Top Cannabis Gifts 2020

The Ritzy Rose Cannabis Cards

With 2020 just around the corner, we put together a top cannabis gift guide to bring in the new year.

Here’s some of our top cannabis gifts that you send your friends, parents, siblings, 420 friendly co-workers, and more.

Cannabis Holiday Cards by The Ritzy Rose

The Ritzy Rose Cannabis Cards

The cannabis cards by The Ritzy Rose are perfect for different holidays or if you want to send a card to a friend who would get a kick out of this. The art is adorable and definitely something your loved ones would want to hang on their fridge or corkboard after they’ve read your message.

Use the code WAKEANDBAKE to get 10% off your card!

The OTTO Smart Herb Grinder

OTTO is the first and only automatic milling machine. At the touch of a button, it mills and fills a perfect cone every time. OTTO provides a superior experience for a smooth draw with no air pockets, runs, canoeing or waste.

You spend good money on your herbs. Why not get the most out of them?

Using its on-board microcomputer, OTTO gently mills your valuable herbs, and rolls it at the touch of a button.

The result? A perfectly mixed, perfect roll in seconds.

No mess. No waste. No waiting.

Use the code WAKE10 to get 10% off your OTTO Smart Herb Grinder.

Voltaire Pipe by the Pursuits of Happiness

These gorgeous porcelain pipes are finished with either 22-karat gold or silver-toned overglaze and you can fill the compartment with loose herb.

For that person in your life who enjoys consuming cannabis with a touch of luxury, these pipes are perfect.

Click here to grab a Voltaire Pipe.

The Levo II

Edibles lovers meet LEVO II. 

Prepare herbs with ease with Dry and Activate cycles, allowing you to unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse.

This device decarbs and creates small-batch infusions with a click of a button.

As a bonus, it’s a beautiful gadget that won’t disrupt the vibe of your kitchen.

Use the code WAKE10 for 10% off the Levo II.

Bongs from My Bud Vase

We rave about My Bud Vase all the time because their bongs can be hidden in plain sight or whipped out as a talking piece.

For the woman in your life who loves to indulge, a bong from My Bud Vase is the perfect gift.

Click here to check out My Bud Vase’s signature collection.

DaVinci Miqro

Microdosers and minimalists, meet the Miqro.

Placing the innovative technology of its bigger brother, the IQ, into a 31% smaller design, the MIQRO places powerful vapor production in your palm. Simple to use and easy to carry, there’s one word that sums up the Miqro: discreet.

This light and pocket-friendly piece features 4 advanced Smart Path™ heat settings, each offering a unique range of flavors, aromas, and effects.

Use the code WAKE10 for 10% off your DaVinci Miqro.

Have any favorite gifts you’ve received over the past year? Share them below!

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Top Cannabis Gifts 2020
The top cannabis gifts of 2020 are here! From luxury pipes to infusion devices, everything gift you might want to send a loved one is in this guide.
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