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Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC vs. THC (Is Delta-9 THC Legal, Safe, and Healthy)?

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When we opened our doors at Wake + Bake Hemp Co. a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked when the hemp-derived delta-9 THC gummies became the thing.

We were overrun with with questions like:

  • Is Delta-9 THC legal? And can you send it to me in my state?
  • Is it the same as delta-9 THC from marijuana?
  • Is it made with a nasty process like Delta-8 or Delta-10?

It’s understandable. I had these same questions and went on a deep dive that turned into the Wake + Bake podcast episode: Is Hemp-Derived THC Bullsh*t?.

That podcast led to us releasing the Wake + Bake gummies. And now here we are. Full circle.

If you’re more of a reader 🤓 – or if you’re looking for some quick answers – I’ve turned that episode into a blog post just for you!

If you already know you’d like to try hemp-derived delta-9 THC, you can use the code WAKEANDBAKE to get 10% off here.

If you’d like to know more, keep on scrolling. Here’s your guide to hemp-derived delta-9 THC.

Quick Answer: What is Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC?

what is delta 9 thc?

Hemp-derived THC is the exact same THC molecule that you’ve known about for years.

Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC can get you high and do all of the other things marijuana-derived Delta-9 THC does.

The only difference is that it is extracted from hemp that is federally legal in the United States. [Skip To This Section]

Quick Answer: Is it legal to buy THC online in the US (even if you live in a prohibition state)?

is delta 9 legal?

After researching if you can buy THC online, I personally believe that hemp-derived THC is legal as long as it is lab tested, from a reputable company, and is compliant with all of the rules laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill.

In my opinion, hemp-derived delta-9 THC that is compliant with all farm bill rules are technically in the same category as other CBD and hemp products.

where can you buy delta 9 online

In the US, most hemp products are available in every state except for Idaho.

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Quick Answer: Is it hemp-derived THC safe and healthy?

is delta 9 thc safe

Not all hemp-derived THC is created equal.

There are two ways to make Delta-9 THC from hemp. In my opinion, one of them (plant-extracted) is safe and even healthier than typical store bought edibles containing THC. The other process (synthetic/semi-synthetic/conversion) is gross and I wouldn’t put it in my body.

If you get your hemp-derived THC from a reputable place (like this one 😉), you can buy full spectrum plant-derived (not synthetic) THC in the US that has been extracted from hemp without any nasty conversion process. [Skip to this section]

What is Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC (and how is it made)?

Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC shouldn’t exist.

In a perfect world, THC prohibition would be over already and we wouldn’t be having this complex conversation about the difference between THC and THC, but here we are.

The simple answer is that physically, hemp derived delta-9 and marijuana-derived delta-9 are the same darn thing.

The complex answer is a legal one.

The only real difference between hemp and weed/marijuana/cannabis is that in the 2018 farm bill, legislators put a 0.3% THC limit on hemp plants and products.

what's the difference between hemp and marijuana

This created a booming CBD industry, and it also created a lot of complex workarounds for companies who were trying to figure out how to extract and isolate psychoactive versions of THC from hemp.

What is Chemically-Converted THC?

This led to the introduction of what we like to call “Frankencannabinoids” at the Cannabis Coaching Institute.

Frankencannabinoids – like Delta 8 or Delta 10 are made using a chemical conversion process.

They are sometimes called synthetic or semi-synthetic cannabinoids and most (if not all) of the Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC on the market is created using a chemical conversion process.

Here’s the thing: Delta-9 THC can also be made using a chemical conversion process.

When cannabinoids are converted, the final product is typically an isolate, and that just means that there’s only one molecule present in the product.

We know that isolated cannabinoids don’t work as well, but we also know that these frankecananbinoid products can contain a lot of heavy metals and things that have never been tested the human body.

I avoid these products completely and would never (seriously never) put them in my body.

What is Plant-Extracted Delta-9 THC?

But wait! There’s got to be a better way! [she says in an infomercial voice]

As CBD isolates became increasingly popular (because they could be used in soda, skincare, etc. without having a hemp smell or taste), it created a “leftover” that is very valuable to those of us who use cannabis as medicine.

The leftover product from making a CBD Isolate is called the Mother Liquor (listen to the podcast if you want a deep dive on this OR to laugh at me for thinking it was called the “mother licker” when I first heard this term 😂).

The Mother Liquor is a highly concentrated full spectrum hemp product that contains a bunch of cannabinoids, and also contains delta-9 THC in higher concentrations.

There’s good news and bad news about using Mother Liquor.

The downside of using the Mother Liquor in hemp products is that it contains all of the hemp flavor and smell that you remove when you make a CBD Isolate. It tastes very strongly like hemp.

The upside is that you get delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, etc. in higher concentrations than you would otherwise in a hemp product.

Due to the entourage effect, you need a little bit of THC for CBD to be more effective, so I’ve found that these enhanced full spectrum products made with the Mother Liquor are better at helping me sleep, reducing muscle tension, and calming my nerves.

After using hemp-derived delta-9 for a couple of months, I no longer take anything else.

For someone who’s been using cannabis as medicine for 15 years to find something that works so well was a big (and pleasant) surprise.

Again, the downside is that I have to slam water or brush my teeth to keep from tasting hemp all day, but that’s worth it to me.

Delta-9 THC vs. THC (Does Delta-9 Get You High?)

Because hemp-derived delta-9 THC is the exact same exact molecule you’d find in a dispensary, but grown from a federally legal hemp plant, it can get you high.

I treat hemp-derived delta-9 THC the same as regular-ole THC.

I approach it intentionally, avoid heavy machinery, start low and go slow, microdose, and keep in mind that edibles are stronger than smoking.

Potential Benefits of Delta-9 THC

Because they’re the same darn thing, hemp-derived THC has overlapping benefits with THC.

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Feelings of joy and excitement
  • Increased appetite
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Improved sensory perception (and more enjoyment from sensations)

In my personal experimenting, I found that gummies made with the Mother Liquor seem to have more of an impact on tension and sleep than the edibles I have access to in Colorado.

THC from hemp is now federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and is responsible for the plant’s mind-altering effects.

Hemp-derived THC products are now legal almost everywhere in the US, but there are some restrictions. THC products derived from hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC and they can’t be purchased in the state of Idaho.

THC products derived from marijuana are still illegal at the federal level. THC from marijuana can contain up to 30% THC.

THC products derived from marijuana are only legal in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana.

So what does this all mean for you?

If you live in a state where recreational or medical marijuana is legal, you can purchase THC products from a dispensary. If you live in a state where only hemp-derived THC is legal, you can purchase THC products that contain less than 0.3% THC.

The Wake + Bake THC gummies contain 2.5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD in a 4 gram gummy, putting them well under the legal limit according to the farm bill.

Do you have to be 21 to buy hemp-derived THC products?

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase THC products.

In states where medical marijuana is legal, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase THC products. There are some exceptions to this, so always make sure you’re at the legal age to consume products with THC in them.

THC products that contain more than 0.3% THC are only legal in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana.

While all hemp companies are different, at Wake + Bake Hemp Co. you have to be 21 to buy THC gummies online.

Is Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Safe and Healthy?

I know how hard it is to choose a hemp product that is safe and effective. I get messages from friends, family, and readers all the time asking if “this thing” is good. Most of the time, “that thing” is not.

Unfortunately, in the world of cannabis and hemp, companies use intentionally confusing language. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t buy their stuff. Confusion is big cannabis’ ally.

I only trust cannabis and hemp products that are:

  • extracted directly from the plant (no synthetics or chemical conversion processes)
  • lab tested
  • are made by people who care enough to do the research and share information openly
  • Full or broad spectrum

Just remember that THC is powerful and finding a dose that works can help you avoid the side-effects that can pop up with THC use.

What are the side effects of Delta-9 THC?

The side effects of THC vary from person to person.

Some people may feel relaxed and happy after using THC, while others may feel anxious and paranoid (typically if they’ve had too much or are taking a product that is just THC).

The side effects of THC also depend on how much THC is consumed. A small dose of THC may cause feelings of relaxation and happiness, while a large dose of THC can cause intense paranoia and anxiety.

If you’re considering using hemp-derived delta-9 THC, it’s important to start with a small dose and see how you react. It’s also important to be in a safe and comfortable environment when using THC for the first time.

THC can cause short-term side effects including:

– Euphoria

– Increased appetite

– Increased heart rate

– Red eyes

– Dry mouth

– Slowed reaction time and decreased muscle control

Conclusion: Is Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC Good?

After trying hemp-derived Delta-9 a few months ago, I’ve used it to help when my back went out, when I was dealing with the anxiety of returning to my very public role here at Wake + Bake, when I was sore after I started marathon swimming, and to help me sleep better more consistently than I ever have.

I have a jar at the office, one in my purse, and one on my nightstand.

I love that I can ship them to my friends and family all over the US. I love that they increase access to this powerful plant medicine in almost every state (sorry Idaho 😢).

I love that they’re full of so many naturally occurring cannabinoids, making them work better than the expensive edibles I used to buy here in Colorado.

Are they good? Hmmm… I don’t know. You tell me.

If you’d like to try a hemp-derived THC gummy, you can use the code WAKEANDBAKE to get 10% off here.

Shoot me a comment below and let me know how you feel after trying hemp-derived THC. I love hearing from you!

With love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

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  2. Thank you CT for that very informative article. However, I can no longer handle the psychoactive properties of THC. I have found that good hemp with the 0.3 thc value works wonderful. I make my own oils and administer under the tongue works better for me. After spending 40 years doing cannabis derived THC I started getting into some pretty sketchy head space and sought out a different avenue. When I was a kid Hemp was the last thing that I wanted to get. At 70 I find hemp with all its advancements is now my go-to herb.

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