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Quick and Easy Cannabis Salve [Updated 2023]

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Ever since I gave up food blogging (about a week ago), it feels like a part of me is missing. Am I an incomplete person without food porn? Maybe. Is that sad? Yes. Will I post this Cannabis salve instead just so I can curb the food porn itch? Obviously. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Want to stop. Help me. Is there a support group for recovering food photographers? I hope so.

Am I asking way too many questions in this post? Fo sho.

But is this Cannabis salve worth it? Totally…keep on going for the recipe.

Pain Relieving Cannabis Salve

marijuana salve

Luckily for all of you and for the internet at large, I have a ridiculous backlog of stuff that I haven’t posted yet. When I say the word ridiculous, I mean that in the had-to-upgrade-my-external-hard-drive kind of ridiculous.

I was going through my old photos while the babe was asleep and I realized that I could probably do a post every day for the next year and not run out of recipes.

Will I do that? Maybe. It sounds like a great beginning to a romantic comedy.

Are there people who read this blog who are not down with me and my blog stunting? Hell no. Even if there were, I’d just delete their comments. You’re in my world naow.

All nonsense aside, this salve is incredible for muscle pain relief and dry, itchy skin. You just massage it in and wait about 20-40 minutes for the magic to happen. If you want the magic to happen more quickly and deeply, massage it in, wait about 10 minutes and soak in a hot bath for about 20 minutes.

Cannabis Coconut Oil + Olive Oil + Beeswax = A Simple Cannabis Salve

marijuana salve

pin me <3

I’m not a huge fan of solid salves that are more wax than anything else. Most of the Cannabis salve recipes out there make a firm end result. And that’s totally fine, but it’s not what I like to use. I wanted to make a Cannabis salve that is non-greasy, easy to use at any temperature, is great for the skin and has a good absorption rate. This salve ended up being the perfect ratio for those qualities.

I guess technically it falls somewhere in between a salve and and ointment, but I’m just not into that second word, so we’re going with salve.

It’s balanced with more Cannabis coconut oil than beeswax and a smidge of olive oil so it has a smoother texture and it absorbs easily. The beeswax makes the salve non-greasy and has skin protectant, healing, and slightly anti-inflammatory properties.

You can add essential oils of your choice or infuse the salve with some calendula or other herbs.

cannabis recipes

Tips & FAQ

  • I get my salve making supplies (and most of my herbs) from Amazon if I can’t find them locally. Beeswax Pastilles are easier to work with than the gigantic and expensive blocks of beeswax I’ve found nearby.
  • Beeswax is pretty delightful in general, but is not technically vegan. If you’d like to make a vegan Cannabis salve, just substitute cocoa butter or shea butter for the beeswax.
  • This is a great way to use a batch of weed oil that doesn’t turn out quite right.
  • Store this Cannabis salve in a dark, cool place. It stores forever, but if it melts and solidifies, the texture changes a lot.
  • If you’d like to calculate the THC in this recipe, check out the Calculating Your THC Dosage post. I’m working on a THC dosage calculator, but until then, you can learn how to get a general idea of the THC in your Cannabis salve and other edibles.

Easy Cannabis Salve Recipe

homemade weed salve1. In a double boiler or makeshift double boiler over high heat, melt:

2. Add:

  • 1/4 cup organic olive oil (I use this one or Napa Valley Naturals)

organic weed salve

3. Add:

cannabis salve beeswax pastilles

4. Whisk occasionally until the beeswax is melted. Add essential oils (optional- I like tea tree and peppermint).

weed salve5. Pour into a medium mixing bowl and allow it to cool and solidify partially.

6. Whip the salve for a minute or so and transfer into salve containers. Cool, cover, and store.

whipped cannabis salve

Holla in the comment section if you have questions or if you’d like to share your experience with this weed salve.

Much love,


Easy Cannabis Salve Recipe

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  • Double Boiler (or Makeshift Double Boiler)
  • Whisk
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Salve Containers


  • 1 Cup Cannabis Coconut Oil or Hash Oil (Using Coconut Oil Instead of Butter)
  • 1/4 Cup Organic Olive Oil
  • 1/3 Cup Beeswax
  • Essential Oils optional


  • In a double boiler or makeshift double boiler over high heat, melt your Cannabis coconut oil or hash oil.
  • Add 1/4 cup organic olive oil and 1/3 cup beeswax.
  • Whisk occasionally until beeswax is melted. Add essential oils (optional).
  • Pour into a medium mixing bowl and allow it to cool and solidify partially.
  • Whip the salve for a minute or so and transfer into salve containers. Cool, cover, and store.

Disclaimer: This is not intended as medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m also not a lawyer and can’t defend you if you get busted trying to make this recipe in a state that still considers possession or cultivation of Cannabis a criminal act. I don’t agree with this law, but I’d never advocate that you break it. Jail would suck. Instead, I strongly advise that you work to change the law in your state or nation by supporting and being active in grassroots organizations that are trying to legalize Cannabis in your area (they’re everywhere). This recipe is heretoforth only intended for people who live in states or countries where medical or recreational use of Cannabis is legal, who are 21 and older, of sound mind and who understand that operating heavy machinery (cars, trucks, planes, etc.) under the influence of any intoxicant, including marijuana, is incredibly dangerous, immature, and wholly stupid. Please don’t ever eat and drive. Support public transportation or use the two legs that evolution gave you and walk your sweet ass wherever it is that you need to go.


Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

104 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Cannabis Salve [Updated 2023]”

  1. First off i want to say that your site is awesome, I just spent about two hours reading through only a few of your recipes/tutorials. And it is now 2:00 a.m. as im writing this. I am in the process of making the salve and i am just wondering if i can freeze the salve, all i could scrounge up at the last minute was a small lotion jar but it is definitely not enough to fit all of it at once, so i was going to put the leftovers in a mason jar in the freezer. I would also like to know if it would change the texture, if it does can i possibly just re-whip it when it thaws, thank you for the helpful info.

    1. Hi Corinne,
      Need your help ASAP. I have huge jar of big bad Green Dragon tincture and I want to make high potency CBD cream or salve with it. Of course all recipes call for oil. Can you help me out here? I am going to add Emu oil (LOVE IT) to help with saturation and a touch of camphor crystals, better than menthol in my opinion (all natural ingredients for everythng) and it has a melon aloe base, yum, but not sure if I should just pour in the tincture as is or what. Kind of in a hurry.
      Your faithful follower,
      Cindy A.

      1. Sorry for the super delayed answer. I’d love to know how it went and what you decided to do. I’ve never made a salve with straight tincture before. How was it?

        Much love,

  2. Yes, you can freeze it. If the texture has changed once later thawed, you can remelt your salve using the double boiler method. I’d let it first come to room temp, then melt. Once melted, pour into a heavy glass jar (thin glass may crack bc of the hot oils) or an empty salve tin. Stay away from plastics.

    Don’t use the microwave or direct heat to remelt, however.

      1. I avoid plastics for any heated/warm materials altogether to avoid any of the chemicals from the plastics (which are petroleum by-products) from leaching into my products. I don’t want the formulations I spend so much time & effort on becoming contaminated with chemicals which themselves pose health risks, thereby negating all the good my cannabis-based products are helping people with – serious health problems, chronic pain, insomnia, uterine fibroids, pain related to lupus etc. It’s just not worth the risk, and very easy & simple to avoid. Glass only.

        I’ve also moved away from packing tins as they are aluminum, and avoid plastics for packaging too, which also poses serious health risks. I’m now using glass exclusively for packaging wherever humanly possible.

        This is exactly the same reason I avoid fragrance oils, as opposed to essential oils. They are usually full of petroleum by-products that are toxic in various ways.

  3. Hey this is a great post thank you for blessing us with it all. Have one question regarding its characteristics, does the salve have a strong marijuana scent, or any at all? thanks

    1. I apologize, I’m not the blog writer, but I do make a lot of salves, medicated & otherwise. So just wanted to answer your question based on my experience.

      I’m not sure if this particular salve will smell at all as my formulation is quite different from this one in terms of base oils, the manner in which I infuse my oils etc. But if it does & if you’d prefer it to *not* smell, you can always add some essential oils. Many easily mask or blend with the smell of cannabis in salves as essential oils have their own mixture of natural terpenes, making the smell of cannabis much less pronounced. The essential oils will also add to the healing properties of the salve, which is a bonus.

      Lavender & eucalyptus works really nicely together in terms of scent & effect on the body. Lavender & rosemary as well. Premeasure your essential oils & add them *after* your wax has melted & you’ve removed your salve mixture from the heat. In this case, bc this salve is whipped, I’d add the eo-s right before whipping it. You can find loads of material & things online in regards to uses/terpenes/safety etc.

      Essential oils are not prohibitively expensive if buying from a reputable essential oil supplier. One I like is New Directions Aromatics (I’m in no way associated with them other than as a customer). They provide MSDS with most things they sell, which many companies don’t, and they’ve got a great online store. I always go with 100ml bottles, minimum. It’s about the same price as I’d pay retail for a much smaller bottle (30ml) of inferior, pre-diluted product. Don’t waste your money on expensive oils from crazily expensive pyramid scheme essential oil ‘specialists’ which make ridiculous claims about their stuff being better or ‘purer’. They lie.

      Good luck & enjoy your salve ? I don’t know what I’d do without mine. They’re so incredibly healing.

        1. It really depends on how much salve you’re making & the number of essential oils you’re using. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a clear answer for that because everybody’s batch size & formulations are different.

          I’d suggest doing some research online to learn more about essential oils themselves, as well as suitable amounts based on your batch size. I make fairly large batches because I sell my salve & other products, so what works for me wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for your home use. I’d also suggest avoiding companies such as Young Living etc. Don’t waste your money.

      1. Maybe with your experience you can help me. I made this salve recently out of some odds and ends, and it worked great I have just harvested a CBD rich plant, CBD Rene. It’s 1:1. The answer I’m having trouble finding is, Is it best to decarb or use raw bud for a strictly medical salve?

        1. I am not the post originator but I do decarb my THC or CBD before doing any lotions, tinctures or butters. It activates the thc and CBd. Won’t as strong if don’t decarb. I decarb at 240 degrees F for 40. Min, covered with foil

    1. This salve would contain a significant amount of THC and would be criminal to possess on an airliner or outside of any state that has not legalized marijuana. Airports in Colorado warn passengers to not attempt to board an airliner or to pass TSA security with any type of marijuana. If you were discovered with this substance as you attempted to board an airliner you would be arrested.

      1. That being said, I switched out the label on my commercially bought salve, and no one noticed. I fly with it all the time. Since I can’t take a vaper or flower on a plane, I buy candies and edibles, and transfer them to baggies with other edibles or peppermint candy tins. Obviously you take your chances, but I have found it to be worth it.

    2. Yes put some drops of lavender essential oil in the jar so it’s smells like lavender and tell them it’s lavender facial cream.

  4. Love your site! Any experience using candelilla wax in place of the beeswax? I was going to follow this recipe and substitute, but I noticed your note about replacing the beeswax with shea or cocoa butter. Jut wondering if candelilla would work 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Salve-maker here again.

      You can replace the beeswax with candelilla wax however, candelilla wax is harder than beeswax so you’ll have to adjust the amount slightly (use less candelilla than beeswax). Salves are pretty hard to screw up, fortunately. If your product winds up being too stiff, add a small amount of oil to it til you get to the consistency you want.

  5. I had a question, with this salve recipe, will it reduce the quality if you use decarboxolated cannabis coconut oil, instead of raw cannabis oil? Or will the effects be different when applied topically when using raw vs decarbed? Thanks

  6. CT, I’d like to know the same thing, about the effects of raw vs. decarboxylated. I’m making both, and I’ve gone all over the web and some swear that decarboxylated Cannabis is necessary to make it effective whereas others swear that leaving it raw and keeping the cannabis in its acidic form works better (for inflammation at least). I wonder if anyone truly knows, if there have been any studies on this. Also, various sites say that it’s impossible to feel any kind of high with a salve or any topical when you decarboxylated and others say that you can get a very mild high. If anyone has personal knowledge of this I’d like to know. Finally, trim vs bud….I’m sure it makes a difference….unless, maybe, you use a lot more trim than a salve recipe calls for?

  7. Hello, I just followed this recipe and worked out very well. Thank you this is a great site.

    I have a few questions.

    1. My salve came out very dark brown like chocolate, not green like the pic. I used mostly trim and a few buds. The color, I think that this had to do with Lecithin. Looks like chocolate. Not a good thing IMO. Any idea why?

    2. The viscosity of the salve came out very oil and felt oily to the skin. Is did set up with the beeswax but the absorption rate was much less than shea butter that I have used in the past. Shea butter has less saturated fat however 6g per tablespoon vs 12g with coco. Its my knowledge that the sat fat is what help extraction of the herb. Is this true? or will Shea butter give me the same potency just a different viscosity.

    Thank you for this great website. I really appreciate it.


    1. I have made this same receipe 4 times, and 3 of of 4 came out looking like chocolate pudding, same texture also? All 4 batches work really well for arthris pain. I add calendula and arnica also,but can’t figure out why the first batch was picture perfect green and the next 3 dark chocolate????? Thanks for the great, fun, educational site

  8. I followed the recipe perfectly. However, when I poured the mixture into the jars I ended up with a hole in the middle. I am assuming this is an air bubble. How can I avoid this? I like pouring it in so it looks nice in the jar once cooled.
    Love this site! Thank you for sharing?

    1. Try hitting your container on the counter a few times as your salve cools to help remove air bubbles. I do this with all my salves.

    2. Hey Jess, this “hole in the middle” is because as the beeswax cools it shrinks. You’ll see the same thing if you make lip balm or candles. There are a few ways to avoid/fix it. Candle makers will often do a double pour. So pour it mostly full then wait until the hole starts to form as it hardens, and do a second pour that will fill the whole and cover the top layer. Or, you can use a hair dryer (if you haven’t used a tonn of beeswax) or a heat gun to melt the top so it fills the hole in.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Do I need to Use Lecithin in my Canna oil? I don’t have any but have everything else and was wondering if this was a MUST HAVE for salves.


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  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing blog post, and links to your past blog post to help me step by step along the way to a perfect salve (and perfect present for my husband 🙂 ).

    I swapped out the olive oil for hemp seed oil, and used a combo of ginger, cypress, black pepper, and frankincense essential oils to make a good arthritis balm. Its warming, reliving, and wonderful.


    1. It depends on how strong the oil is. Start off with about 8-10 drops for this recipe, but if you have a stronger peppermint oil, use less at first. Just keep stirring it in until it smells really good. Try it to see if it gives you an effervescent feeling when applied to the skin. If not, you can use a little more. I hope that helps!

      Much love,

  12. I was psyched to find your blog – I’ll be back for sure. I make my own salve, also, in my recipe I use Vitamin E oil but no olive oil. I love using lavender or rose essential oils – and I must say, I have been giving the salve away and I’d estimate that about 90% of the people I give it to say it works absolute miracles on their pain. The only folks who said it did not work were those who were already taking opioids or narcotics. Anyway, thanks for all of the great links – I’ll be spending some time doing some more research for sure.

    1. I have been making my own for 3 months now. And I help others by giving them some. It has helped me so much. I use it daily. I do decarbonize my THC trim. I add 1000mg to mine. May try a 50/50 cream. THC/CBD

  13. I made this beeswax olive oil cannabiss coconut oil slve it turned out pretty just like the boughten salve I ran out of bees wax, just left it out an I like it better melts on contact easy to rub and I like it better!

      1. found some locally sourced bees wax, its in a block so I just cut off chunks to add to the warm canna oil. The bess wax pastilles are easier to work with but I LOVE the locally sourced, it has an awesome smell and lovely creamy feel. Perhaps more healing since t is local.

        1. I use the locally sourced, beautifully brown stuff too 🙂 I buy it in big slabs from our local honey farm where they have the highest quality raw honey. It actually smells of honey & the quality is incredible.

  14. Because MJ is still against Federal laws, isn’t illegal to ship or mail it? I think, with special permits, it can be transported in commercial quantities within Colorado but I would never risk trying to send it through the mail or out of state.

    1. Hi beppe!

      Yes, it is very illegal to ship or mail it in the USA. Did I say something that made it seem otherwise? If so, I’d like to edit that right away.

      Let me know 🙂

      Much love,

  15. I am ready to try your cannabis infused salve and am wondering if I can just put all of the ingredients together in the magic butter machine at the same time? If so what temp and how long? Or, do I have to make the infused coconut oil first then add the olive oil and beeswax in the double boiler?

      1. Oh man. Thank you both for pointing out this glaring omission. So, make the coconut oil 160 1 hr and strain out the cannabis. Then add the cannabis coconut oil and the rest of the ingredients back into the mb2 and hit the 160 1 hr cycle again. Pour into your containers and you’re good to go. I hope that helps!

        1. hi there i was wondering the same thing i have a mb machine i decarbed and put 2 cups of melted coconut oil and 1 ounce of herb and 2 tblsps of soy letichin the mb machine did it for 2 hrs like i saw in the manual hope i havent done it for to long .

  16. Did I miss something…….I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find the recipe for making in the MB machine, like the settings, etc. but the post says you state this, unless I misunderstood, of course. Please share….

  17. I made the Cannabis Coconut Oil so that I could make this recipe, and now I’m wondering why I couldn’t just rub the Cannabis Coconut Oil directly on my skin, other than it doesn’t smell real good. Actually, I made it in the magical butter machine, after I decarbox-d it in the oven, and the final product (once it went through the magical butter machine cycle) ended up with a rather ”burnt’ smell. Any suggestions and/or ideas on why that would have happened? Maybe when using the magical butter machine, I should decarbox? Thanks much~!

    1. There are several factors that could play into your problem. Does your end product *taste* burnt? If not, I’d personally go ahead & use it, see how it works. No use throwing out potentially good medicine, especially since it’s not going into edibles.

      I usually use the MB2e now & have always decarbed before infusing my oils. Previously I had infused my oils manually but still decarbed (also manually), so I’ve been able to compare the two methods (manual infusion vs mechanical).

      I haven’t ever noticed any burnt smell in my end product, even after several cycles of freezer/MB2e on the same batch. Perhaps you’re decarbing too long, or at too high a temperature? Or using too high a temperature/too long a cycle on the MB?

      If you’re having problems decarbing, maybe try the Lift or the Nova, which do it for you (but only a ½oz at a time). I purchased one & have used it a few times but haven’t noticed any difference between manually or ‘mechanically’ decarbing, maybe just because of the method I use, so you might not want to drop $200+ on that unless you’re having serious problems doing it yourself. I’m also not a fan of the fact that the inner canister on the Lift is aluminum, which is a known neurotoxin, contributing to Alzheimer’s etc, so it’s gathering dust. Why bother buying high quality plant material when you’re just poisoning yourself anyways? The upside is that it contains the stink.

      What are you using to decarb now? Glass pans? Turkey bags? Aluminum bakeware (try to avoid if at all possible)? Dark aluminum bakeware (those horrific, nonstick pieces of garbage) heats up more than regular bakeware, so you need to adjust the temperature of your oven to avoid burnt material. Noticed that years ago when baking cookies. Those pans burned the bottom of everything.

      I’ve also read statements online made by owners of the previous MB model that it supposedly decarbed for you (told to them by the company). Apparently they changed this in the newer model. Perhaps that’s the problem? If you have the older model, decarbing your plant material beforehand may be overkill.

  18. Hello Corinne, love the cookbook and the work you are doing!!!
    I have a question for you. I have made cannabis infused coconut oil and I have quiet a few jars of it. I am wondering how to store it and how long it lasts, can you freeze it etc. I have been using shake, kief, leaves, or whatever you want to call it. When I strain the oil with my bag ( I purchased the MB2, and the Novo} I get a blackish or really dark green silty, sandy material. Do you separate that from the oil after it has solidified? One more thing, do you just throw away that leftover material or is there any value to it? Thanks, Fran

  19. Don’t throw away the goodies left in the bag! Corinne has a great recipe for High Chai tea that uses that precious bag right after you make a batch of monster oil. The tea is delicious and that nice warm glow was pretty darn good (and rewarding)after making a successful batch of cannabis infused oil. I’ve got a badly arthritic thumb (of course it’s my right hand which can be crippling some days) and a torn rotator cuff, also on the right side, and this works better than Aleve for pain and inflammation and way better side effects 😉 and no gut rot. This allows me to get shit done! I’m a mom, an 8 time grandma and self employed and need to get shit done.

  20. I made a CBD infused oil (olive & avocado blend) do I need to add the extra olive oil to make this recipe or can I just add the beeswax?

  21. I am so excited to try this recipe! My buddy has put a lot of love into his home grown plants, and he is gracing me with a big ol bucket of trim to turn into salve. Just wondering if this decarbed recipe will give you the euphoria of a high or not? I would love to give some to family members, but many of them would not want to experience a high.

  22. So I tried your bath bombs they were pretty much the best feeling ever. But since my oil is high thc and low cbd, it was great for body high and not so good for pain. I want to try making this but add some CBD tincture for better pain relief. Now I’m wondering if that’s a waste of the coconut oil and I should just use regular coconut oil or with the tincture for pain? What do you think? Does this also give enough of a body high to make it worth using oil and tincture?

    1. Yes, you can. I do it all the time for myself. And the bonus is, it has already decarbed after being heated in your vaporizer, saving you some time & effort.

      I keep a glass jar of the highest quality olive oil I can find sitting on the counter – between 250-500ml olive oil – which I dump all of my ABV into immediately after exhausting it in my vaporizer, while it’s still warm. After a few months, I run it all through my Magical Butter Machine for no longer than 20 minutes at the lowest heat setting, then immediately use it in my own personal salve, massage oil, oral drops etc (I make sure all my waxes/butters are pre-melted & ready to go, so I can just quickly add this ABV oil to it, then my essential oils once it’s completely off the heat).

      That being said, I do NOT ever use ABV in products I make for clients, friends or family. I repeat, EVER. Not because it doesn’t work. It most definitely does. But personally, I would not be impressed at all if I found out I was buying a product with vaporizer leftovers. I look at it from the customer’s point of view. It’s just nasty & gross…possibility of saliva etc in there, no idea how long they’ve stashed their ABV before using it *bleh* *gag*

  23. Hi there. I’ve been wanting to make CBD healing salves for a while now but couldn’t find the right recipe until now. Here’s my question. I have severe neck pain and want to get relief without getting “high” with that being said do I need to decarb the weed and if I do will that give me the high feeling? Also if I were to decarb it how do I know how strong each batch Is? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey Kimberly, thanks for your questions. Luckily, you can use salves all day long without getting high! Cannabinoids cannot reach the bloodstream through topical application, which means the THC in them will not reach the brain (unless you buy them specifically as a ‘transdermal’ product designed for getting to the bloodstream – my recipes are not transdermal.) Decarbing the weed, in your case, isn’t necessary for creating the ‘high’, but for the chemical change from THCA to THC. While you can absolutely make salve using non-debarbed flower, and non-activated cannabinoids do have some medical value, the body doesn’t process the acidic (or non-activated) form of cannabinoids as well, so for pain relief in a localized area, activated THC and CBD may work better for you. As far as potency, that is going to depend on how strong your cannabis is when you start. If you want to be accurate, I recommend investing in a TCheck to take the guess work out of it! Good luck to you!

  24. Can you make this using cbd isolate from hemp versus using marijuana and still have the same benefits? My state does not offer legal marijuana at this time.

  25. Hello I love this site. Thank you soo much for educating us and passing on these awesome recipes . I wanted to ask… I make edibles and a lot if people around me usually ask for something that reliefs pain for usually cancer. Can you please tell me if this can help and also where am from (Africa ) we don’t have many good strains so I usually have no idea what I use in my edible… sometimes you get an indica high other times an active high which I still think is indica ( we grow mostly bush 🙁 ) how can I turn into cbd also I don’t have a calculator so I use guess work a lot. Oh yea can these help slave recipe help me with a patient that has a tumor in the stomach (can operate yet) or what’s the best medication recipe you can recommend me try from all the ones you’ve tried? Thank you so much Naila

  26. About beeswax — a better substitution for beeswax would be another wax. Cocoa and shea butters are WONDERFUL and I’d encourage their inclusion in topical/skin products, but they are temperature sensitive. Beeswax is traditionally used to “firm up” oil-based products; soy wax can be used in the same amounts. Candellila and carnuba waxes are also plant products but are a lot harder than beeswax — best to look it up, or, start with 1/4-1/3 as much “c wax” as beeswax and you can always warm to remelt and add more if you want it firmer. Anecdotal tip! When treating shingles, make your “salve” stiff as a board. The salve will not be as quickly absorbed and may not be as much absorbed — but it will remain as a protective layer, and that’s better for shingles pain.

  27. I made this salve and it is awesome! A friend shared it with someone who has lupus and had immense pain in her hand for years. 5 minutes after using it she was crying because she was pain free! She spoke to her lupus doctor who told her to go ahead and use it.
    Also I have used on my back and hip and have had great resultabd of course my 91 year old mother shakes her head and calls me a hippie. LOL

  28. Maybe with your experience you can help me. I made this salve recently out of some odds and ends, and it worked great I have just harvested a CBD rich plant, CBD Rene. It’s 1:1. The answer I’m having trouble finding is, Is it best to decarb or use raw bud for a strictly medical salve?

  29. I was wondering how much potency is lost when using older shake. I have bags of it that are probably 3 years old. When making the cannabis coconut oil, should I just uses more? Also, if I make my cannabis oil in a crock pot, doesn’t the actual heat from the crockpot decarboxylate the bud?

  30. Thanks so much for your web site. My daughter and I are in the process of making the salve. I will let you know the results. Again thanks for all of your wonderful information.

  31. Although I smoked way back in the 70’s, once I got a job, had children, etc. Marijuana fell off the planet for me. When I hit 60, 2 yrs ago, I became curious and grew a few plants. I was successful and last summer, I grew 11! I can grow up to 12 plants legally. Corinne’s website is the one I consistently go back to. So many questions here are answered in previous posts, i.e. how do you make the cannabis coconut oil. Just do a search on this site!! Anyway, I LOVE the recipes. I make delicious chocolate with one batch of cc oil and about 20 oz. of high quality bittersweet chocolate. It sets up nicely and one or two pieces about one inch x one inch, help with sleep. Just make the salve for the first time. Great for the arthritis in my hands. Keep it up Corinne!

  32. Hi Corinne, A very belated thank you for opening so many doors to me. I am 63, retired and have found a new calling! I love all of your recipes and have discovered through trial and error that yours are the best. I’ve made many but most consistently, coconut oil infusions for chocolate, lip balm and salve. I have a question about your lip balm and salve. Am I wasting ingredients if I use the same recipe for each one? I really like the lip recipe….just use different essential oils for body vs. lips.

  33. Should have known better …… very few responses to a lot of questions.
    So, I answered my own question about DMSO. Added some to a second batch of salve i made. The few friends I shared the DMSO added salve with said it worked faster than the batch w/o.

  34. Hello – First of all, LOVE your website Corinne!

    No, I never tried making the salve with a tincture…however, I’m working on a new batch today, using a combination of Blue Dream Marijuana (est. 20%THC) and Fire Cherry Hemp (13.7% cbd/lab tested) (both grown on my property!).

    In December of 2019, I made a batch of salve, using my Fire Cherry Hemp and it turned out great. At our annual Christmas Open House, my guests took home some of this salve, as well as another salve I had made, using Blue Dream compound only.

  35. I have a a couple of syringes of FECO that I would like to make a pain balm with. Do you have any recipes using that instead? thanks!

    1. Hi Angie!

      Absolutely, but keep in mind that the potency and purity are not going to be the same as using fresh flowers.


      Victoria (Team Wake + Bake)

    1. Hi Caterina,

      What we know so far is MCT oil and olive oil is the best for infusing with CBD.

      However, that’s not to say you can’t use Arnica as a carrier oil for the salve!
      Also, for future reference, Arnica should not be taken orally, as it may be toxic for digestion.


      Victoria (Team Wake + Bake)

  36. Question? Is it okay to double the recipe? I have a lot of cbd plant I grew organic. Or do I need to this in batches.

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