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Iced High Chai Latte

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When you make a batch of cannabis infused coconut oil or cannabis infused honey, you’ll have a bunch of pot material left over. And no matter how hard you squeezed, your satchel probably contains a lot of leftover infused oil or honey.

high chai cannabis iced tea

So… what do you do with it? I’m pretty sure everyone who’s made cannabis oil/butter/honey is familiar this dilemma. Because of prohibition, cannabis is an extremely valuable material. Understandably, you don’t want to just toss a bag of active and steeped cannabinoids into the trash. You also don’t want to be picking stems out of your teeth because you just decided to toss it in a batch of special brownies.

High Chai: Because It’s Good for the Planet

But it’s the post-inconvenient truth era. It’s time to reduce, reuse, recycle and resteep your cannabinoids into something useful. I generally do one of two things with my cannabis satchel after making infused coconut oil: I either bust it open, mix the contents with some sugar and use it as a pain relieving sugar scrub or I make high chai.

High chai is always surprisingly potent, so I wanted to chill my original high chai recipe out a bit and have something on hand that’s suitable for hot summer afternoons. Voila! This easy iced high chai latte adds some coconut milk and ice and honey. It is much more chill than its hot and feisty predecessor.

You can either make your own chai blend or get super lazy with it and use bagged chai tea. I love this one from organic india because it uses holy basil (Tulsi) and it tastes incredible.

tulsi cannabis chai tea

A note on freezing: Since this makes so much, I usually freeze it to use later or to give out as gifts. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave enough space in my jars for this batch and they both busted. Make sure to leave extra space (2 inches) in your jars before freezing. I also just freeze the tea and don’t add coconut milk until I’ve thawed it. Once the high chai melts, I toss it in the blender with the coconut milk and honey and whiz it up until it’s emulsified.

Iced High Chai Latte: a cannabis iced tea recipe

A cannabis infused iced chai latte. A perfect way to use your #cannabis satchel after making #cannabisoil or honey. #highchai #wakeandbake1. In a large pot, combine:

12 cups water

Leftover cannabis from making cannabis infused coconut oil or cannabis infused honey

2. Bring to a boil.

3. Remove from heat and add:

24 or 12 chai teabags  (24 for Iced Latte, 12 for Hot Latte)

4. Cover and steep for 10-15 minutes.

5. Remove satchel and teabags. Add milk or coconut milk and sweetener of choice for hot chai

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Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

8 thoughts on “Iced High Chai Latte”

  1. Hi there!

    Thank you for this great recipe! Im going to try and make the iced version for friends on a hot summers day 🙂 I just have a quick question, how much of the plant material do you use? Im going to be making coconut oil with around a cup of weed so would using all the left over plant in the tea be too strong? I dont want to get too baked.

  2. Thank you also for this GREAT recipe, I’d been waiting for a while but finally had the opportunity to use it. I made a batch of infused coconut oil, and then simply used the contents of what I scraped out of my MB machine. I used a little less water and was really surprised by how strong the tea turned out. I also added coconut milk – don’t we need some type of milk/fat when we make the tea?

  3. omg, I can’t believe how much I have thrown away after the infusion process was finished! When I read your recipe above, I had an explosion of ideas!! Thank you!

  4. As I discovered in my book, Cannabis Cocktails, take the Thai food approach. As you would never go into a Thai restaurant for the 1st time and order Thai Spicy, with edibles, it’s the same thing. Start slow.. wait an hour. see how you feel. just because you have a delicious glass of iced goodness in front of you, doesn’t necessarily mean you should even think about drinking the entire thing in one go.

  5. I am also curious about what the ratio of the # of cups of water to leftover cannabis. In this recipe you called for 12 cups to how much leftover? This will help me when i make various different size batches! I totally just discovered your website and I love it! Thank you so much for all the helpful tips!

    1. Hi Kelsey,
      She has another recipe for high chai where she makes her own spice blend plus black teabags and a satchel of leftovers. In that recipe, she used a satchel of 14 g (1/2 oz) that was used to make canna oil and 6 cups of water. I made a batch yesterday using half: 7 g satchel and 3 cups water, and it was perfect. So I’d guess you’re looking at 28 g (1 oz) leftovers in a satchel for 12 cups of water. The tea is absolutely amazing. Good luck!

  6. Corinne, this tea is amazing. I cannot tell you how much it helps me with pain and anxiety. Thank you for all your research and information on your site in general. I am just starting out, but I am having a great experience using your recipes. And using your discount codes! Thank you again so much.

  7. Thanks for your site! I just made my first batch of cannabis coconut oil, then decided to do this chai with the left overs.. There’s a woman in my community who sells the most amazing chai spice blend, so I mixed it up with some rooibos tea to make it caffeine free. I’ve got a lot of chai on my counter and just had the brilliant idea to freeze it into cubes, so when I want an iced high chai, I can whizz them up with my milk instead of thawing the whole lot at once.

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