Kristina Etter: Meet Wake + Bake’s New Web Editor!

Professional Cannabis Adviser

You could call it fate if you’re into that kind of thing. Or you could say that sometimes wonderful things just happen without reason.

Either way, the day that Kristina Etter walked into my life, I knew that things were going to change for the better around here.

So here’s what was going on… I was just about to leave you guys hanging for awhile. I know. How freaking rude, right?

I was going to put this project on the back burner so I could focus on the Functional Cannabis Coaching Institute and felt like I had no other choice. I talked to tens of potential editors and writers, but none of them were the perfect fit. And I figured, instead of giving you all some cut-rate info, I may as well just hit the pause button indefinitely on Wake + Bake.

But then… Kristina happened.

Kristina Etter Author Web Editor

If you’ve been keeping up with Wake + Bake for the past couple of months, you’ve probably already read some of the great work Kristina has been contributing. Maybe you’ve connected with her when you emailed us a question or hit us up with some feedback (which we LOVE btw).

I’m so excited to be handing the reigns over to her during this next phase. You’ll still hear from me, but you’ll be connecting with Kristina when you write in and she’ll be handling all things Wake + Bake until she realizes that she’s way too talented for this job 😉 I mean… she doesn’t even use ellipses every ten seconds…

So… without further ado…

Please give Kristina a HUGE Wake + Bake style welcome and check out this post to get to know her better. Her story is re-dic-ulously inspiring.

Thanks Corinne, not only do I appreciate the introduction, I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in this incredible industry. As we have discussed many times, the future of the cannabis is dependent on passionate coaches, trainers, and educators like you and I to help get the truth published, dispel the stigmas, and end the stereotypes associated with cannabis for health and wellness. We are living proof cannabis can be used in a responsible manner and when done so, the fringe benefits are nothing short of miraculous for many of us.

Our Cannabis Journey

Like many cannabis advocates, my husband and I have a story about how we were lead to the cannabis industry, and I truly believe it was divine intervention.

While I won’t completely spoil my new book “Responsible Cannabis Therapy: How a forbidden herb saved our marriage, our health, and our lives,” what cannabis did for my husband and me changed our lives.

Cervical Neck Fusion X-RayMy husband was a chronic pain patient under the care of a pain clinic in Minnesota, and dealing with a 10-year legal opiate addiction. With a failed cervical fusion, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis my husband literally has a constant pain in his neck (and no, it’s not me! At least not most of the time.)

My husband’s pain and the prescriptions were changing his psyche and my marriage was falling apart. With the recent loss of my mother, I was struggling with chronic anxiety and depression, and the grief was almost more than I could bear. The added stress of a high-pressure, corporate job didn’t help.

Unfortunately, western medicine and over-medication was only making matters worse and slowly killing us both and ruining our marriage. Between the two of us, we were taking 13 prescriptions, anywhere from 35-50 pills a day depending on how many ibuprofen we’d take throughout the day. Then, factor in any over the counter cold medications when we were sick, tums and other medications for upset stomach, we were always medicated with something. We were never without a pill container, and when we traveled we carried a duffel bag which was the equivalent of a small pharmacy.

We were both severely overweight, our marriage was struggling, and we were miserable with life.

Landing in Cannabis

Professional Cannabis AdviserWhile you’ll have to read my book for the full story, in February of 2016, I found myself estranged from my husband, homeless, alone and stranded in a strange city… Denver. Armed with nothing more than determination, I set out on a series of adventures which would lead me down a path of enlightenment.

Within weeks, I learned enough to send for my husband, who I had left back in Minneapolis. I told him we had an opportunity to save our marriage, and I wanted him to move to Colorado with me.

With one catch… the opiates weren’t invited.

Within days of his arrival, my husband took the last opiate he will ever take and walked away from 10 years of legal opiate addiction without experiencing withdrawal. Not one symptom.

The Fringe Benefits

While the goal all along was to help my husband end his dependence on opiates for pain control, we had no idea the other benefits that would come along. Through developing our own approach to cannabis therapy, and maybe understanding a new perspective on certain aspects of cannabis, we have completely changed our lives with responsible cannabis therapy.

Over the course of the last 2 years, my husband and I eliminated all 13 prescriptions (including prescriptions for diabetes and hypothyroidism!), we have lost nearly 200 pounds between the two of us, and we’ve gained at least 15 years of our lives back!

Responsible Cannabis Therapy Before and After

Just like Corinne teaches, we also have learned diet changes are imperative, and between making healthy changes to our diets and incorporating cannabis for endocannabinoid health, we continue to see incredible results!

Where We Are Today

After spending time working in the cannabis industry as a cannabis adviser on both the medical and recreational sides of the market, today, my husband, Gary, and I live on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains just west of Pikes Peak. My husband manages our SKOL Ranch AirBnB and Private Disc Golf Course, while I am a cannabis coach and freelance writer for the cannabis industry. In addition to my own book, I write for multiple cannabis-based businesses including medical clinics, dispensaries, glass shops… and other websites like Wake + Bake.

You can learn more about what we offer through our website at

SKOL Ranch Pikes Peak Banner

With Wake + Bake

My overall goal as a cannabis writer and advocate is to bring trustworthy, well-researched cannabis education to the world. I believe through education, we will start to end the stigmas and negative connotations associated with cannabis consumption. By educating a responsible approach to cannabis for health and wellness, we help cannabis become more mainstream, and more people will understand the possibilities of the plant.

I look forward to working with you, Corinne, as well as bringing health, wellness, and cannabis information your readers can trust! Thank you all for this incredible opportunity!

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    December 23, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Super inspirational story, and one that hits home for me. I have begun my own medicinal journey and have found so much inspiration through the wake & bake blog and am so happy that it will continue! Currently making my first ever batch of butter using your mason jar method. (the family has reported no smell! Hell yeah!!) Oh and thank you for the Nova discount!!!! That bad boy is on its way to my door! Happy thoughts and happy vibes!
    <3 Tamarae'

  • Reply
    jennifer ludvigson
    January 15, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Welcome its wonderful to have this information right at our fingertips you two have changed my ideas more than a few times……. cant wait to read your book.

    • Reply
      Kristina Etter
      January 17, 2018 at 4:22 pm

      Thank you so much Jennifer!

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