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CBD Colorado Hemp Honey & Matcha Latte [Updated 2021]

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If you already own a copy of Wake + Bake, you know that I’m pretty obsessed with squeezing cannabinoids into morning beverages. Pot cocoa, hippie shakes, coffee, coffee creamer, tea, green smoothies… etc. I don’t know if it’s the novelty of it or just because it’s so easy, I just love drinking weed.

Colorado Hemp Honey: a CBD Infused Organic Honey

So when I came back from maternity leave and heard about Colorado Hemp Honey, a CBD infused honey made from hemp, that my friends and family in states that all over the country could use legally without getting high, I knew I needed to try it. And I knew I needed to find a way to squeeze it into a super healthy drink.

While the Colorado Hemp Honey folks don’t make any claims about how CBDs can work to relieve anxiety or help you sleep, but I experienced those effects first hand. Read on for the recipe and more CBD honey info…

CBDs won’t get you “high”, so what are CBDs and what do they do?

From CANorml:

CBD has been shown to suppress colon cancer tumors in mice and to kill breast cancer cells in lab studies by Dr. Sean McAllister at the California Pacific Medical Center. However, cancer specialists caution that the efficacy of CBD for cancer remains to be demonstrated in actual human studies.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, and anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants are thought to fight degenerative diseases and aging. CBD has also been shown to stimulate bone fracture healing in laboratory animals.

The Colorado Hemp Honey sticks are really convenient for a grab-and-go anxiety reducer when you’re on your way out the door. They’re also the perfect size to  squeeze into a mug of lemon water before bed.

A CBD-Infused Super Antioxidant Matcha Latte

But my favorite way to use this CBD infused honey was in my morning Matcha latte.

Last week, we were starting some seeds for the farm and I threw together this easy CBD Matcha Latte in about 4 minutes. We had a bunch of stuff to do that day to get ready for the upcoming season and I didn’t have time to mess with brewing coffee.

I also didn’t want to get distracted after putting cannabis infused honey in the Matcha. I mean, it’s amazing, but I probably would have ended up doing yoga or doing some grown up coloring instead of starting seeds.

matcha latte and baker creek seeds

It was a beautiful spring morning and the farmer just brought home a bunch of rare seeds from baker creek (love love love them). If you’ve never grown cool rare varieties of veggies in your garden or on your patio, do it!

They’re as easy to grow as basic red tomatoes or green zucchini but taste way better, are often disease resistant and they’re so beautiful. See…

heirloom rare seeds tomatoes

Anywho, Matcha is a wonderful alternative to coffee because it is full of antioxidants and it’s got a caffeine boost that doesn’t crash, perfect for a day of planting too many teeny tiny seeds.

Matcha is from japan and is grown in the shade to increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves. Since you drink the leaves (instead of steeping like you do with normal tea), you get to take in all of that chlorophyll bad-assery. The leaves are picked by hand, steamed, dried and ground into a powder that looks like this…

matcha green tea latte

The antioxidant content of Matcha is insane. It’s 7 times more than goji berries and 60 times more than spinach. A little goes a long way. And, most importantly, it tastes sooo good. It’s sweet and green and smooth.

colorado hemp honey matcha latte

I use this Matcha from Teavana. I’ve tried a few others, including buying in bulk, and this one is the best one by far that is reasonably priced. I’ve tried Matcha that costs twice as much and I don’t think there was that big of an increase in quality.

I’ve also tried to get it cheaper and the tea was a darker green and bitter. I think this one is a good balance and you can get it here.

teavana matcha and colorado hemp honey

When added to some full fat coconut milk and sweetened with CBD Honey, it is such a day brightener.

What a way to start out the morning!

What’s your favorite get up and go morning beverage? Holla in the comments section or shoot me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,


CBD Matcha Latte Recipe



servings: 1

  1.  Heat water to about 175°.
  2.  In a blender or nutribullet, combine:

1 cup Hot Water

1 tsp Matcha Powder

1 tsp CBD Infused Honey or Cannabis Infused Honey (coming soon!)

1/4 Cup Full Fat Coconut Milk

  1. Blend until smooth and foamy.
  2. Pour into a shallow bowl or coffee mug and enjoy warm.



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