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Wake + Bake Dosage Calculator

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Welcome to the most used, trusted, and free edibles dosage calculator on the internet. This is the calculator that I personally use every single time I make an edibles recipe. We’ve heard from hundreds of people how this one little tool changed their ability to make more consistent and easy-to-dose Cannabis products for home use.

Note: This edibles dosage calculator isn’t perfect and you won’t get 100% accuracy (even store bought edibles aren’t exact).

There is always oil loss, infusion rates, and disparities to contend with, but here’s the deal… I’ve been making edibles for over a decade. Using this dosage calculator to get in the ballpark for edibles dosage has been incredibly helpful and has allowed me to make edibles recipes at home, control my ingredients, and save thousands of dollars at the dispensary.

If you want to learn how to infuse virtually every recipe known to man for less than the cost of a few dispensary edibles, check out my Cannabis Cooking Masterclass, where I’ll show you exactly how I make edibles, tinctures, topicals and other Cannabis products with more consistent dosage.

No matter what you do, don’t let dosage math or using an edibles dosage calculator cause stress in your life. Even the most precisely dosed edibles still need to be taken using the start low, go slow methodology. So even if you get it perfect (or totally miss the mark), you need to take the time to feel it out.

Figuring out a “goldilocks zone” dose is a process, one that restarts whenever you try a new edibles recipe, ingestion method, or cannabinoid. Enjoy the journey!

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Calculating Edibles Dosage

You don’t need to be a math wiz to figure out approximately how many cannabinoids are going to land in your edibles recipes or CBD recipes.

When using the edibles dosage calculator, here are the 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the percentage of the cannabinoids in the plant material. The calculator has space for THC, CBD and CBG.

The Wake + Bake dosage calculator has space for THC, CBD and CBG. If you have a multiple ratio product, you can do the different cannabinoids at the same time.

But if you’re using different plant high THC, high CBD or high CBG material and are trying to create a balanced ratio in your end product (see the Cannabis Cooking Masterclass for more info). I find it easier to do them one at a time so I can adjust the amount of plant material to create a balanced ratio. When using just one cannabinoid, you can put zeros in the other spots.

Step 2: Measure the amount of plant material and fat/alcohol to be used in the Cannabis tincture or edibles recipe

But… how much weed for edibles?

If you’re asking how much weed to put in your edibles, the answer gets a bit more complicated.

First, from a purely physical standpoint, there has to be enough alcohol or fat to cover the plant material completely. If there’s Cannabis or hemp flower sticking out of the top of the infusion, those trichomes can’t go anywhere.

As long as that base is covered, the ratio of oil and plant material can be adjusted to create a stronger or weaker edibles recipe or CBD recipe (see below).

Step 3: Adjust the amount of plant material and the amount of fat/alcohol until you reach the desired dose

FAQ: How to Dose Edibles

So now that you know how to calculate the dose of an edibles recipe, you may have other questions, Like… how many milligrams are in an edible?

Edibles recipes and dispensary edibles vary in their strength; some are highly concentrated so you only need to take a tiny amount, others are lightly concentrated and contain only a couple of milligrams.

I personally prefer making my edibles dosage at around 20-25mg per teaspoon when my infusion includes THC. That means that a 5mg dose ends up at around ¼ tsp and I can still cut that in half to take an even smaller microdose throughout the day without having to get out the dropper bottle.

Like all things Cannabis, this is different for everyone. If larger quantities of cannabinoids are needed, a higher concentration in a smaller amount of fat/alcohol may be desired, so it doesn’t take a tablespoon to do the job.

How to calculate strength of tincture?

Finally. An easy one! In order to calculate the strength of a tincture, just input the amount of alcohol you’re using in the oil/alcohol section of the edibles calculator below.

How many milligrams of an edible should I take?

Dang. Back to the tough ones. This gets tricky. Every endocannabinoid system is different, which means that what works for me may not work for you, and may not even work for me tomorrow. 

I don’t say that to throw you off your game, but if you’re not experienced with edibles, just know that they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution and their effects can vary from day to day, depending on what you’ve eaten, your overall metabolism, and maybe the alignment of the stars. 

Knowing this, you also have to consider what kind of effects you’re looking for. Are you trying to feel relaxed, but clear headed enough to balance a checkbook? Are you trying to ease into a restful night of sleep? Are you trying to blast off into those misaligned stars? 

While many point to the starting dosage of edibles and look for an edibles dosage chart, it really depends on what you’re going for. This isn’t personalized guidance (I’m not a doctor, not a lawyer, not really anything but a health, wellness, and weed-loving lady sharing the things I’ve learned), but I personally start out my dosage with every homemade edibles recipe that contains THC by testing what I think is a 5 mg dose. And I do this test, after eating, in the middle of the day, when I have nothing going on (no checkbooks, no parenting duties, not trying to head to bed). 

I’m very experienced with edibles, but I’m also very sensitive (and take regular T breaks to keep it that way) and I’m unfortunately very familiar with accidentally getting catapulted into the heavenly bodies from taking too big of a dose or taking a dose I thought was small. 

I also do this with store-bought edibles. Every edible is different and any time I’m trying a new product, I start at the same low dose and see how it goes. 

I could literally write a book about dosing, so this conversation doesn’t end here. I mean what if you’re the kind of person who can take a 300mg edible and NOTHING happens? Well, there’s a scientific reason for that. What if you’re taking THC and CBD together? Well, that’s a whole other box of chocolates. 

What if you’re eating something like chocolate vs. taking a tincture sublingually? That, my dear, is a totally different ball game, even if the numbers come up the same on the dosage calculator below. Confusing? Sometimes. Interesting? Oh you bet your boots… 

You can keep it simple, use the calculator, make your edibles and move on with your life. But if you like this little rabbit hole you’ve found yourself in, make sure to and pop in the search bar to explore the wide world of Cannabis. 

This plant medicine is so dynamic, you could study it for life and still learn something new, so let’s keep going!

What if I don’t know the THC or CBD in the plant material?

Are you trying to stump me now? If you’re working with homegrown plant material and don’t have access to a lab, you may find yourself with this conundrum. 

Luckily, you can check out this post I made: How much THC is in my weed? Spoiler alert: It’s not a perfect science, and if you’re growing enough of the same plant, it may be worth shelling out for some lab testing for that peace of mind. 

Can I get a THC potency tester from Amazon?

I wish I had a better answer to this question, but I don’t. I’ve tested a few of the potency testing gadgets and they were all either extremely difficult to use or were unreliable, so I don’t have one that I can currently whole-heartedly recommend. As soon as I do, I will let you know, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you posted.

The Wake + Bake Edible Potency Calculator

How would you like to display the measurements Imperial Metric
What is the THC% of your plant material
What is the CBD% of your plant material
What is the CBG% of your plant material
How much plant material will you be using in your infusion in grams
How many cups of oil or alcohol will you be infusing?if using more or less than one full cup, enter in decimal fraction - i.e. 0.25 or 1.50)
Total THCmg for the entire infusion 0.00
Total CBDmg for the entire infusion 0.00
Total CBG for the entire infusion 0.00
Total THCmg per teaspoon 0.00
Total CBDmg per teaspoon 0.00
Total CBGmg per teaspoon 0.00
How many teaspoons of oil are in your recipe?
How many servings are in your recipe?
Total THCmg in the entire recipe 0.00
Total CBDmg in the entire recipe 0.00
Total CBGmg in the entire recipe 0.00
Total THCmg per serving 0.00
Total CBDmg per serving 0.00
Total CBGmg per serving 0.00

If this post got you pumped up to learn more about Cannabis health, consider becoming a certified Cannabis professional at The Cannabis Coaching Institute!





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