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Paleo Edibles

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  1. Thanks for these recipes Cor. I am starting a paleo diet with the hope that it will help my RA and ulcerative colitis. I recently re-discovered how cannabis helps my UC symptoms. I have not had a flare in years. Cannabis is now legal in my state, and this weekend I am harvesting my first medical grow! It’s exciting and a little bit sad at the same time. Sad because I can’t share this wonderful experience of my taking charge of my health with all of my friends and family members…or doctors for that matter! There is still a stigma associated with it even though it is legal here. Even those more accepting folks kinda smile and look knowingly at me. As if to say “Sure it’s for medicinal purposes. Right! wink wink” Keep helping us help ourselves! Thanks ever so much Corinne!

  2. Hi Ellen, I just read your comment and I just want to say the best way to kill the stigma is to out yourself and be your awesome self everywhere you go and wreck that stigma one Judgey Judgealot at a time! I just received my medical card yesterday and went the the closest dispensary where I promptly ran into a woman who used to be a neighborhood kid. She recognized me right away. Her parents and I have been giving each other neighborly hello’s for the past 17 years! Will she tell them? Maybe. Will they think differently of me? Maybe. I say GOOD! I’m an awesome human and if I become the picture of a Medical Cannabis Patient for them, I’m happy to be that! Its medicine! Cheers to rocking your home grown cannabis life girlie!!!

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