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Enter the 4th Annual #healthy420 Giveaway: Win a Cannabis Coaching Institute Sholarship, an Ardent FX and more!

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For years, we’ve been giving away healthy cannabis prizes for the annual #healthy420 giveaway while celebrating the health-promoting qualities of cannabis. We’re so excited for this year’s celebration and giveaway that will be life-changing for a few lucky winners.

This year, we’re giving away one full-ride scholarship to the Certified Cannabis and Health Coach training program (a value of $3497). The program gives you everything you need to become a professional health coach who specializes in helping their clients get healthier with cannabis. Here’s what you get in this 6-month all-inclusive course:

– The Cannabis Educator Training Program

– The Done-for-You 8-week Cannabis and Health Coaching System (including handouts, cannabis guides, and coach training)

– Business guidance so you can make this a sustainable and dynamic career in the years to come

We’re also giving away an Ardent FX and an accessory bundle, which is my favorite tool for making healthy, homemade cannabis infusions in a way that’s simple and straightforward (you literally push a button).

You could also win access to my Cannabis Cooking Masterclass that will change the way you make edibles 4-life.


The 4th Annual #Healthy420 Giveaway with the Cannabis Coaching Institute, Ardent Cannabis, and Wake + Bake


Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

49 thoughts on “Enter the 4th Annual #healthy420 Giveaway: Win a Cannabis Coaching Institute Sholarship, an Ardent FX and more!”

  1. If I win, I’m going to make butter for edibles!! I am a lung cancer survivor and only have one lung, so smoking week is a bad idea, but I do. I tried doing the whole decarb in the oven and cook the remainder in 151 proof alcohol but it just made my entire house smell like weed!! An easier way to do it would be a lifesaver!!

  2. I educated to attain a life long dream, and became a RN. After 25 years on the job my health became incompatible with working outside the home, and I had to let my profession go. Since I have personally learned the amazing effects of this plant on health and well-being. And of course Ive never lost my drive to help others, but I have been so lost at what to do about it. When I saw this invitation to put in for this draw I became excited!! Wow imagine that- that could be right up my alley!! It has everything I could want!! Helping people, by teaching (I had a soft spot for taking on students) them about this plant and how to work with it and the responses of their body. What more could I want? But to win of course! This old nurse may not be ‘over’ yet!

  3. If I win I plan to make my dream of business ownership a reality. I’ve been exploring the beautiful benefits of cannabis for a while. As a single mom of 2 kids who have cancer and an Executive Wellness director at my job It’s becoming more apparent our health and wellness industry needs to incorporate this integrative approach and aiding in functional medicine options. I’m even working on editable labels with my soon to be brand so I can know my dosing and product benefits at a glance.
    I really live and breath this so I want to do this course more than anything.

  4. Winning would help me and my friend with edibles. Neither of us smoke so edibles would be great. I’ve been trying but my oven is really bad.

  5. I really want to learn how to make everything that’s possible so I can help break through the ignorance and stigma of using this wonderful plant.

  6. I currently make topical and edibles I’m always interested in adding to my knowledge and ofcourse a new machine would be lovely I currently use a magic butter machine

  7. I have an Ardent because of Wake and Bake and my 10yr old nonverbal autistic son who has been suffering for 2 years of severe daily migraines. It has been life changing for my family. Im able to make the medicines and topicals he needs and use source ingredients that I trust. If I win the scholarship I can then continue to further help educate other families/caregivers of individuals with IDD’s (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) as well as our seniors in how to incorporate Cannabis/Hemp into their daily routines to help break the dependency of so many medications and all of the nasty side effects of those meds.

  8. Hey Ardent & Wake + Bake…I want to make a savory galette w rosemary and cardamon infused poached pears, & toasted walnut topped with an (infused) salted caramel sauce. Both in minimal effect dosage …and a stronger version for those who want to fasten their seatbelts for the ride!

  9. Wake and Bake is awesome – i’ve learned how to make chocolates, gummies, tinctures, oils, hard candy and many other items. Corrine and her team are AMAZING! Putting this contest together is like kief on top of a joint – or having your cake and ice cream too! Thanks Wake and Bake!

  10. I want to learn how to make all edibles! I already make butter in a crock pot and it has been very good. I usually make cookies with the butter or toast! I have made butterscotch candies that were perfect. I tried to make tincture with Ever-clear but left it alone too long and got way too much chlorophyll so used it to make green sugar instead! Came out great! I’d like to learn how to make gummies and have a better recipe for tincture. So much to do!

    My mom is a cancer survivor with asthma, so she cannot smoke. This is how I got into creating edibles. Even though she has a green card, at 68 she did not want to go to a dispensary. So I got the call! I typically work with shake, (that has been given to me by friends) not bud to make my butter and have found it to be a nice and easy dose. So now have a small following for my ‘sleep cookies’. My concerns is figuring the dosage in my creations. With Maine becoming recreational everyone wants to know the dose and I just don’t know it. That would be awesome to learn.

  11. If I win I will develop edibles for Cancer & Aids patients, I will offer the edibles for free! Edibles give 80% of the people eating them the munchies & would work perfect for those that have no appetite! God bless

  12. I do everything the old school way, I have been hearing about the machines, so I’m Currently saving for one. If I win I will be making my topical oils

  13. I absolutely love the Ardent FX, but only by reading what it can do and also looking at the pictures and dream of what I am going to make! I have been doing my own edibles in my 1969 travel trailer for a couple years now. I am trained in culinary then decided to just focus on edibles. I have found that my space is very limited and making my edibles is pretty time consuming. So, by finding this little gem of a machine, which I want very bad, is the perfect solution for time saving and space saving! Also, kudos to Ms. Corrine for giving me some awesome tips and ideas as well as recipes for my edibles! Thank you girl!

  14. I have been eying this program for some time! So excited for this contest! I hope to learn more about how to harness the healing power of cannabis, and I am particularly interested in combining that with other traditional herbs and medicines. I hope to work 1:1 with clients, helping them navigate options and make informed decisions about their health and wellness, while offering suggestions and preparation training specific to their concerns and dietary needs.

  15. 4/22/21

    Hello Corrine Tobias,

    I want to enter the healthy 420 giveaway 4 days left. I clicked the link that said, I had cookies blocking, and entered my info, just not sure I am entered. I am grateful for help here. Thanks. Marisol A.

  16. Personally i’ve experienced western medicine where doctors in the US are providing opiods and other very addictive substances without going after the root cause of the problem. My objective is to provide as much insight to my family, friends, neighbors and community that would help provide a solid path to health and wellness.

  17. If I win I am going to make skincare for my sister who suffers from rosacea and make medicine for my family, This would be the best thing that ever happened to me and my family. Good luck to everyone!

  18. I live in a rural area that is stuck in the mindset that cannabis is a gateway to all things “dope” … Yet I see so many hooked on pain meds that could benefit tremendously from cannabis … Bringing the right type of education and hopefully products, infused oils and tinctures, could bring an awareness and healing

  19. I absolutely love wakeandbake for the volume of good useful information.
    I purchased an ardant fx and use for all my eatables. This is safe and convenient, and with the information available I continue to expand my eatable selection. With the pandemic i’m not smoking any product, for me currently its all eatables, and I love explaining and showing the process to others. Thank you wake and bake.
    Jeff Brown

  20. When marijuana became legal
    In Massachusetts, I started growing it (and using it) as a hobby. It has cured my depression and the chronic pain I had for six years as a result of a herniated disc in my back. I am so thankful for this medicine. I would love to be able to make more types of edibles and to share my expanded knowledge as a Cannabis consultant with other people. It has been life changing for me.

  21. I have notated that more and more Boomers are tossing all the Posen Pharmaceuticals and are living with much better life quality. For many things robing them in there days without pain, desperation ,angsty , even shingles I could go on and on.. I am a Chef working for my entire working career. In the later years I work in the Assisted and Non Assisted Senior Communities.. I have seen what happens to over medicated people they are disregarded broken hearted and very angry because they cant even think a cohesive thought most of them in wheelchair aren’t broken they cant walk do to being overmedicated.

    So what I would be able to help to make life worth living in the Goldin years. Being able to figure out what there needs are and help them to have options And feel safe to try them. Cannabis Is not a one suit fits all or dose there is a Science and we are still finding more and more benefits. What a gift.
    I would then be able to make recipes suited to an individuals needs and diet.
    winning would mean a blessing to many. Thankyou for reading this and considering me.
    Sherril Stanley
    [email protected]

  22. If I win, I will hook up everyone around me with edibles. There are lots of people I know who are curious about cannabis but too afraid to try smoking or don’t like smoking.

    I am a new cannabis (hemp) grower and looking forward to winning so that I can use all of this awesome education to make my dream job come true. I want to help people use cannabis and other herbs to heal. I want to buy land and grow everything I possibly can. I want to make this earth a better place for our children. I want to change the world 🌎

  23. I encourage my friends to consume cannabis as a tincture or edible to derail the practice of smoking, especially with harmful tobacco. The Ardent FX is a crucial appliance in the process of producing healthy alternatives to using combustible methods. Looks so stylish as well. Every kitchen should have an Ardent FX, an absolute essential

  24. I followed a link from an email about a recipe for gummies. Is that recipe/post coming later? I can’t find anything gummies on the site, but I did notice that the menu item “Sugar Free” under recipes appears twice.

  25. I just decarb’d successfully in a mason jar in the crockpot- prepare your bud- put in a mason jar to fill 1/4 to 1/2 full. Cap the jar. Heat water to boiling, place in crockpot on high setting, check it once an hour fir 4 hours, then remove and let it cool without opening. I once cool, add it to your everclear and freeze. Shake it daily. After a week, filter through cheese cloth and you are golden! Tiny hint of weed in the house, but that was it!

  26. I already make terrific edibles to want to learn more about dosing, and tinctures. I am so passionate about this!!
    Now that NY where I live is going legal, I am so all in!!! Please consider giving me a break on the price!!
    Sincerely, Deena Goidel

  27. If I win the FX, it will be the newest gadget I use for making my own medicine. The power of the plant allows me to function in a daily basis. I’ve loved my Nova and have almost used its life up, lol! So to WIN this FX would be and answer to prayer! 💜✌🏼

  28. Hi! I am a fan. If I win I will make some infused oil and gummies. Also cannabutter so I can make some mexican wedding cookies!

  29. I want to learn to make really strong tinctures. I am a lung cancer survivor, and the oils and tinctures are my go to! Gummy bears would be okay, too.

  30. Happy Monday! It’s so much fun to wake and bake then read the latest missive from Wake and Bake about the 420 draw.
    I hope to try my hand at some CBD/THC by gummys today!
    Thanks for all you do Corrine.
    Merci beaucoup!

  31. Would love to learn more about how to counsel clients on the benefits of using cannibis. I started cooking with it about 4 years ago and have had many trials and errors. But have developed a couple of really good recipes and have a number of clients that use it for arthritis to sleep issues. I started because my son suffered a TBI in a near fatal accident. In using cannibis we have been able to eliminate almost all prescription meds and he is healthier and doing better than his Dr ever thought he would!!!

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