The Nova Decarboxylator

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Meet the Nova Decarboxylator.

This little purple workhorse gets you one button push away from more potent and effective herbal infusions and edibles.

How can one small device make your herbal infusions up to 33% more effective and save you hundreds of dollars on plant material every year?

It fully activates your plant material and concentrates with 100% decarboxylation before you make infused oil, butter tinctures or topicals.

If you've never heard of decarboxylation, you can start here.

In short, some compounds in your herbal plant material need to be "activated" using heat.

Even though that sounds simple enough, data is showing that most homespun methods aren't great.

Some aren't hot or long enough and give partial decarboxylation or they get too hot, burning off important compounds.

You can lose as much as 33% THC by decarboxylating in an oven.

That means you're losing $30 for every $100 you spend on plant material. Ouch.

Here's the difference you can expect with the Nova.

  • Full activation of THC and CBD in your flower, kief or concentrates (which means that you keep $100 of every $100 you spend on plant material)
  • Odorless and mess free, no cleanup necessary (my favorite part)
  • Easy to use in your home (unit is 7.5″ x 4″)
  • Holds up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 ounces of kief
  • *This version is for use with USA outlets*

From Corinne:

"The Nova is one of those things that literally changed my life. After years of just "winging it" with home decarboxylation using the best methods and time/temp variations I could find, I tried the Nova and was able to cut my dosage in half after the very first use.

Yes. Half.

With a push of a button, you know that you're fully activating your plant material and getting 100% decarboxylation.

It's easy, simple, smell proof and saves so much money over time. If you're serious about using herbs for medical, therapeutic or wellness uses, this little baby is a must have."

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