The Hippie Highball – A Cannabis Cocktail

Since making the dive into cannabis for wellness I rarely drink alcohol anymore. I’ll have an adult beverage or two on occasion, but for me, alcohol has lingering effects; and I don’t care who you are, hangovers are never fun.

Dehydration, headaches, nausea… No thanks.

But boozing is an American pastime, and is frequently included (if not expected) at holidays, birthdays, and social functions. Even many large corporations celebrate successes with open bar events for their employees.

Can you imagine a day when cannabis is so socially accepted? It’s been 84 years since alcohol prohibition ended, so there’s hope for cannabis too.

But for now, what’s a cannabis consumer to do? Decline the invite, compromise our hippie values and drink anyway knowing we’ll feel rotten tomorrow?

Enter the Hippie Highball…

Why Cannabis Cocktails?

A “highball” is an alcoholic beverage mixed with sparkling water, juice, or other mixer, and is generally served in a tall glass over ice.

Highballs were introduced in the United States sometime in the late 1800’s. Common highball cocktails include gin and tonic, scotch and soda, or seven and seven. Otherwise known as… a hangover… another hangover… and a super big hangover.

[Can you tell I’m OBsessed with avoiding hangovers?]

Subtract the booze, add in some cannabis infused ice cubes, and voila… you have a Hippie Highball. Yes, I really did say infused ice cubes… and believe me, you’ll never look at cocktails (or ice!) the same after making a few of these babies.

So… one day, I was thinking about ways to infuse water with cannabis (because that’s the kind of stuff my brain does) and the idea of an infused ice cube popped into my head.

I laughed it off… like… because that’s ridiculous, right?

No. It’s not ridiculous. It’s amazing, delicious, refreshing, and so so pretty.

This is my absolute favorite recipe in Dazed + Infused, because I love cocktails.. and again… I love not being so hungover that my toddler sounds like a legit howler monkey.

These are the perfect replacement for summer drink time and even make a great night cap. While these are great any time of year, I live for these on hot and lazy summer afternoons after long mornings in the garden or kitchen.

When you drop one of these Highballs into a small glass of water, lemonade, or other beverage of your choice, it’s instantly transformed into a lightly aromatic lavender and berry potion.

I highly suggest using the Chill Rx Tincture and cannabis honey to infuse these Highballs because the flavor and relaxing effects are something to write home about.


cannabis cocktail

The Hippie Highball

  1. In each compartment of an ice ball mold (I used this one) combine:
  1. Freeze for about 30 minutes -1 hour to help the honey and tincture adhere to the fruit.
  2. Fill with filtered water per instructions.
  3. Freeze for 8 hours/overnight.
  4. Drop 1-2 Highballs into water, lemonade, or any other beverage that you’d like to make a little more chill.

Replace the alcohol this year with a Hippie Highball to ring in 2018, you’ll likely wake up with a clear head, feeling great, and ready to tackle those New Year’s Resolutions!

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