The Cannabis Kitchen Starter Bundle (Save $50!)

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Making healthy edibles doesn't have to be complicated.

Want to save money and control the ingredients in your edibles and infusions, but don't know where to start?

Want to uplevel your game, save time and energy and stop babysitting your infusions for hours on end? I get it.

I understand how challenging it can be to make effective edibles at home. The process can be confusing and may seem like more mess and hassle then you want to take on.

But making homemade edibles and infusions can be the key to transforming your health with cannabis [like it was for me and for many of my clients].

With the Cannabis Kitchen Starter Bundle, you get the tools and step-by-step guides you need to make effective cannabis infusions that support your healing journey.

The simple 3 step solution
  1. Activate your plant material in the Nova
  2. Infuse oil or tinctures in the Magical Butter Machine
  3. Use Dazed + Infused to learn how turn your infusions into edibles that improve your health

Don't waste your time and energy making edibles that don't work

We know how hard it is to sort fact from fiction when it comes to using cannabis.

You heard wonderful stories about getting healthy by using this plant. And then you dove in, ready to find relief.
But then things get confusing and it seems like people have invented a million different methods to make edibles. Heaven forbid you go on the internet to look for help 😉

Many of our customers struggle for months (or years) without getting consistent results with cannabis.

If you're in desperate need of better sleep, less anxiety or relief from chronic pain, you shouldn't have to waste time or money trying to figure it out.

With just three pushes of a button, you'll have effective and potent infusions that will help you make affordable edibles that improve your health.

What readers say about the Cannabis Kitchen Starter Bundle

"The Lift decarboxylator plus MagicalButter Machine create much better potency than an oven and a slow cooker, not to mention there’s almost no mess at all." - Spencer W.

I’ve had my Nova for well over a year and use it weekly. I think it is the best investment I’ve ever made. The best part is that you don’t have to stand around and babysit it like you do in the oven. Then it goes into Magicalbutter machine and in the matter of a few hours, you can go from a bag of weed to some tasty edibles… Or drinkables. Or honey. Or a tincture. Or some distillate. Damn I love cannabis.” - Valerie S.

Get the Nova, The Magical Butter and a digital copy of Dazed + Infused for $379 (normally $429) and save thousands of dollars this year while reaching your health goals.

Just one month of commercial edibles at modest daily doses can cost upwards of $250. With the Cannabis Kitchen Bundle, you can make high quality and effective edibles without any hassle. Saving thousands of dollars has never tasted (or felt) so good.

Makes a great gift!

*Purchasing these devices from Wake + Bake gives you all of the standard warranties from Magical Butter and Ardent Cannabis while supporting the research and experimentation we do here. Thank you for your support!


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