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Nova Decarboxylation Review and Coupon Code

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[Update: The Nova has been discontinued and replaced with the improved Ardent Mini. One of the big differences is that you can decarboxylate weed, infuse and even bake in the Mini. Ardent also released the larger Ardent FX which is perfect for doing bigger batches.]

Who has two thumbs, a big jar of cannabis to play with and is obsessed with all things decarboxylation?

This girl!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but I’m going to go ahead and just repeat it.

Decarboxylating weed is one of the most important techniques for getting effective and potent edibles, every time, no matter what you’re making (edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc.).

I’m learning more and more about decarboxylation every day. You can read more about the science behind decarboxylation in these posts:

Since starting this blog in 2013, the science behind decarboxylation has been the single most important piece of information I’ve learned about working with this plant medicine.

I’ve been decarboxylating in my oven for many years. But today I want to share some info about a product that I’m really excited about.

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of you end up here after Googling “decarboxylation machine” and I had one reader ask me if I’d ever tried the Nova decarboxylation machine from Ardent Cannabis. Since I make more edibles and cannabis topicals than ever these days, I wanted to see if having a decarboxylation machine is really worth it in the long run.

I mean, why buy something that I can do in my oven? Right?

What I found out was surprising.

It was so surprising that I’m vowing right now that I’ll never ever ever decarb in anything but in a decarboxylation machine like the Nova again. Why? Keep reading…

What is a Decarboxylation Machine?

[I wrote a detailed post on decarboxylating cannabis a while back, but this post will contain some more up to date data than that last one.]

The process and reasons behind decarboxylation are relatively simple, but because cannabis is still just coming out of the closet, baking your cannabis before cooking with it seems mysterious. It’s like some kind of hippie alchemy or marijuana urban legend.

But it’s more science-d up than those things and it’s one of the keys to creating effective edibles and tinctures.

  • Decarboxylating cannabis uses heat to convert THCA into THC by removing a thing called a “carboxyl group” from the compound.
  • You want to do this if you want a psychoactive experience (to get high) because THC is psychoactive, while THCA is not.
  • It also turns CBDa into CBD using the same process.
  • While THCa and CBDa have their own benefits, the decarbed compounds THC and CBD have been more widely researched, are more powerful and are more desirable for most people.

There are a lot of myths about the process of decarboxylation and I was so excited to read this post from Ardent Cannabis that really lays it down and corrects some of the misconceptions about temperatures and methods.

It’s really awesome that people are getting the data together and giving us new resources to draw from to make better and better medicine with less plant material.

decarb cbd for homemade edibles

It’s even more awesome that they created this little purple dream machine that completely decarbs your material every single time. Why is that so awesome? Well, the data shows that…

Decarboxylation without a Decarboxylation Machine can cause THC Loss and Incomplete Decarb

One of the things that I started to notice from decarbing material in different ovens over the past couple of years was that the same materials created batches of oils that had different potencies.

Since I’m still waiting for an inexpensive and reliable home test kit to come onto the market (fingers crossed), I have no idea how much THC was in different batches and have to use the human guinea pig test along with doing calculations on the edibles dosage calculator.

At any rate, I had a feeling that when I made the oven switch 6 months ago and a year before that, something had changed even though my decarb method hadn’t.

Ardent’s testing showed exactly how much I was potentially missing out on due to oven temp fluctuations and changing ovens due to moving. I was shocked. I was also shocked when I found out that my toaster oven would have done a better job.

Check this out…

oven decarboxylation thc lossOven decarbing can cost you a 33% loss of THC.
toaster oven decarboxylationA decarb in the toaster oven will lose about 16%.

Can anybody say “no bueno”?

While decarboxylation in an oven or toaster oven is definitely better than skipping the decarb process entirely, you’re definitely not getting the most out of your plant material.

Is Your Decarboxylation Method Costing You Money?

I use material left over from my home grow, so I can always just make/eat/massage in a little more THC. Cannabis flows freely from my backyard and I’m lucky in that way. But that hasn’t always been the case, and when I lived in the prohibition states, every bud was precious to me… and it was really really expensive.

So I started doing a little math. Say you’re somewhere on the east coast or the midwest where an ounce can run around $300.  If you decarboxylate in the oven, you’re losing over $100.

After learning all of this and coming to grips with how expensive and wasteful it is to decarboxylate in the oven, I’m totally on board with the idea of transforming all of the cannabinoids in your bud into their active form.

Decarboxylation in the Nova… 0% loss. 100% THC conversion.

nova decarboxylation effectiveness

Okay… It might say that in some lab findings, but does it really work? Will you really notice the difference?

Well, It totally works. Wanna know how I know?

I experimented by eating two nugs that were the same weight of the same variety of cannabis. One was oven decarbed and the other was nova decarbed. I tested it on different days after eating similar things, at the same time of day and here’s what happened…

I definitely felt the effects of THC after eating both of the nugs. It took about the same amount of time (30 minutes) for me to begin feeling really effective pain relief. The one that was decarbed with the Nova had a noticeably stronger effect and pain relief lasted for about 2 hours longer.

After using the Nova decarboxylated material for a week and figuring out my new dose, I was able to cut my dose in HALF.

Yes, half.

How The Nova Works

nova decarboxylation review

The Nova is possibly the simplest device on the planet. You put your bud or trim in the machine, cover it with the silicon lid and then seal it with a plastic lid. Plug it in and hit the power button. It turns green when your bud is fully decarboxylated.

Benefits of Using the Nova Decarboxylator

how to decarboxylate cbd

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, like this one about the Magical Butter Machine, you know that I love pros and cons lists. So, let’s do this!

Less Smell: This is one of the biggest pros outside of the stuff we’ve already covered. The Nova is airtight and doesn’t smell at all, which makes it a discreet cannabis kitchen device. When I decarb in my oven it fills my house with the distinct aroma of toasting weed. Not so with the Nova. I completely forgot that I was decarboxylating a batch several times throughout the process because I couldn’t smell it.

Flavor: Remember when I ate one bud that was oven decarbed and one that was Nova decarbed? The Nova bud tasted less bitter and more fruity. Oils and tinctures seem to have a more delicate flavor as well.

Full decarb saves money: If you use less cannabis, you spend less money.

Use less cannabis: Again… If you use less cannabis, you use less cannabis.

Keeps more terpenes and cannabinoids in tact: With the Nova, you don’t risk temperature fluctuations that could annihilate every single terpene and cannabinoid in your plant material. 

The Nova is Cleaner: My previous method always left me scraping the kief off of my pan with a plastic card. Not sure if it’s the surface material or the level of heat, but I haven’t had an issue with this in the Nova. You can just clean it with warm soapy water and rinse it right out.

One Button Operation: Push a button. Forget it. It’s foolproof to operate, which is incredible because you’re making medicine. Anyone can use this decarboxylator in virtually any condition.

[NEW] You Can Infuse Directly in the Device: With the new infusion sleeve, you can make infusions directly in the Nova, meaning it’s the only device you really need. There’s a limit to how much you can decarb and infuse in the device (see comments below), but it’s a perfect all in one for most home cannabis cooks.

one button to rule them all


So, using the Nova for decarb will definitely save you money/cannabis, and it’s really easy to use, but there are a couple of downsides.

Small Capacity: The Nova only does small batches of an ounce or less. It’s totally fine for most projects, but I hope they’ll make a bigger one for making large batches of homemade CBD oil.

It Costs Money: The Nova retails at $210 (you can get it here with FREE SHIPPING). So here’s what I’ll say about cost… If you make brownies once a year for Superbowl Sunday, it’s not for you. Slap your plant material in a toaster oven and call it good.

BUT if you make tinctures, candies, or capsules regularly, I’d consider it essential.

If you decarboxylate more than a couple of ounces a year and you want to make sure you’re not losing money and THC/CBD every time, then it’s absolutely worth it for you. If you’re looking for an amazing gift for a relative that uses cannabis therapeutically, then the Nova is absolutely for them too. 

For Special Brownie Points

So, it’s past my word count and my bedtime, but I’d love to turn it over to you guys. Have you used one of these? What are your thoughts? Have you made any cool recipes in the nova or done any experiments? Share your results in the comments below. 

Much love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

109 thoughts on “Nova Decarboxylation Review and Coupon Code”

  1. Hi Corinne,

    I have really enjoyed your review of the Nova Decarb machine. I am a newbie with medical marijuana in Canada and just used both the Nova machine and the Magical Butter Machine. I made virtually the same coconut oil as you have in your cookbook and it was great. My medicine works quickly depending on whether I put it under my tongue like a tincture or just swallow it. After reading your post though I have a question. Would swallowed decarbed oil be considered a tincture or an edible? I need a portion of my meds to go to my stomach first as I have IBS. I found my meds didn’t work as well for IBS when I vaped. The oils were suggested by my counsellor but the Licensed Producer that I had chosen had run out and wasn’t expecting anymore for two weeks, so I just got down to making my own oil and was very pleased with the results.

    1. Thanks Fiona!

      I think you could consider it an edible as long as you swallow it and it sounds like that’s the most effective way to medicate since you want the medicine to make contact with your stomach. Have you tried capsules yet?

      Much love,

    2. I totally did not know this little device existed. My main issue was concerning the smell as I live in an apt. building. Didn’t know about the loss of potency using a regular oven. Informative article, thank you!

    3. Fiona I also have IBS and the only thing I have found to help is cannabis oil. Rick Simpson oil helps intestinal and digestive disorders.I put the oil in a capsule and take it every night before bed. I eat organic now. Gave up soda, caffeine and coffee which has all helped my IBS. Good luck!! I hope you can find the right medicine to help your IBS.

      1. Hi Jami! Awesome that cannabis has helped your IBS. I’m working on putting together an IBS, Migranes, Fibromyalgia protocol and would love to chat with you about what worked for you specifically and how you figured out the right dosage for you. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at [email protected] 🙂

    4. I love the Nova decarboxylator and am curious about decarbing high CBD strains. How low does the THC have to be to need to be decarbed twice? Would a strain with 4% THC and 12% need to double decarbed?

  2. Hello,

    I have been trying to decarboxylate some extracts (C02 oil) in coconut oil. I have been using a scientific hot plate with a magnetic stirrer. I am using this method, because i find that when i decarboxylate the C02 oil just by its self it usually changes color from light and golden to darker and by decarbing it in the coconut oil it also retains more of its terp’s. the problem is that i am finding that the temperatures and times are extremely different from decarboxylating just the flower alone.

    I have so far used 258’F for 210 minutes, the coconut oil and Co2 oil mixture are heated with a consistent heat and being stired the whole timel

    I have been doing many lab tests. with the above method the last test came back 30% thc and 66.6% THC-A

    do you have any in sight in to this. is ther a different decarboxylation temp and time for this method?

    is the mixtuer of the coconut oil and C02 oil changing something on a chemical level that would change the rates of Decarboxylating?

    If you have any insight into this i would be forever grateful.



    1. Mark, I have been doing this for awhile now and this is the way I do it: I use MCT oil (coconut oil that is clear not white like Crisco), you need a double boiler, a sauce pan with a metal insert and you put water in the pan and heat your shatter or concentrate in the insert on a medium heat, you add equal or double the amount of MCT oil, that is your choice and you can play with that for your needs, heat on low to medium for 2 min. and your done, you can place it in a vape cartridge or even eat it. It will darken over time, however if you only make enough for a month or so this is not an issue, storing in the dark helps but is not needed.

  3. Hi Corinne,

    I am wondering what the difference is between the Nova and the magical butter machine? I was going to buy the magical butter machine since it can decarb as well so what would be the point in buying a Nova?

    Also I tried the weed lubricant (cost me a lot of money and time from start to finish) and sadly it had no effect. I decarbed my weed in my toaster oven. Would this be why it didn’t work? It also clogged up every spray bottle top I’ve tried so I had to use a spoon to apply it – bleh!

    1. I didn’t know you could decarb in the magical butter. All of the stuff on their site suggests oven decarbing first. It makes sense that it could, but I wonder why they don’t recommend it…

      Also, I’m not sure about the toaster oven decarb/weed lube connection. Have you tried eating a bit of it to see if it’s effective as an edible?

      1. They don’t decarb. I have a Magical Butter Machine V2 and it only goes to 210 degrees F. Not hot enough to decarb. The original machine went to, I believe, 255 or thereabouts. So it definitely had more heat, but any of the new ones won’t do you any good as they’re too low.

  4. The NOVA is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Place a nug in your lip, like a dip; blend it up in a smoothie; smoke it or vape it; put it in your coffee; add the finely ground buds to your favorite salves or lotions; soak it in alcohol for a facial cleanser; make a suppository with coconut oil and stick it up your butt! (Not joking- Google it) Get one now, and you’ll be glad you did

      1. Hi Corinne:

        Suppositories are smart for cancer patients who are treating themselves with any version of “Rick Simpson Oil”. Cancer treatment protocols require a patient to take several grams of oil concentrate every day, which is WAY more THC intake than the average person could handle and still function. Plus, by taking most of their dose as a suppository, the medicine bypasses the stomach, liver and kidneys and is more readily bio-absorbed (far better than ANY other method of dosing). The cannabis is non-psychoactive when taken this way, so they can get their dosage without impairing their ability to work or function.

        My wife has stage 4 uterine cancer, MMMT, and she receives her medicine 3x per day via suppositories, plus CBD capsules (non-psychoactive). The challenge is to find something to mix the decarbed oil concentrate with that will set up in the freezer when poured into molds. Coconut oil has a low melt point, so we prefer to use organic cacao butter as the ‘carrier’.

        We would love to see a story about this. I predict that in the not-too-distant future we will be able to walk into a suppository compounding ‘bar’ and choose from a list of supplements/ingredients/medicines to mix up our own daily doses of whatever we want — therapies that can be quickly absorbed with no chance of negative digestive impact.

        Thanks for so much great information!

        1. Respectfully, just a couple things I disagree with about your post…

          “Cancer treatment protocols require a patient to take several grams of oil concentrate every day, which is WAY more THC intake than the average person could handle and still function.”

          According to Rick Simpson’s official website- the goal towards the end of treatment protocol is for a patient to be able to take one gram of oil concentrate per day, not several. Also, by this point in the treatment cycle, a patient has already built up a tolerance to the oil by taking smaller amounts leading up to this time.

          “The cannabis is non-psychoactive when taken this way [as a suppository] so they can get their dosage without impairing their ability to work or function.”

          Method of application has no bearing on whether or not the cannabis is psychoactive. It depends on the strain of cannabis used. I have had very euphoric and psychoactive experiences with cannabis suppositories.

      2. Yes , they also work for gastroparsis patients too. Being I’ve lost mobility in my stomach it’s hard to digest,as well as,being nauseous all the time, therefore, it helps me maintain my nauseous stomach and I am able to eat?

    1. I just got my Lift today. I already decarbed 2 batches (probably about an ounce) of bud. I did notice that when I take off the lid for the inner canister, there is some condensation on the underside of the lid. Is this normal? Is it no bueno to “double decarb” your bud?

    2. yes i did. i am able to decarb with ease with the ‘Lift’. I have been using ‘Left’ device for about 1 year. Very consistent results.

      Also read the posts about application. ‘Lift’ or ‘Nova’ produce the same results and the decarbed product can be use
      with incredible versatility- in capsules, just sprinkle on any food item (fatty foods are best), put a pinch under your tongue (sublingual application has become my favorite), suppositories (i have a female friend who uses this method for menstrual cramps and says it is the most effective cure for cramps). Decarbed plant material has very slight order so is also very discreet. I recently went to a great concert and right before the show I put a pinch under my tongue and enter the venue (very strict about what you could inside).. I started feeling groovy after about 1/2 hour and within 1 our the main act was playing– for the next 2 hours I was at the perfect arc in my high. The music, food and wine were nicely enhanced. So effective and soooo discreet, thank you Ardent for the ‘Lift’.

  5. Steve, Just received a Lift yesterday, tested it out last night…it does what they say it does! I don’t see any difference at all between the 2 units, other than the color. When I looked at these a year or so ago?, you could order one no problem regardless of which state but once FDA/Big gov’t got involved…they could no longer be sold as-is to every state. Looks like they had to make the 2nd version wording different to get around FDA issues, hence the Lift is for “culinary herbs”!

    The Lift operated right out of the box, add your ingredients, push the button, & in 90 mins. your golden brown & ready for your “recipes”! So happy with the ease of use! It worked exactly like that!

    I will mention one thing…there is a VERY SLIGHT vaped smell within a foot or so of the unit while working. This does not linger or fill the whole area, just right at the unit itself within a foot or 2. Someone mentioned to cover the black top with foil to seal in any lingering scents so I haven’t tried it but that sounds like a great idea!
    It’s a fainter, milder scent than vaping & not everyone knows what vaping smells like. It wasn’t instantly recognizable like the scent of fresh herbs/smoking but I wanted to mention it.

    This could be from the quality of the herbs and/or could be due to some fit issues? There is an inner silicone top under the black plastic top. It sits on top of the inner can that holds your herbs & the black top screws/seals down over that. I suspect a little scent is leaking out of the can during operation because the silicone inner seal is not actually designed to screw down & seal. That was probably a cost-saving measure during product development of the first units.

    It’s more expensive to have the inner metal can threaded & the silicone threaded to give a complete seal. Plus they probably figured the black top would be a sufficient seal.
    The bottom black plastic of the unit also had an issue, as mine overlapped in one spot. It sealed and functioned properly but had the cosmetic overlapping. I suspect these 2 areas are where the faint smell leaks out.

    Having said all that, it did NOT affect the use of the unit, or the outcome/quality of the decarbed herbs!
    Myself, I was happy with the results! Am I sending it back? No way in Hell! LOL

  6. Yes you can vape MCT oil, most of the vape cartridge we buy in Washington are MCT oil, it is medium chain therefore it is safe. Do your research!

    1. I thought I had done my research… seems to be some conflicting information out there (imagine that) I was concerned about Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia. Are you saying that the vaporization of MCT into the lungs will not cause ELT?

      1. Yes, there are a legal manufacturers here in Washington state and they use MCT oil and I have done it for over a year and have never had any ill effect. Look at Ionic vape al lhere product are made with MCT oil.

      2. Yes, there are a legal manufacturers here in Washington state and they use MCT oil and I have done it for over a year and have never had any ill effect. Look at Ionic vape all there products are made with MCT oil.

        1. I looked at Ionic vape’s website, but there was no mention of MCT or any relevant information about how their products are made, save CO2 extraction. I sent an email to [email protected], and I received a replyl saying my message was undeliverable.

        1. Hey Tom, a little help with the lecithin thing please. I’m a noob at this, and i KNOW I read somewhere about lecithin but I can’t find the article. I thought it was here. My Lift is at the FED Ex down the street according tom the tracking, and my herbs are ground (in prep of conventional decarb), so I wanted to get some lecithin if it actually helps. Looked IT up on Webmd and it does everything but grant eternal life according to it’s write up, but how does it help in medicine?

    2. I have been decarbing using the oven. I get pretty baked on the cookies i make. I use a 1/4 oz cannabis with 2 sticks butter to get my canna butter. I seem to get 40-45 cookies following the cookie baking instructions on the back of a ( National Brand ) chocolate chip package.

      I can’t wait to see how the NOVA decarbed cookie batch turns out, and if it will have more strength to what i have been experiencing.


      1. Sunflower lecithin is a binder and makes Cannabis more bio available. You body will absorb cannabis more efficiently and sunflower lecithin is very healthy for you, good for the liver and kidneys. 1 tablespoon per cup of stringent/oil/butter
        As well as taking 1tablespoon twice daily orally , is a healthy habit to have!

    3. Corinne:

      What is the operational and end-result difference between the Lift and Nova? I live in a Legal MMJ state and I was sent the Lift. I contacted Ardent but have not received a reply. Please advise.



      1. Same thing happened to me Tom. I’m in a legal state, ordered a Nova and was sent a Lift. It’s purple but clearly labeled Lift. I sure hope there isn’t any difference. It was a very long wait to get delivery on it.

        1. Hi Rosann and Tom!

          I spoke to the folks over at Ardent to get some clarification on all this. The only difference between the Nova and the Lift is the name and the information that comes with the device. There’s nothing different, but because we still live in the prohibition era, companies have had to get creative. Delivery will be much faster now that they’ve made some big changes to their production process, but I’m sorry it took a while to get yours.

          I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

          Much love,

          1. I received an email from Shanel from Ardent and the Lift and Nova are the same unit internally and operationally. She said moving forward that all units will be under the Lift name. Thanks for all your responses/help. Happy cooking!!!!

    4. So what is the difference exactly between the nova and the lift one you mentioned if you live in other states?
      Martina RM

      1. I received an email from Shanel from Ardent and the Lift and Nova are the same unit internally and operationally. She said moving forward that all units will be under the Lift name. This device is the. Edit!!!! Happy cooking!


    5. Hi Jennifer:
      I believe you can order from this website or from Ardent’s website at: I believe Corinne’s website and Ardent’s site have a coupon code to get a discount. I can tell you this… The Nova (now being called Lift), are the same unit internally and operationally. It is the easiest, fool proof way to decarb flower, solid hash and shatter/wax and… to make Corinne’s wonderful recipes.

      Happy, creative cannabis cooking!


        1. Morning Corinne:

          3 Quick Questions…,

          (1) how long will coconut cannaoil last ?
          (2) should I keep it in the fridge, freezer or cool dark cabinet?
          (3) is liquid coconut oil any better than solid?

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    8. Hi Corinne. I’ vet been making cookies with cannabutter. Does the cannabis need to be decarboxilated before making butter? Also should I decarb kief before using in my recipes? Some of my recipes does not use butter and/or very little oil so I use kief for those recipes. Any recipes for canna chocolate candy?

    9. Hello, really enjoyed the review and bought a nova/lift after reading. I was hoping you, or someone could tell me the wattage rating on this appliance. I can’t find a data badge nor can I see anything technical in the instructions manual.

      Many thanks

    10. Hi Corrine~
      Love your review and the Q &A about the nova…mine is now on order! I will be decarbing it for use in edibles, so a a couple questions. Do I mince to herb first before it goes into the Nova? Secondly, once the decarb process is complete, I will be making coconut oil canna for my edibles. Do I have to use low temp recipes for the brownies and such, as not to ruin my decarb product?

      1. Hi Rosemary:

        You do not need to break up or grind your buds. I have made numerous brownie batches with the recommended oven temp and they come out fine–great actually! I also put lecithin in my coconut oil, which really helps. I would also suggest using a small electric hand mixer over a spoon or wisk to mix. I feel you get better distribution of the oil/medicine in the batter. Hope this helps.

        Happy baking…


        1. gonna try this again and see if it goes to the right location this time lol:

          Hey Tom, a little help with the lecithin thing please. I’m a noob at this, and i KNOW I read somewhere about lecithin but I can’t find the article. I thought it was here. My Lift is at the FED Ex down the street according tom the tracking, and my herbs are ground (in prep of conventional decarb), so I wanted to get some lecithin if it actually helps. Looked IT up on Webmd and it does everything but grant eternal life according to it’s write up, but how does it help in medicine?

          1. Hi EM:

            Lecithin is a yellow-brown colored fatty substance found in all living things (it’s a gooey substance that makes up about a third of your brain). Lecithin is used throughout your entire body as a major ingredient in each and every cell membrane. Besides the fact that your brain absolutely loves this stuff, lecithin provides other benefits when it is included in marijuana infused oils.

            First, lecithin gets more cannabinoids into your brain and other cells and it gets them there faster since, Second, lecithin increases the effectiveness of the cannabinoids as well as the intensity of the effect. Also, lecithin acts as an emulsifier in the infusion process, helping more cannabinoids to bond with the oil molecules. Lecithin is used in many foods and pharmaceuticals. I have been using soy, but now I am going to use sunflower. I think Corinne will agree that Sunflower lecithin is now widely-regarded as being a better alternative to traditional soy-based lecithin. I use a tablespoon of granules per cup of oil/butter. Hope this helps!


            1. @Tom: That was awesome. Thanks.

              Just got my lift. Only a half ounce it turns out, not an ounce like I thought . I had read, oh well, not a deal killer. I’ll try it tomorrow. Was hoping the magical butter maker would come in too, but I was too cheap to pay for the fast shipping for it……, so I’ll do the mason jar method again.

              One more question: I ground this before I found out I didn’t need to. It won’t hurt anything or over decarb will it?

        2. Hi Corrine!! Thank You SO MUCH for ALL of this GREAT INFO!!! I just got my Lift today!!! And my MagicalButter Machine came yesterday!! I have one Question: Does it matter how dry my flower is before I put it in the Lift? I’m not sure if that’s a stupid question or not, but I’m just not sure if I need to rehydrate it a little? I don’t want to waste anything. THANK YOU for your HELP!!!

    11. Hello Corinne!

      I am a residence in a state where weed is not legalized recreational yet. But, I often make cannabis oil with coconut oil.

      I started this process when my 2 year old dog was have horrible seziures. She would have at least 3 month, if not more, for over a year. The next step was putting her on medication that the vet recommend. The side effects for this certain medications was horrifying. So i began doing my research and I found cannabis oil. It has worked for humans so why not dogs?

      I figured that I would just but some in her treats that Imake for her ( she absolutely loves them!!). I have been making it now for about 8 months now and my dog has at ONE seizure.

      After reading this article, I really want to invest in the Nova dexarboxylater. The issue is that I live in a state where marijuanna isn’t legalized. Also, I don’t see me travel to a state where it is anytime soon. How am I able to go about this?

      I just hate knowing that the oven method makes you loose 1/3 of the THC.

      Thanks for your time and sorry for the long post!

      1. You can still get the nova. It’s called the lift in states where weed isn’t legal yet. I live in a state where it’s not legal but I was able to order the lift and it’s the exact same machine as the nova. (:

    12. Hello,
      I am fairly new to making edibles and have been very hampered by the odor it causes. I have been simmering on low the ground bud in coconut oil for 90 minutes then using the oil for baking brownies (this is from a recipe I found online). This product sounds like the perfect solution to the odor problem, but I am not really understanding what you would do with the bud after it has gone through the decarbing process in the LIft. How do you add it to the coconut oil?
      I am also very interested in making my own oil for vaping. I only just bought some and really love how discreet it is, but I found it gave me migraines. I am thinking if I make it myself with MCT maybe this wouldn’t happen…?
      Any insight you can give I would appreciate.
      Thanks so much for your great articles! I am learning a lot 🙂

    13. Loved reading about the NOVA I want it so bad I have such a hard time decarbing I can never seem to get it just right

    14. Thanks Corinne! You and your cannabis coconut oil recipe are my bible for edibles! I only make a 2-3 batches of brownies a year for personal use and share with friends because I don’t like to smoke, but you’re right! Coming up with that much $$ for the Nova is going to be hard! (I feel like I have to get it because I live in a mid-row townhouse in a VERY anti-mj state!) I’ve been following your “blog” for years and have really enjoyed your writing as much as your recipes!

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    16. Hey thanks for the info. 🙂

      I want to mention using a small crock pot. They sell them – not an unusual thing to get. What I do is warm the oil and put abv in there. Add soy lectin and then let it sit. Stir occasionally and 4 hours or so later, when the oil is quite dark, i strain with micro mesh strainer and cheesecloth in it.

      This time im researching about using coconut oil with gelatin to make gummies (with the oil). Have you ever tried that? I’d appreciate any response. I wondered if the water needed to make the gummy wouldn’t work with the oil and would make the gummy unstable (fall apart or be runny). Your thoughts? Thanks!!

    17. hi i kind of new to this again.. old days things were so different 🙂
      i did your infusion tech last year and i did notice a big different by cooking first i use a crock pot and coconut oil. and i tried the water infusion what a great idea..
      anyway this year my goal was to grow a cod plant and hopefully this will help for are pain.. anyway i have a 20-1 CBD plant .. so the question is do i need to decarb since there isn’t any THC ? or do i do it differently

        1. yes i just read about the Nova but tbh i only do 1 or 2 plants year .. last time i did by over but after reading your comments i think i use toaster over ?

          1. The biggest concern with a toaster oven is making sure the temperature stays consistent. In smaller appliances, this can be difficult to do. I would recommend your regular oven, although the temp can vary some there, too, it won’t be as dramatic.

            1. thanks so much this advise really helps me .. i have a new oven so it will be so much better..
              i love your blog 🙂 learning so much i do find all of this very informative

    18. Hey there, thanks for all the great info everyone!
      So to make my medibles, I’ve been grinding my greens & putting them in a pot of organic virgin coconut oil stove top on low as well as in a crock pot for 6-8 hrs. Got great results.
      Then I heard about decarboxylating it so I’m now putting the ground greens on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil in the oven at 220°F for 50 mins, stirring every 10 mins before putting it in the oil. Is that the best procedure?
      I’m looking at these devices here & wondering if there’s a way to do it all in one?
      Would that be the Magical Butter Machine that does that or do I always have to do the slow cook then straining it through the cheesecloth? Seems like such a waist having it absorbed in the cloth…
      I’m also looking for the best tool that tells you exactly the temp of my oven.
      Need to decide if I stick with this process or purchase one of these devices?…

    19. I am wondering what folks are doing for larger batches…I do a pound at a time, of small nugs and baby leaves, and soak in water for 24 hours until the icky brown is gone, so no nasty taste in the edibles, especially for cancer folks and most regular folks. I use herb bags for this, then decarb in oven ( it is wet ; ) for a few hours till dry, then in organic coconut oil for 24 hours on a temp controlled hotplate in enamel cast iron pot. Then strain, mix with organic butter. I get about 6 pounds of strong butter with spending about 4 hours. Suggestions for a smarter, faster way? I am not concerned about loss really…it is super strong already.

      1. None of my edibles taste bad. People rave about not tasting the material. If you do the oil properly then the terpines separate from the oil. When not using a Nova put your oil, plant material, and some water into a glass jar. Put that in a water bath in a slow cooker on low. After you finish the infusing and you strain out the plant material ypu are able to let it cool. When the oil cools and turns into a solid all of the water with the terpines will be separated from it. That gets rid of that without soaking your weed in water. I hate the taste, so I know this method works.

    20. After reading it seems the key aspect is keeping the temperature constant over the length of the decarbing. Could an induction hot plate and a pot approximate this functionality? I assume you would keep your product direct contact with the bottom of the pot.

      Do you think this would work?

    21. Dede, I had the same problem with it not shutting off. I spoke with customer service and they replied 4 times. So I thought I’d use it one more time before I send it back and just unplug it after 1 hr 40 min. Low and behold it worked all on its own. I think what I was doing wrong was not hitting the button on the bottom and hitting it 3 or 4 times. Good luck in your future decarbing adventures.

    22. i don’t have that kind of money but i will say its a dame good machine and i agree with anyone who has the money to buy it, just wish i had the doe to spend, my pain is off the charts, surprised i am still here, its that bad.

    23. Hi Corrine,
      Thank you for a great article. I have a question I haven’t found an answer for. Is decarboxylation necessary to activate CBD as well as the THC? I like a 1:1 ratio for my fibromyalgia and have been using vape cartridges for about 4 years now. But I’d like to start making my own tinctures to save money since I’m on such a limited income.

    24. I have been decarbing using the oven. I get pretty baked on the cookies i make. I use a 1/4 oz cannabis with 2 sticks butter to get my canna butter. I seem to get 40-45 cookies following the cookie baking instructions on the back of a ( National Brand ) chocolate chip package.

      I can’t wait to see how the NOVA decarbed cookie batch turns out, and if it will have more strength to what i have been experiencing. I also have a related topic here. Check this out:

    25. I bought this a year ago and found that I didn’t need it as much as I thought I would. However, I just pulled it out recently because I started micro-dosing and found this to be ideal for making tinctures. I bought the silicone sleeve and I am making alcohol (vodka) tincture right now! I think the price is a little high BUT it more than pays for itself in the long run. I give it my thumbs up!

    26. Have you tried the Ardent sleeve for making small batches of infused oil? If so, do you run it twice? It just seems like it doesn’t infuse that long compared to other machine/crock methods. TY!

      1. We did once and it did not make a differnce. I am one of the lucky people who edibles and caps work quicly on, so I am the one who tests the oil. It is all I use for pain management, so I need it to work well. It does not make a difference. The other issue is that you need to wait for it to cool down between the first and second run. It just doesn’t need it. If you start with properly decarbed plant then that single infusing is enough.

    27. Hi Corinne!
      I just came across the Ardent at a head shop here in Toronto. I make gummies on a regular basis now and have been decarbing in my oven…. I’ve done about 10 batches now and some turn out fantastic,others well ya know! …so all this info you have given me here is fantastic!! Thank you!
      I’m picking one up tomorrow
      Happy Cannabis!

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    30. Hi Corinne, I just read through all the comments. I started out feeling excited to learn what other people are doing. By the time I finished I was really bummed by the comments that the Nova/Lift breaks down and how hard it is to get it replaced. I’m not able to bake because I live in an apt. complex where people are already complaining about people who smoke weed. So, I went to the Nuleaf site you recommended and bought a bottle of CBD until I hear that Nova/Lift has improved their product. I hope to move soon so I can grow my own plants in a greenhouse. I’m looking forward to learning what plants to grow and the growing process. Have a great day!

      1. Great feedback Betty. Most of those were VERY old comments from when the company was new so I’d like to toss in my two cents here. Since I tried the Nova (back in 2014 I think…) they have improved their product and customer service is on point. I own three of these and have never had a problem with any of them. One reader suggested to let the device cool down in between double decarb cycles, so that may be one of the issues that people have come across. I also pass on all feedback we get to the team at ardent so they can make improvements to their processes. They’ve been so responsive and open to change when they get feedback. Not only has the device saved me time, money and mess, the company has done a TON of research to make sure we have accurate data to make the most healthy and effective edibles we can. Again, that’s my experience and opinion, but I love my Novas and still haven’t made anything without decarbing in one since I got my first one. They’re my workhorses 🙂 Hope that helps!

    31. dear corrine, i was wondering about making tinture with food grade glycerin. do you think it’s as effective as coconut oil? it tastes like pot honey to me. though depending on the weed the taste varies. is that due to terpenes? i am sorry about the spelling lol i have been using 1 oz. leaf or weed that got stressed with i lb. of glycerin. good you please e-mail me any thoughts you have in this regard ?any help will be appreciated. ty sharla

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