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Cannaoil, Budder & Weed Lube

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  1. Hi, so i have made cannabutter in the crock pot before and it was a very dark green. I never decarbed it and it always came out great. I recently came across your page, which I love by the way, and decided to try decarbing before I made canna oil in the crock pot. Unfortunately I forgot to cover the trim. I decarbed at 200 for 30-40 minutes. Used the mason jar method as I have before. Tested the water several times. It rose to 160. Had it in there for 26 hours. Shook it several times. Finished product was a light amber color. Smell is very faint. Did I do something wrong? Had an experienced smoker try 1/4 tsp which I believe is what you suggested. He felt nothing. Im a wimp which is why I wanted him to try it. I saved the leaf just in case I can possibly put it back in the oil to try something else. Do you have any suggestions? I’m trying to make the lube for my friends as Christmas gifts. I ordered everything I need so now I just need to salvage this oil if possible lol. Also I wanted to share with you a great way to squeeze out all the goodness from the green. I line a potato ricer with a thin layer of cheese cloth and press as hard as possible. I found this really works well and saves me from getting messy. Not that I mind the mess so much, but it does a much better job than my hands alone can do. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Much love

  2. Thank you so very much for ALL of your info you are putting out there. Newbie to the butter scenes. Just purchased an Ardent FX, with your W&B calculator I feel more confident in what the actual content is of the product I am using. Thank you again

  3. I love to make canna oil in my Instant Pot. From start to finish it takes about 2 hours under pressure. To decarboxylate your bud simply grind it up to a loose shake (not powder). Put it in a mason jar with a ring and seal cap tightly closed to ensure no water gets in, and add enough water to the Instant Pot for the jar to float. Place the lid on and cook under pressure for 40 minutes. Allow the pressure to release naturally. Use a towel or canning tongs to remove the jar and allow to cool. Soften your butter or oil (I use coconut oil) lightly in the microwave. Now combine your oil with the decarbed weed in the jar stir well to combine and insure the oil has completely saturated the bud. Replace the ring and another NEW seal top to ensure a water tight seal. Place the jar with your weed and oil back in the Instant Pot secure the lid and cook under pressure for another 40 minutes. Release the pressure and remove the jar set aside to cool. Strain out the grounds all the good stuff is in the oil at this point and Voila! You’re done. From start to finish this should only take around 2 hours or less. The oil is usually a nice forest green color and the potency is KICKASS!

  4. My question is how much herb and how much oil? I saw one recipe for 14 grams herb and 1/2 cup coconut oil. Is that about right?

  5. I too am having the same problem with my purchase of the Cooking Master class and feel afraid that I may have been scammed. Please tell me this is just a glitch!

  6. I finished the Cooking Master Course but I would like to download the pdf version of the bonus material. Sometimes its just easier to print a hard copy to take outside to read or while i’m on my exercise equipment.

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