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CBG Oil Recipe (organic, paleo, vegan)

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When people start tossing around words like “freedom” and “independence” this time of year, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong. I like those ideas.

I just can’t help but think about how ass-backward it is that those words will be playing on used car dealership ads while people are still going to jail for this plant.

Even though only 8% of people in the US think marijuana should be completely illegal, the most recent statistics show that someone gets arrested for a marijuana-related offense every minute (663,367 arrests in 2018).  

Over 90% of those arrests were for possession, and most were for small amounts. And let’s not forget who gets disproportionately arrested for cannabis possession.

 Let’s recap what’s happening in this country before we start tossing around words like “freedom” this weekend:

  1. You and the overwhelming percentage of your neighbors think we should legalize this plant either medically or recreationally.
  2. Research has shown that this plant has fewer side effects than many widely prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, decreases opioid overdoses when it moves into a neighborhood, and is “potentially” beneficial for many chronic health issues.
  3. You can still be put behind bars or have your children taken away for having a tiny amount of it in your pocket.

It looks like we’re free to be part of a system that wastes way too much time, money, and energy keeping this plant from the people who need it most.

The problem is obvious, but so is the solution. 

cbg oil recipe

It’s our job to keep doing the work to ensure people have access to safe and high-quality cannabis.

It’s our job to bust the stigma, share what we learn, and take action.

So when this weekend started creeping up again, I was reminded that it wasn’t just enough to sit back and wait for legalization to happen.

I realized how apathetic I’d been these past few years, just banking on the movement to keep going on without much effort since it was on such a roll.

I wasn’t putting much thought into winning the game we’re playing to end this war on plant medicine.

I’ve been lucky to live in places where what I do for a living won’t get my daughter taken away, places where I have access to my medicine without breaking the law.

I can only do this because of the people who have worked so hard to regain this freedom.

This realization brought on some feelings of guilt, but it also made me see how many recent wins there have been in this war on the war on drugs:

  • cannabis businesses being deemed essential this year
  • a growing wave of expungement, and social equity legislation that is finally putting this industry on the right track to level the playing field
  • the 2018 farm bill that made non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and CBG widely available all over the US

And because of that last one, I’ve been able to buy organic CBG flower, grown on small family farms, and make affordable CBG oil instead of paying $180 a bottle for god knows what.

I knew that this recipe was something I needed to share with you because it has been so helpful to me and so many people I know.

But I wanted to make it more than just a recipe.

I want this to be a call to action to continue to work toward liberating this powerful and useful plant and freeing the people whose lives have been destroyed by its prohibition.

I’m laying in bed writing this post, drinking my coffee infused with this homemade CBG oil blended with a very helpful microdose of THC.

This simple act is legal in my state because many years ago, people did what I’m going to ask you to do today.

Just think about how many people this plant medicine has helped, and how many people it could help in the future.

And it won’t happen without your help.

So instead of putting you on the same guilt trip I’ve been on, I wanted to sweeten the pot. 

This weekend (July 3rd-5th 2020), I’m giving away one Complete Cannabis Kitchen Bundle that will free you up to make this CBG oil recipe and so much more. 

And don’t forget to share the contest so we can spread this information and call to action around as much as possible this weekend! [Update: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

Why make homemade CBG oil?

making cbg oil

I didn’t hop on the CBG bandwagon because it’s the next big thing in cannabis (which it is).

I’m sharing it because I tried it for months and saw how good it made me feel, how powerful it was in my CBG oil blends and how helpful it was for people who didn’t get the effects they were looking for with CBD or THC.

So far, we’ve gone deep into the science and covered what CBG oil is good for and how to decarboxylate it, so now it’s time to put it all together and learn how to infuse things with CBG at home.

Making CBG oil at home is so much cheaper than buying it online.

And like all other homemade cannabis edibles and infusions, you get to control the ingredients, balance your ratios, and find what works best in your body.

If you’ve never made cannabis edibles or infusions at home before and you’re scared to try this recipe, I promise you – as a home cook that burned pancakes yesterday – if I can do this, you can do this.

Before we dive into the CBG oil recipe, I wanted to pull back from the data and research a bit and have a real talk about why I love CBG when it comes to using this plant for daily wellness, healing, and maintenance of chronic conditions.

Why I love this CBG oil recipe (and use it every day)

how to make cbg edibles

Like I mentioned in our science deep dive post, CBG may be useful for pain, brain health, depression, and inflammation.

I’ve personally noticed a big difference when I’m incorporating CBG into my routine when it comes to inflammation, pain, and mood.

One of the benefits of CBG that I didn’t mention in that post is that – like CBD – it makes THC less intoxicating.

While that may not seem like a benefit to everyone, if like me, you’re dealing with something like PTSD or anxiety, too much THC can be unsettling at best, and panic attack inducing at worst.

I love CBG not just for what it does, but also because it allows me to use small doses of THC for its pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties without spinning out or getting paranoid.

I also love this CBG oil on its own as a clear-headed, mood-boosting, daytime dose.

Because right now, we don’t have access to balanced ratio plant material when it comes to CBG, I’ve been playing with making my oil blends using material from different plants.

I’ve had great results blending CBD, CBG, and THC oils, and my favorite ratio right now is 2:2:1.

I’ll cover oil blends and ratios a post soon, sign up for the newsletter for updates!

Do you need to Decarboxylate CBG?

cbg decarboxylation temperature

I’ve been around long enough to know that you’re going to ask 😉

Yes! You do need to decarb CBG.

We did a whole post on why you need to decarboxylate CBG and different ways to do it here.

Where do you buy CBG flower?

organic cbg flower

I get mine from Sacred Smoke Herbals.

It’s affordable, grown using organic inputs and practices, sourced from small family farms. 

To make it even more affordable, you can use the code WAKEANDBAKE for 15% off your purchase.

Win, win, win, win.

Homemade CBG Oil Recipe

cannabigerol oil

Mason Jar Cannabis Oil Method

This method was tested in my oven and my crockpot. 

Note: Mason jars can break if they get too hot, so if you’re afraid of breakage, you can use the direct crockpot method or the FX. I try to keep the temperature around 180f (which requires some babysitting) and have never had one break, but it’s possible.

cbg oil in bottle

  1. Decarboxylate CBG flower according to these directions.
  2. Fill a crockpot about halfway with water (or just enough to cover the flower and oil) or preheat oven to 200f
  3. Fill a mason jar with 1 cup of MCT oil and 7 grams of decarboxylated CBG flower 
    1. (note: before you infuse, do dosage math on the Wake + Bake calculator and adjust to the desired strength of your oil. At 15% CBG, this makes oil that is about 20mg/tsp). 
  4. Cover with foil and poke a meat thermometer through so you can try to keep a consistent temperature
  5. Place the mason jar in the crockpot and put the crockpot on high or put the mason jar in the oven. Once the temperature reaches 160-180f, reduce the heat. Check every 20-30 minutes to make sure it stays in that range for about 2 hours. If the infusion gets too hot, remove from the heat and put your oven or crockpot on the lowest setting and try again.
  6. Strain with cheesecloth and save raffinate (the leftover plant material and oil) to make a not so high version of High Chai.

How to Make CBG Oil in the Ardent FX or Nova

ardent fx cannabis kitchen

Using the Ardent FX is my preferred method for all of my infusions.

With a few presses of a button, you get a 97-100% effective decarb, an easy infusion process, and a fast and straightforward cleanup—no more babysitting temperatures or wasting plant material.

If you already have an FX or a Mini, you can use it to make this CBG oil.

  1. Put your plant material in the chamber of your Ardent device. In the FX, press the a1 cycle to decarboxylate your plant material. In the Nova, run it through 1 cycle.
  2. Once the cycle is complete, add 1 cup MCT oil to the FX. (see dosage info above) If you’re using a Nova, transfer the decarboxylated material into an infusion sleeve and then add the oil.
  3. Do one infusion cycle.
  4. Strain with cheesecloth and save raffinate (the leftover plant material) to make a not so high version of High Chai.

If you don’t have an FX or Mini, you can go here and use the code WAKEANDBAKE for $30 off and free shipping.

How Can I Use My CBG Oil?

Now you’ve made this oil (easy, right? Told you so!), so what can you do with it?

The only limit here is your imagination. In the recipe, I state that you can infuse using MCT oil, but you can use any fat that you want.

This oil is perfect for making homemade edibles. CBG edibles are an effective way to stay consistent in your dosing and skip the overpriced (and gross) edibles at the dispensary.

I believe in the value of creating healthy edibles in your kitchen. My goal is always to help you save money and control the ingredients you put in your body, and that’s the easiest way to do it.

It’s the driving factor behind the experiments, recipes, and research we do here. 

After seven years of testing, I released the Cannabis Cooking Masterclass, where I show you how to make (almost) anything into an edible. 

The investment is less than one trip to a dispensary and will save you hundreds of dollars a year, and countless kitchen fails.

You can register for it here.

You’ll get instant access to the masterclass, and it’ll be yours for life.

Questions? Comments? Challenges? Amazing results? I love hearing from you, and we all learn better together, so share ’em below! 

And don’t forget to share this post with someone who may find it helpful!

With love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

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    I’m laying in bed writing this post, drinking my coffee infused with this homemade CBG oil blended with a very helpful microdose of THC.

    This simple act is legal in my state because many years ago, people did what I’m going to ask you to do today.”

    And that’s precisely how I feel. I just got back to my prohib state from a legal state, and I’m more struck than ever at how patently wrong, unjust, and unfair it is………and Corinne’s passion just gives me the knowledge and the strength to be part of the solution!

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    Thanks for all you do. You’ve helped me come a long way with my cooking. I discovered in the last few months that it works better to use a meat thermometer in the crock pot while making cannabutter – because the LOW setting is usually too high & I hafta toggle back & forth between LOW & WARM.

    My stuff is so much tastier now that it’s not burned!

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    I dream about a tincture with 10% THC, 60% CBG and 30% CBC. I think this may help stave off post-menopausal breast cancer that runs in my family, and maybe help with osteoporosis according to online research. I’ll call it ‘The Old Lady’s Friend’.

    I’ve been lucky, only known one friend who was jailed for cannabis. He wasn’t in for long, and we’ve suspected it was because his skin was light enough to pass for white in the courtroom.

    Thank you for existing, just found your site a few days ago. Bonus that you’re friends with Sacred Smoke, she is cool. Just got your email sent last night (July 12) about the contest. Is it too late to enter? Not sure if I followed the instructions since they’re not coming up on the page. Being too sick to hold down a job, this prize would be an answer to my prayers for learning and making medicine.

    1. Hey Beth! The giveaway ended on the 6th. However, we had SO much fun hosting this giveaway, we will definitely do more in the future 🙂

      -Maddie (Team Wake + Bake)

  114. Hi Corinne,

    We are a small time CBG farm, we had about 4500 plants last year. I am just now experimenting with our product and our decarb machine. I am currently making salve, but I plan to make a MCT oil tincture infused with our CBG flower next, and an alcohol elderberry tincture for cold and flu season. What would your ratios/recipe be for making a tincture? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Shanna!

      Do you know how strong you would like your tincture to be? You might be interested in our dosage calculator. HERE

      A good starting point would be,

      – 1 cup of MCT oil
      – 3.5-7g decarbed cannabis (depending on the density and dosage of your plant material) with at least enough oil to cover the cannabis completely
      1 teaspoon – 1 Tablespoon sunflower lecithin

      Also, you can read more about it HERE if you would like.


      – Victoria (Team Wake + Bake)

      1. I don’t know how strong I want it to be, I did follow your dosing for my first batch. Now I’m unsure how many drops to take a day. Our plants are 12% CBG, I did pull out all of the stems. So The bulk of it was just good cured flower. I’m just looking for a daily maintenance dose for long term use. I’ve been trying roughly 5 drops a day. Thanks so much for your knowledge.

        1. Hi Shannon!

          How many grams and oil did you use?

          You’ll need to know how much CBG is in your drop. A drop is about 0.05ml. Let’s say you have a 10ml bottle of CBG oil that contains 200 drops. And that 10ml bottle contains 1,000mg of CBG, each drop will contain about 5 mg of CBG. I’d be happy to help explain this more if unsure how much CBG you have. It’s recommended to start with 20mg to 40mg a day and increase it to 5mg a day.

          I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!


          – Victoria (Team Wake + Bake)

  115. g2-1d2b4c03d7b972ec21ebdc2692ed7b10

    Wonderful site, so much good information, thank you for all you do. I don’t see the entry form for the contest?

  116. I’m a complete canna-newbie, but I am an herbalist so the amazing info you’ve laid out so clearly for us is extremely helpful. I do have a question on the cannabis dosing calculator. I know this sounds a little nerdy, but does the calculator have a print button somewhere I’m not seeing? Once I’ve put in my THC, CBG and CBD numbers I’d like to print it off to refer back to later, especially if I purchase a lot of CBG/CBD cannabis, but only process 4-6 grams at a time. I know I could put the info in again, but if I have notes or other comments about the flower, it would be easier to refer back to my print.
    Thanks again for ALL of the information. I feel like I’m becoming more knowledgeable and comfortable with cannabis each time I use it or infuse it. It’s definitely a healthy journey!

  117. Tobias Weinberg (Tobi)

    Hi Wake+Bake folks,

    Some questions: In looking at the analyses of CBG and CBD flower I’ve noticed that the % of the acid forms CBDa and CBGa are multiplied by .877 to get the effective yields. Why is this? Is this loss due to decarbing? If so would an Ice Dragon extraction yield the full amounts of CBDa and CBGa?

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