How to Calculate THC and CBD

When you start making your own cannabis tinctures, edibles, salves, lotions or even lubes, calculating your THC and CBD dosages need to be one of the first things you do.

Knowing how to dose your handcrafted cannabis products will give you exactly how much THC or CBD you need in order to achieve your desired effect. You’ll start feeling better because of the consistency of your dosing.

This will also save you money in the long run, because you’re not taking too high of a dose or playing guessing games with what you’re putting in your body. And if you’re like me and start feeling off when you take too much THC, this will save you a night of being couch-locked.

To get you started, I created the Wake and Bake THC and CBD calculator. All you need to do is plug in a few numbers and you’ll get a rough estimate of how much THC and CBD is in your infusions. The rest of this post will walk you through how to find your numbers.

How do you calculate THC and CBD?

First, open up the Wake and Bake THC and CBD calculator.

Next, you need to know what strain you’re working with.

If you grow your own cannabis or if you’re not sure what you’re using, you’ll have a more difficult time calculating your dosage. If you know your strain but don’t have the lab results, head over to WikiLeaf and find the THC and CBD percentages.

Cannabis potency has risen significantly from an average of 4% THC in 1995, to an average of 12% THC in 2014. And it has probably risen since then. So if you don’t know, be conservative and always account for a higher THC content than you expect. Try smoking or vaping cannabis before cooking with it so you have a good idea of how strong it is.

If you have access to the lab results (usually the QR code on the package), you can see the percentages on that.

For this guide, we’ll work with Charlotte’s Web. You can see in the screenshot below that Charlotte’s Web has 1% THC and 12% CBD. While most strains have a range of percentages, I usually go with the highest, if I’m not positive on the exact number.

(Remember: It’s always better than to take too small of a dose than to get too high on a dose).

Enter those numbers into the THC and CBD calculator.

Next, enter how many grams (not ounces) of plant material you’re using. Use a gram or kitchen scale to get your closest estimates.

For this example, we’ll use 5.18 grams.

Then enter in how many cups of whatever base you’re using. You can enter in oils, butter, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, etc.

For this example, we’ll use 2.5 cups.

Now you know how much THC or CBD is inside your whole infusion! If the numbers seem too high or low, adjust the cups in the previous step until you get the desired THCmg or CBDmg.

How do I know how much THC or CBD is in my edibles?

The next part of the Wake and Bake dosage calculator will help you get an idea of how much THCmg or CBDmg are in your edibles.

For this guide, we’ll use the Paleo Pot Brownies recipe which calls for 2 tbsp of cannabis butter or oil. Since the calculator works in teaspoons (tsp) I just googled the conversion. We get 6 tsp.

The recipe doesn’t give an exact serving count, but I anticipate getting 8 servings (by cutting it up into 8 brownies).

Plug those numbers in and now you know how much THCmg and CBDmg you’re getting in each brownie.

The whole pan of brownies would have 2.59 THCmg and 31.08 CBDmg of Charlotte’s Web.

Each brownie will have 0.32 THCmg and 3.88 CBDmg of Charlotte’s Web.

I hope you enjoy the Wake and Bake dosage calculator!

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When I first got my own Magical Butter MB2, I wondered if this would be another cannabis gimmick or expensive kitchen product that I didn’t really need. I mean, it said all I needed to do was dump my decarbed plant material, base, and a little sunflower lecithin into the machine, press the temperature and setting and walk away.

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How to Calculate THC and CBD
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How to Calculate THC and CBD
Calculate THC and CBD in cannabis tinctures, edibles, salves, lotions or even lubes. This guide will walk you through exactly how to do it - with a live example
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    Corrine, I was wondering if the cbd flowers should be weighed before or after decarbing?

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