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Dazed + Infused: The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Infusions and Dispensary Favorites is now ready for immediate download!

In my latest digital cookbook, I'll walk you through everything I know about cannabinoids, dosage, terpenes, decarboxylation, negative side effects and more! Then, I'll guide you in creating healthy homemade versions of everything you’ve seen in dispensaries.

It is the end-all, be-all guide to infusing EVERYTHING with cannabis in a way that is healthy and easy.

Dazed + Infused includes tutorials for:

  • 8 Natural/Organic Cannabis Cooking Oils
  • 5 Potent Tinctures
  • 6 Topical Infusions
  • 10+ Popular Dispensary Candy + Baked Recipes (with healthy, organic and sugar-free options)
  • 6 Homemade Cannabis Drinks (Including Homemade Canna-soda)
  • 4 Easy-to-Dose Medicines (Cough Drops, High Quil, and Suppositories)

There are also easy-to-understand, but very detailed, explanations of decarboxylation and accurately calculating dosage so you can easily make an oil, tincture or recipe that is effective for you.

*This is a digital download/eBook. Wake + Bake does not currently sell print books.

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