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Making Cannabis Oil in a Mason Jar [Updated 2023]

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When I first started making crockpot Cannabis oil, I really wanted it to be as simple as possible. I looked at every equation that wasn’t pot+oil+crockpot. I read somewhere about someone putting water in a pan in the oven and filling mason jars with oil and Cannabis and infusing them in a water bath and literally thought, “That is waaaaay too much work.”

One day, after making oil a billion times the same way, I thought, “What if you put the weed and oil in a mason jar?”

Boom! It was magic! I still stuck to the crockpot method and haven’t ventured into my oven, but I’ve been assured that that method works just fine.

Benefits of Mason Jar Cannabis Oil

There are quite a few benefits of making your oil in a mason jar. If I didn’t have a Magical Butter Machine (MB2), this would probably be my go-to method for oil. While I think that the MB2 is the easiest way to make canna oil and butter, I believe that simple methods like this one still make Cannabis oil that is just as potent and flavorful.

Side note: I get a lot of questions about the Magical Butter Machine v. the Levo II for making oils. The MB2 requires at least two cups of oil to work, while Levo II makes smaller batches (and decarboxylates).

(I used to use the MBM but now I prefer the Ardent FX because it decarbs and infuses all in one machine).

I also understand that these tools are an investment. If you make oils and infusions regularly, I highly recommend it because it will save you time and clean-up.

In the meantime, here are some reasons to use a mason jar for making your Cannabis oil:

  • My crockpot doesn’t boil water, even on high. This means that the temperature of the H20 stays below 212° F and that’s well below the boiling points for all of the major cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Keeping those compounds intact is the best part of medicating using Cannabis infused coconut oil and this method really allows you to maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Cleanup is much easier since you only have a jar, a bowl, and a strainer to clean.
  • While it’s not completely smell-proof, it does reduce the smell a ton.
  • You can make much smaller batches without worrying about ruining your oil.
  • You can set it, and even if you forget it, and you won’t burn or overcook your oil.

cannabis recipes

Should You Seal the Mason Jar When Making Cannabis Oil?

If you want to reduce the smell by cooking Cannabis oil in the crockpot, put it in a sealed mason jar. You can seal the jar to keep the smell under control. Check the method below and burp your jar at least once. To do this, remove the lid to release the pressure and then reseal it.

Mason Jar Cannabis Oil (or Butter) Method

This is just an all-around excellent and simple method. If you want to keep the smell under control or you want to make a small batch of oil, the mason jar is your new best friend. Just use the crockpot oil method, but instead of putting the oil and herb directly into the crockpot, do the following:

  1. Fill your crockpot about halfway with water (or just enough to cover the herb).
  2. Fill a mason jar with equal parts of oil and Cannabis. Cover with lid.
  3. Place the mason jar in the crockpot and put the crockpot on high.
  4. Burp the jar after a half-hour to make sure that there’s not too much pressure building up. If you get a lot of pressure on the first burp, make sure to burp the jar often.
  5. There’s absolutely no risk of overcooking this oil. The water in your crockpot might simmer, but probably won’t boil (even on high), so feel free to leave it in there for as long as you’d like. I’ve forgotten it purposefully done it for nearly 24 hours and it turned out just fine.
  6. Strain with cheesecloth (save for making High Chai).
  7. Store normally. Use oil in Cannabanana Bread or Artichoke Dip.

Any questions, comments, or stories? Let me know in the comments! If you’re interested in joining a community of other Cannabis enthusiasts, check out The Cannabis Coaching Institute.

Much Love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

89 thoughts on “Making Cannabis Oil in a Mason Jar [Updated 2023]”

  1. yes cannabis oil methods are same in most of way but not so lengthy which depends on how much oil have been producing at a time, Mason Jar is the different way but process results are same, it follows on equal parameters..but method is nice thanks for it !

    1. I was wondering this same thing, I am new to all of this and I want to make sure that I am doing things correctly to get the full benefits from it.

      1. Can you decarb the weed in a mason jar by boiling the jar in water? My oven is messed up and I thought I seen where you can boil it for 55 mins.

    1. Did you ever get an answer to this question? Will it work allowing the decarb to happen in the oil heating in the jar? If so, what’s the optimum time for highest potency?

      1. You always need to decarb first. Place on cookie sheet. Preheat oven to 220° . Bake about 30 minutes. U will notice the change in color.
        I personally use the canning method of Mason jars boiled for 1-2 hrs. Then I let the sealed jar sit in a cool dark place till I’m ready to use.

  2. Hi. I love this method. I have used it several times successfully. However on my latest time the jar cracked! The oil leaked into the water. The jar remained whole in the pot, but broke as I cleaned it out. I burped it once, but should have more regularly. I’d say to burp it once every two hours no matter what. I currently have the oil an water in the fridge, hopefully the oil will separate and I won’t have wasted it.

      1. I had used it a few times previously. Since then I burp it every hour or so and have not had a repeat of the problem. And yes, the oil did separate from the water. It didn’t have a nutty smell or taste, but it worked, so I won’t complain.

    1. This is exactly my question and what brought me to this page. Has anyone answered, I’ve looked really deep into google and can’t find an answer.

  3. Can i vaporize cannabis oil with or without a little dried bud. Is it safe to vape cannabis oil. Plus can) can i use only p.g. or v.g.alone or are they both needed to cook with weed ,,,..for proper results

    1. I vape cannabis oil and you can vape as long as the oil is made with food grade alcohol. I wouldn’t vape cannabis oil with coconut oil iether, coconut oil isn’t good in lungs.

  4. Is it possible to use Rick Simpson oil to make cannabis coconut oil? I rarely purchase bud. If so, can you describe the process I should use?

    1. Isn’t RSO decarbed already? I thought so but never used it myself. If I’m right it’s already an oil, you don’t need to further process it to another oil. Just dilute it in melted coconut oil and use it.

      1. Corinne, I am just making some CBD oil with jars in the crock pot. I was going to leave it in for the day and night. I thought I read that would be sufficient for decarbing but now remember that last time I put the jars in the oven first. Now I have already added the oil and the jars are in the crockpot. Does this mean that I am not going to get the oil I want? I realize I can’t do anything about it now and feel frustrated with myself.

    1. Hi Corinne! LOVE your voice and great info, thanks so much! Only question I haven’t seen referenced: I’ve heard of people doing a 3-part heating- heat for 3ish hrs/cool for several hrs, repeat 2x, then strain. Others do a similar method with “regular” herbal preparations. What are your thoughts? Thx!!

    1. Hi Leibel, wanted to share a recipe I use for chronic pain. I start with a mason jar and put my ground up bud in there. Decarb for 20-25 min at 220. Take the jar out of oven an let sit.. When the jar has cooled I will put in Coconut Oil. 2 tbsp. for every 1 gram. Put in the crockpot on high for one hour, I fill my pot and then put a bowl in there for mason jar to rest in, just so it never touches the bottom. After an hour turn down heat, burp jar, and put er in for another 11 hrs. I stir the jar ever few hours. So now your at the 12th hr. I take the jar out and let cool, but not too cool. I want to let the oil suck everything out. Strain into a sealable container or another mason jar, store in fridge and your good! I throw a spoonful in my coffee and my day is ready. I recently had my 5th spine surgery, and Docs are amazed I’m not taking a bunch of pills! Good Luck and God Bless!!

        1. Hi, I wanted to tell you that when making jelly using a water bath method, I set my Mason jars on top of a Mason rings facing down in the pan. This keeps my jars from touching the bottom of the pan.
          I do have a question, when making up veg. or what ever using a pressure cooker, the idea behind it is to buitd up pressure. Why then is building up pressure a bad thing when making your recipe?

    2. Nothing but a plant based diet, would be recommended. I’m not a Dr or anything, but just giving my personal opinion. I suggest watching what in the health. It’s a fairly new documentary, and I found it intriguing with my extensive medical history/issues. Just trying to make a change for better. Hope it helps. There are actually several cancer patients who have converted to a solely plant based diet, non gmo, organic diet. No chemicals, no toxins, just healthy living. Tumeric, ginger, and several other essential spices, herbs, and essential oils have very powerful effects when it comes to helping the human body to be it’s best/most efficient. I could have this convo all day, but again, I’m no Dr. So, please don’t take my word for it. Do yourself one better, do the research hunny. I’m sure you will be astonished. I hope and pray everything works out. I’m just a mere human with tons of stuff I’m trying to fix for myself. Hope it helps hun.

  5. Thank you for the recipe!

    For clarification for myself & others: do you put the cover on the crock pot, too?

    When I did this without it, and with the crock pot set to high, the temp of the water in the crock pot/around the jar only reaches 140. If I cover it it goes over 200. If I set the lid on crooked I can get it at the desired temp of 160.
    I’m using an old Rival pot, probably 2-3 quart size if I had to guess.

    Looking forward to experimenting with the resulting oil 🙂

    1. I use the canning jar rings/lids, works great!! I don’t cover the jar with water I fill my Crock-Pit 2/3with water.

      Burping in just open the jar so it doesn’t seal. I have heard some had it blow. I don’t know tho, you would burn precious meds if it got that hot. I just made a batch an it’s absolutely amazing. I’m 2 months out of my 5 the spine surgery and kicking butt!! Be careful and only a tsp to begin.
      Sorry I can’t help with brownies,ni just throw it in my coffee. Brownies = Uneeded calories ? Peace and Love

  6. I have the same question as MMB III 🙂 Do I cover the crock with the lid, leave off entirely or a combination of the both? Thank you!

    1. I didn’t cover the crockpot because my quart jar didn’t fit, but I’m not sure how it effected temperature stability. I’d say to stick a thermometer in it if you can and leave it uncovered. If it seems to go up and down, try covering it and see if it stays in the temperature range you’re trying to hit 🙂

      Hope that helps!

      Much love,

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  10. Corrinne. I have a couple of tips for you. #1 would be to purchase a temp controller for your crock pot. I bought one off Amazon. Inkbird 308. Using an old crockpot, not a new fangled electronice one, you can dial in any desired temperature. I make my oil at 170 degrees. I don’t suffer the oil loss I did when I made it at 202 degrees. The second item would be a nut bag instead of cheesecloth. They are used to make almond milk. I also bought that off Amazon. It works much better than cheesecloth. I can really squeeze the oil out. They are washable and can be used over and over unlike cheesecloth.

    1. Great tips! I’ve been meaning to update this post with a nut bag, but I had no idea about the crock pit temp controller. I’ll have to look into that. Thank you so much for reaching out!

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  12. You can eliminate the burping issue by placing your mason jar lid on upside down. IE, the sealing ring UP. Then screw the ring on loosely. This prevents the jar from sealing and “burps” itself. Set it up before going to work in the morning and it can go all day unattended without mishap!!!

  13. I’m wondering about decarb specs for bubble… Do you think it would be necessary to decarb first before making this infusion? It’s hard for me to figure this out… I have done plenty of research on the topic, including reading your post about it, and it seems that proper decarb would not be achieved in 4 hours of simmering at 160 degrees… But I wouldn’t want to heat my hash at 240 degrees first for an hour if I don’t have to. What do you think.

    P.s. Thanks for all the awesome pages of information about cannabis infusions. It has been very knowledgable and is helping me out a lot. Cheers 🙂

  14. Just curious if anyone knows the shelf life of the cannaoil? Also, can it be stored in the freezer to extend the shelf life?

  15. If you use the crock pot method do you still have to go through the decarboxylation process. Also, I’ve read where lower THC levels are better for women to achieve orgasms. If you’re making lube for your lady friend do you want high THC levels or low?

  16. I have a new wave induction cooking pot that will cook it evenly 160 degrees the entire time. Would this be the best way?

  17. After much reading and trial and error, I have tried this method, but instead of making oil, then infusing it in something else, I just put butter in the mason jar. I decarbed in a sealed aluminum tin at 240F for 1 hour, then mixed 1Tbsp butter/gram of flower in the jar and crock-potted it for 8 hrs. on high. I have been surprised by the results and am having to use less than I think to avoid couch-lock.

    On this note, I hate waste. I have started using this method for stems/trim and “leftovers” from packing cones. the “leftovers” give the butter a toasted almond flavor, and I think the stem/trim keeps it from being too harsh. The ashy end from the leftovers was cut off before decarbing.

  18. So, being a total noob to all of it, is decarb necessary for topical use? I am not going for psycho-effects, just rubbing the oil into my skin. I really do not want to smell the house up due to conservative cohabitants!!

    Thanks for answering, and for all the info!

    1. Necessary is an interesting word. I do it for topicals and it seems to make them much more effective, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary. You can do a decarb in the oil and just cook it for at least 1.5 hours at 220° F using this method to reduce the smell and still achieve partial decarb.

      I hope that helps!

      Much love,

      1. Great, thanks for the reply! I ended up putting it in the oven (covered with foil) at 220* for about 30 minutes, hope that was enough. I planned to use it on my scalp for my psoriasis but it has a pretty strong smell, so I think I’ll have to put it in for a while before I wash my hair, as I can’t go to work smelling like I just came from a Dead show..

        Also I am going to replace my normal coconut oil with this for my oil pulling.. hopefully that has a good effect too.
        Thanks again!!

        1. Yes! I can’t wait to hear how it goes… Keep me posted.

          And yes yes on oil pulling. It’s my favorite way to use oil sublingually! I feel like it’s a two-fer. Clean mouth and good vibes 😉

  19. Hi there, I plan to make a 4:1 CBD/THC oil preferably using mct oil so it is liquid, any change in the initial recipe/process for that? Thanks

  20. Corinne,
    Firstly thank you for all the info been a great help had to stop smoking -and your advice has helped and made some awesome gummy bears and I purchased the Lift Decarboxylator brilliant bit of kit .
    My question is after doing the crock pot method can I do it again with the same herb I guess the strength wouldn’t be as high I did use top grade bud ?
    Once again thank you and keep up the great work
    Your description on the buzz for the oil is spot on not as crazy as cake and you can control the dose and the closest I have come to a smoking buzz

    Cheers Blakey

    1. You can absolutely re-use the material. You’re correct, I would expect the potency to be less, but I know many who give their material a double run. Good luck!

    1. The jar size depends on how much plant material you are using and the size of your crockpot. If you have a tiny little crockpot, but need to use a quart-size jar to hold the cannabis, you’ll either need to use several small jars in batches or a bigger crockpot. 🙂

  21. I am grateful for this website. Thank you, Corrine, for the inspiration! I started making liquid cannabis oil tinctures last year. I just use about 2-3 gms of bud at a time. I grind or chop up the dried bud. I then decarb using the auto-timed Ardent Lift. While the decarb process is happening, I prep the crockpot. I fill my crockpot with enough water to cover the little mason jar, and set the temp to HIGH. After the decarb is finished, I put the plant material into a little 1-Cup mason jar using a coned piece of paper as a funnel. Add about 1/16 tsp of lecithin and fill with enough liquid coconut oil to just cover the plant so none of it is poking up through the top of the oil. Stir. Put the lid on the jar, but not too tightly. Place a piece of cloth or small oven mitt into the crockpot to protect the glass mason jar. Then the jar goes into the crock. Let it cook for 2-4 hours. Remove. Bring to room temp and freeze for minimum one hour. Remove from freezer and bring to room temp in a small bowl with warm, not hot, water. Stir. Back in the crock for another 2-4 hours. Remove, strain into dropper bottle using a funnel, metal mesh strainer and cheesecloth while wearing gloves. Or for this small amount, using cheesecloth and a garlic press would work to avoid waste. I label the dropper bottle with herb type, volume amount, and “manufactured date”. Sometimes, I’ll also include the name of the dispensary I purchased the bud from.

  22. I took 45 grams of cured bud, ground and decarb’d it, and mixed it with 1 lb +1/4 cup of butter. if I “cook” it for 20 hours, will my butter be very potent?

  23. After doing my first flower in the crock pot in my kitchen – the next time I set the dang thing OUTSIDE , plugged it in the outdoor outlet and let it go , I did still put a piece of foil over the pot , then the lid . It helped with the smell in the house – but didn’t smell a thing when I used the pot outside !!!
    Doing the wash with water in the fridge overnite helps take smell and taste out to 🙂

  24. Any thoughts about tinctures and/or oils being made in a pressure cooker, since you’re able to set and maintain a specific temp.
    Corinne & teammates, thank you for all your hard work that makes this insightful and informative website happen. Keep up the great work!

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  27. The leading link said follow link if you don’t have a crock pot, make in mason jar. I get here and I still need a crock pot. Confused. Can I use a boiler pot with a raised platform on the bottom?

  28. Just finished a 1/2 cup batch. Smell was kept to minimum. Thanks so much, just had a cup of ginger tea with 1 tsp of oil. Back pain hopefully will go down.

    1. Lecithin increases absorption of THC and other Cannabinoids into your cell membranes and speeds up the process. You don’t HAVE to add it to your oils, but some people like to 🙂

  29. Hi! First timer to making edibles and cannabis here 🙂 I actually purchased TGOD powder THC to make your vegan brownies! How would I go about making a small batch of infused canna oil or canna butter with the powder? Just stir it in? At what part of the process? Thanks for all your help, really enjoying your site!

    1. Hey Jackie!

      Great question!

      We are not familiar with that product, so I am not sure how to answer that for you.

      Maybe try contacting the company and asking them?

      I hope that helps…

      If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

      -Maddie (Team Wake + Bake)

      1. Hi Corrine! Thanks for your reply! Since it’s a powder you can just mix it in with the wet ingredients or even stir it in drinks. I will however venture into making my own oil and butter using the actual plants and I will definitely be following your recipes when I do 🙂

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