’re wrapping but you brought up that, um, that pseudonym idea and I didn’t put my name on anything 

Corinne Tobias: first year, I think 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: that 

Corinne Tobias: was 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: doing Wake and Bake and, 

Corinne Tobias: or no, I put my name on it, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: but I didn’t want my face on it.

That was 

Corinne Tobias: like my whole thing. And then I thought 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: about writing as a 

Corinne Tobias: that 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: lasted for about a month. 

Corinne Tobias: I was 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: CT for 

Corinne Tobias: like a month, and I was like, I was like, this is confusing. I’m 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: trying to 

Corinne Tobias: actually actually get legit freelancing gigs. So, 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: um, 

Corinne Tobias: there is that 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: interesting thing of like coming out of the closet. You know, as a professional, like taking those steps. And it’s different for everybody. Some people are like, 

Corinne Tobias: I’m ready to be on camera and 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: I’m ready to write all the things. 

Corinne Tobias: And if that’s not 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: you and you’re just starting out, just know like, 

Corinne Tobias: that’s okay. 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: You know, 

Corinne Tobias: just start writing, start 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: doing the thing, get do what you’re like 

Corinne Tobias: comfortable and 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: excited about first, and know that the rest of it 

Corinne Tobias: will eventually come. 

Danielle Simone Brand: Yeah, Super well said. I, I couldn’t agree with that more.

Corinne Tobias: Yeah look at us now. We’re 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: all here. We’re all on 

Corinne Tobias: camera, and I’m pretty sure Andrea, too. She 

GMT20221018-182104_Recording_separate3: have her photo on her website either. 

Corinne Tobias: right?

Andrea Meharg: No. I hated video. I thought video was the Devil

Corinne Tobias: And she has like 15,000 YouTube subscribers now. 

Danielle Simone Brand: Wow. That’s, that’s amazing. Yeah. The first things I read about cannabis, I did not share on social media. I was just Okay, if somebody reads it and my name out there, then you know, like that’s, that’s God’s Will . 

Andrea Meharg: I just think it’s so great for people to hear because people will look up to you or to Corinne or to me with YouTube and think like, Oh, you know, that must have been so easy, and it wasn’t. None of this was easy. We took a whole bunch of risks and stuff, leaps that we didn’t wanna take necessarily, and just got through it, so. Mm-hmm. , I appreciate, again, hearing that from you as well as like a seasoned professional writer, that still things aren’t just like, Oh, I just, I just write stuff and then the money flows in. You know? 

Danielle Simone Brand: I dictated my sleep. You Yeah know.

Corinne Tobias: Oh, wouldn’t that be nice? Ooh. If we get the AI to do that, then sign me up.

Alrighty Love you ladies. Thank you so much. 

Andrea Meharg: It’s Andrea here popping in at the end, just to remind you that we absolutely love hearing from you .Corinne and I like text each other when we get comments and questions from you. 

So wherever you’re watching or listening to this, or at [email protected], please, let us know what you think. What kind of questions do you have? Do you think Danielle should write Mushroom mom next? Tell us all your thoughts. We can’t wait to hear from you. And of course, if this has inspired you to get out there and tell your cannabis story and to scream your cannabis voice from the top of the rooftops, then please join us over at the cannabis coaching Institute with our certified cannabis educator program. We would love to have you on our side, on our mission of changing the narrative around this plant by telling everybody about the wonders of cannabis. 

All right. See you next time. 


Corinne Tobias

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