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Wake + Bake Podcast 102 – Is Hemp-Derived THC Bullsh*t?

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It seems like every day we wake up to a new cannabinoid showing up in online shops, gas stations and grocery stores.

In 2022 the internet has been abuzz with news that you can buy THC online. You may have heard of Delta-8 or Delta-10, but we’re today we’re talking about the real deal: Delta-9. 

Delta-9 is the original THC. It’s the reason cannabis is prohibited. It’s the cannabinoid that triggers drug tests, can get you high, and in some states it can land you in jail and get your children taken from you. 

So how is it that you can now buy delta-9 THC online in almost every state in the US? 

And what’s the deal with this “legal” THC? Is it safe? Can it get you high? Will it show up on a drug test? And is it really legal?

In this week’s episode of the Wake + Bake Podcast, Andrea and Corinne dive into the science and hype behind hemp-derived THC and share the shocking truth behind hemp-derived THC. 




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EPISODE 102 – Is Hemp Derived THC Bullsh*t

Wake + Bake Podcast Transcription

Welcome to Wake + Bake, A Podcast!

this isn’t my first time recording a podcast, Andrea. I’m like pretty much a pro now. It’s crazy though. I’m gonna tell you something that’s crazy. Um, I have a hemp company now. So 

say more. 

After all of these years of talking shit about everybody else doing it wrong, we finally said move over and started a hemp company.

And the reason that I’m mentioning that is because this podcast started at the same time as when the hemp company idea started brewing, and it was, I don’t know if you remember when this was. This was August. The kids had gone back to school. Do you remember what that was like? 

Your kids had gone back to school. I was still in summer hell with mine . 

Summer. Hell, . It’s so funny because as a kid you’re like, Oh my god. Summer’s the best. Why are my parents so excited that I’m going back to school? . As a parent, you’re like, Oh, sweet, sweet relief . And for us, people who like, you know, have our own businesses and our own stuff going on, when our kids go back to school, we have a tendency to do everything all at one time.

You know, we work with a bunch of female entrepreneurs who have kids, and so you’re like, Oh my gosh. All these ideas I’ve had sitting around with my kids and hanging out and, and going hiking in the woods, I can finally do all those things. And when that was happening with you and I, we were talking about this podcast and it was like hemp company stuff. I, I do have to admit that I was not a great colleague, , and I wasn’t listening sometimes when you were talking and I was thinking about that. Cause I was like, How did this happen?

I was like, Well, Andrea and I were talking about the podcast, this Wake and Bake podcast we wanted to start and what was I doing? Scrolling for the hemp company research that I also had to do at that time. And I’m like, Uhhuh Andrea? Yep. Whatev. Your ideas are amazing. I’m just gonna say yes, . And then I saw this, this Delta nine THC product.

Do you remember this? 


And I was like, What the fuck? This is such bullshit. Like it instantly was like, Andrea, you gotta, I probably interrupted you cause I’m such a terrible colleague. Wait, Andrea , listen to this news, have important news, bullshit news, important news. They’re selling THC on the internet.

We need to stop this. It was like a very vigilante move. We let Delta eight get too far and like we can actually , make a difference here and make sure that no one buys this terrible garbage that someone’s trying to sell them on the internet. So that’s how this started. And it is not how it ends. So you have to stick around at this episode until the end because it is not what I thought it was gonna be. How about you, Andrea? Do, do you feel like it was what you thought it was gonna be? 

I was just editing this podcast like not too long ago and remembering I was like, Oh yeah, this is when we thought this whole thing was bullshit and Corinne went down this rabbit hole and she was so excited to tell me about all this stuff she had learned and then to see how it’s gone from that, you know, three months ago to this now was mind blowing to me.

So if you wanna know more about this hemp derived THC you have to stay until the very end of the episode because we have an update at the end of the episode that will show you how far this whole thing has come, this journey down this rabbit hole into hemp derived thc. And I think you’re gonna love it.

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Today was one of those days as a cannabis educator that is, you know, somewhat rare, you know, cuz most of the time you’re answering the same questions over and over again, you know, you’re writing about the same kind of thing.

You’re kind of exposed to a lot of the same information. , but then every once in a while you have that day where you just learn so much you’ve yes, you you’re nodding. So I’m guessing this is a common occurrence and it changes the way you understand everything you understood before. And it completely blows your mind.

And it makes you excited about the future of this industry, which those things all together, , happening on one day. Pretty rare. Wouldn’t you say? Pretty rare. 

I’m so excited to talk to you about this because you don’t always think great thoughts about the industry in general. So you’re like happy about this.

Plus we just talked the other day about how, you know, what, I don’t even, I don’t even really like Delta nine anymore. Like I’m not that interested in it. And now you’re like, I cannot wait to tell you what I learned. 

I can’t wait. So I guess we should probably talk about what we’re talking about, which is 

[00:05:56] What is Hemp Derived THC?

Hemp derived THC. So hemp derived, THC Delta nine, the cannabinoid, right? The cannabinoid that is prohibited. It’s the reason why cannabis has been prohibited. And now people are manufacturing, Delta, nine products, THC products that will get you high that are psychoactive that can be sold online to prohibition states, legally. We’re gonna find out exactly how legally and what the implications of all that are. But the first thing I wanna do is ask you just overall hemp derived or not. What is Delta nine THC?

[00:06:33] What is delta-9-THC?

Yeah, you nailed it right off the bat. Delta nine, THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid. It’s the thing that makes you feel high or stoned or intoxicated when you consume cannabis. And we used to just call it THC. Like not too long ago, we only just called it THC, but because we have all these new products on the market such as Delta eight THC or Delta 10 THC. 

Delta nine, THC is The one that I personally love, it’s my fave. 

It’s the one that makes you, uh, have that Matthew McConaughey hey, like, all right all right all right kind of vibe . 


Is that a good definition? 

No, it’s the kind of thing that makes me go from, like, I am not able to function on this day to, oh, I can get outta bed and go to work and talk about Delta nine.

Like it’s. Yeah. 

Full circle, chicken and egg. 

[00:07:24] How are there “legal” THC gummies in non-legal states?

Okay. Let’s dive into hemp derived THC. So three months ago, four months ago, we had a student in one of our science calls and she runs a dispensary and she told me, Hey, by the way, Andrea, we have five milligram THC gummies in our store.

And I was like, Why? Like, why are you breaking the rules? Why are you doing this illegal thing? Cuz she follows the rules and she said, no, they’re not illegal. They’re totally fine. They, they fall under this hemp derived cannabinoids law. 

Okay. Well, let’s start talking a little bit about what hemp derived Delta nine is. Because we know most Delta nine that you’ve had come in contact with is from high THC cannabis, marijuana, um, ganja, whatever word you wanna use for it. Um, when we talk about hemp, we’re talking about specifically a plant that is 0.3% THC or less, or a product that is 0.3 THC or less.

So how can you have a five milligram edible that is THC that is hemp derived? And how can you be buying that on the internet in states that don’t allow any sale or use of THC? How is that possible? 

So I’ll say the first time that I saw this, you and I were actually on a call together the first time that I’d seen this. And I said, What? And I called it bullshit instantly. I was instantly like, bullshit. This is either illegal or it’s nasty. And for me a nasty thing is something that’s been made using a process that is what semisynthetic or synthetic or some of these terms that they’re using.

[00:08:57] How can you get delta-9-THC gummies that are from legal hemp? (This is the gross way)

 But really it is a chemically converted process. And so that’s what I’m gonna talk about first, because some of these products that you have access to now that are. Delta nine THC gummies, um, are using a chemically converted process. And so I’m just gonna walk you through that process really quick. This is like the stuff that I’m not a huge fan of, but everyone can make their own decisions.

This all came from, an extractor whose name is Zach Edge, really wonderful human. I was listening to him, describe this process, and basically it starts with CBD isolate, which I’m not just necessarily a fan of in general. Um, and then it goes through a chain reaction and reaction chamber. It’s using ethanol or another solvent, and then it’s exposed to an acid, usually, usually a Lewis acid, um, and catalyst to control the reaction.

Okay. And so once it goes through a reaction, um, it turns into Delta eight or Delta nine. Now the reason that it turns into Delta eight, Delta nine or Delta 10 is because they’ve changed the catalyst. Or they’ve increased the temperature, right. They do a different process to it. And so it comes out as a ratio of more Delta eight to Delta nine or more Delta nine to Delta 10.

But there are still, usually all these other compounds in it as well. Okay. 

You’re saying like, when you do that process from a CBD isolate that the product will not, no matter what you do come out as just Delta eight? It’s gonna have some Delta eight and some Delta nine and maybe some Delta 10 in there?

Yep. From what I understand, it usually ends with the ratio. And so after that process, then they put it through chromatography, which is also a solvent process. Um, and then they purify it to pure Delta eight or pure Delta nine. Okay. Make that face. I, I get it. I mean, I make that face because I imagine this happening in a grody warehouse with people who really don’t know what they’re doing have been taught, by someone who might not have known what they were doing was like, Hey dude, like check out this gas spectrometer or whatever it’s, you know?

Okay. Um, so that’s, those are the issues when Zach was talking about it he pointed out the issues are, uh, that people are using substandard infrastructure and processes. And that is creating creating a product with impurities that are uncharacterized or unidentified. And that means that you are gonna have in these final products compounds that aren’t being identified and that have no background for safety data.

So we have no idea what these things are gonna do inside the human body. These are things like heavy metals, but they’re also compounds that we don’t even know what’s in there. Right. And some of these lab tests aren’t testing for those things. Um, so some consumer organizations are doing lab tests that are showing potentially harmful compounds.

And the other downside of this process is that there are no other cannabinoids present. Right. You’re getting a mix of Delta 8 Delta nine deltas 10, but you’ve got nothing else cause it’s coming from an isolated compound. Okay. So that is that process. 

This sounds terrible. 

It sounds terrible. Doesn’t it? 

[00:11:47] Why are companies making delta-9-THC gummies in this gross way?

So why are people using that? Why do companies use that?

Um, typically it’s because it has no taste and it has no other compounds in it that are gonna make product development difficult. So it’s gonna be more palatable to a consumer who just wants a lime flavored lime thing, and just wants to feel like the, you know, the high of THC. Um, however, some of the disadvantages are also that when you use single molecules like THC, you know, in an isolated form, you have increased in anxiety and unpleasant effects and those kinds of things as well.

A aside from the things we just don’t know, right. 

And this is the part where I was like, fucking bullshit. but however,

 yeah, where’s the but? I’m so excited. I’m so excited for the but!

I mean, okay. So this is like, it’s a medium size but because I’m not saying like, wow, this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. But Let me talk to you about plant derived and the process of that. 

Oh thank God, this is the but. There’s another way that people are getting Delta 9 THC quote, unquote, legally, you’re giving me the but now. I really thought that you were gonna tell me like, oh, guess what? We got Delta nine and it’s great. And I was like, no, I know that’s terrible. I don’t, I don’t want what you have. Okay. Oh, thank God. Okay. 

Well cuz you’re jumping ahead. You’re too curious. I told you you were gonna be popping all over the place.

[00:13:11] How is CBD isolate made?

I was gonna explode during this podcast today. okay. So the extraction process that’s used to make isolate. How much do you know about that? It’s 

like a very terrible it’s. Okay. It’s not a terrible process. It’s most of the time done super cleanly and the people who are doing that process, like want your product to come out cleanly.

And it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, we know isolates don’t work as well as full spectrum products. And I don’t love them. Right. I use a isolates in a pinch. 

Isolates in a pinch, if you absolutely have to, shouldn’t be put it in soda. I think we can both agree on that. But what happens to the rest of this stuff after they make an isolate your results?

I know this is, this is what I think about. 

[00:13:51] The OTHER Way to make legal delta-9-THC gummies from CBD Isolate (the not gross way) (Oh, and motherlickers)

When they go through that process to make isolate, which is a relatively clean process, we can agree on that, um, which we can cover in a whole different podcast, they get 40% of the CBD out of that and what’s left over and this is a very funny word.

That just is never gonna sound scientific, 

but it’s called the mother liquor and the mother liquor is the leftover. Yep. That’s what it’s actually called. 

L I C K E R or L I Q U O R 

I wrote it as L I C K E R . 

I really hope it’s L I Q U O R right now. 

it probably is. It probably is And I was like, oh mother licker?

Cut no, I’m just kidding. Let’s keep rolling. 

Okay. So what’s left over from that process is a highly concentrated full spectrum oil. So you take 40% of the CBD out, you have that leftover 60%, but you also have THC, CBC, CBN, CBG, all that stuff. 

All the minors that were growing on the plant. Yeah. 

Along with THC, the major, yeah? That has grown on the plant because it’s a full spectrum product. Okay. So that is what they’re utilizing to make these, some of these THC gummies. Okay. And the way that they can do that. And you mentioned it before, the way that they can do that, is that in a four gram gummy, which officially isn’t that big, you know, it’s really not that huge.

I feel like eight, eight bites later, you’re done 

It’s a sandwich size .But in a four gram gummy, which I’m guessing is like, yeah, this big. The company that I was looking at today had five milligrams of THC, but it also had 30 milligrams of CBG and other cannabinoids in it. So it’s like an extra full spectrum product.

So it’s still less than 0.3% of that dry weight. The downside to this is flavor.

So when they use the mother liquor, it stop it 

when they use this concentrated full spectrum oil to infuse into them, it has a real Hempy taste. Right? And so the consumer, who again, is just, doesn’t like things that taste bad, you know, just doesn’t.

For sure. That’s why you’re eating a gummy is cuz you want it to taste good. 

Well, yeah, you’re also eating a gummy because it creates a legal loophole for delta nine THC. So like why can’t you just take your legal loophole and eat it and just wash it down? you know? Okay. So the flavor is really one of the only downsides to utilizing this plant derived extraction, 

that results in the mother liquor.

[00:16:30] Why is this delta-9-THC preferable?

Okay. The upside is the phenomenon of pure THC giving you more anxiety and, um, more unpleasant side effects is reduced because you have all these other cannabinoids . You also get more cannabinoids overall, and this blew my mind. 

So in this mother liquor or mother liquor, , 

they found 10 to 20 times more naturally occurring CBN than a typical CBD product. CBN that didn’t undergo a conversion process. So it’s naturally plant derived. So then you have more CBN in there. So that’s cool. Um, and then you have CBG and CBC and they are reportedly, responsible for a synergistic, , response with CBD and THC for pain inflammation. So obviously we know they all work better together, but those two in particular are more highly concentrated in this as well, along with CBDV.

These things that typically you and I, when we talk about them, go bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Not taking that, not putting it in my body. But if it’s concentrated from a plant, does that change our feelings about it? And we’ll talk about that in a minute. One thing that, uh, that Kyle mentioned was that a five milligram THC gummy with this compound that has 30 plus milligrams of all of these other things is going to have about the same psychoactive effect for a lot of people reportedly, um, as a 10 to 15 milligram gummy that has just a pure THC isolate without those negative side effects. So we’re talking about stronger medicine, highly concentrated, really easy to take bio available, plant medicine that is available in prohibition states. And that’s why I’m excited today. That’s why I’m like, I came to this meeting just like, what is going on?

 I mean, Zach described it as a more complete effect and I I’m like, I’m, I’m dying to try these, you know, I’m really, really excited to try them myself because it wasn’t until I did all this research that I was even open to doing so. We talked yesterday and I was like, no, I’m not putting bullshit my body , you know? Yeah. Okay. Questions before we go onto legalities 

[00:18:31] How could the gummies have so much CBN in there?

. Yeah so you said that it has naturally occurring CBN. That’s like not a thing. The plant doesn’t grow CBN. That’s a breakdown product of THC. Is that because like, why is that? I really wanna know why CBN is in there in such high concentrations.

This is just a guess, but my guess is that the extraction process for creating a CBD isolate probably does degrade the amount of THC in there. I’m not sure where it comes from and obviously it is a degradation product, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere along in that process. Okay. It is a good question. 

[00:19:03] Can you get high from this THC?

My other question, cause I was really curious. I wrote down like you can’t get high from this, like people aren’t gonna want a five milligram gummy with all these other cannabinoids that we often think buffer the high. But you’re talking about comparing a five milligram THC plant derived gummy using this process versus a five milligram isolate gummy that you could get somewhere else that you’re gonna have a better effect because all those other cannabinoids are in there replicating, it’s not even replicating full spectrum. It is like, it is kind of a, yeah. It’s like. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna go on the record saying it’s full spectrum all the way. Cuz it feels like that’s a bastardization of the term when we’re like doing all this stuff like full spectrum is me smoking a joint or making an edible or something.

That’s full spectrum. Okay. Oh my God. We need to have a podcast about what is full spectrum.

We will, and we also need to have a podcast on what is high? Because if you take a five milligram pure isolate, gummy, right? Like that is gonna have a very specific kind of high, right.

I’ve had those before. I’m like, Yingying, yinging like, I always feel like I’m just like, oh my goodness. Like hanging on for the ride. I get high anxiety when I consume an isolated THC, I know that I’m like, I’m, I’m very well aware of what that does. Um, unless it’s in 2.5 milligrams or less, and then it doesn’t have that same effect, but, what does the feeling of having all these different compounds give you like the idea of it being more complete or more balanced effect might not make you feel like ying, right. Or like, oh, right. All right. All right. Or whatever, you know, 

[00:20:42] The “Spectrum of Highness”

Like there is a spectrum of when we use that term and you and I were just talking about this, like maybe there’s that, like, I’m really not feeling anything except for just brighter and better.

Right. And to me that’s a high. And then. I’m feeling super creative and like, I can really go, go, go. I’m like turned on by this. That’s a high. And then, oh my gosh, I’m super tuned into something. I’m tuned into nature. I’m tuned into my feelings. I’m tuned in my body different thing. And then there’s like full on couch, lock every body in a muscle in my body’s relaxed.

Like I’m doing Nidra and just like melting into the universe. That’s a high, right? And then there’s just, you know, there’s everything in between and it’s all personal experience. So we use that word. We talk about what the difference between a five milligram isolate THC gummy is versus a five milligram what this is what hemp derived THC is. There’s part of me that’s a little more excited about the implications of getting a gummy on the legal hemp market wherever I am that contains all of this stuff. That the idea of that being available to people is really exciting to me, even though I’ve never tried it and I can’t wait to, 

[00:21:46] These hemp-derived THC products increase access in illegal states

 This is one of the things that I love talking to you about. And if you don’t know when you’re listening Corinne lives in Colorado, I live in Ontario, Canada. So you have tried all of these products that I’ve just read about. I am just trialing CBG at 10 milligrams a dose right now. It’s the first time I’ve been able to get consistent CBG here. So. I’m excited for you to try this, especially cuz you’re very sensitive to THC and for a whole bunch of reasons, I’m really excited for you to try this and see how you feel on it and then report back to us.

But yes, please. Let’s talk about the legality cuz if we wanna know why this is a thing, it’s a thing because a hundred years ago, some white dudes systematically lied to us about why cannabis is terrible. So Delta 9 THC THC has been, um, prohibited since then. And the only reason for us to go this weird way to get this very healthy, lovely cannabinoid into your body is to make, you know, enormous sandwich gummies to put them in.

So tell me about how you see this being legal or not. 

 I am convinced after my research today that. Technically compliant with the Farm Bill. Some products are, some products are not. I did a lot of product research today in figuring stuff out, um, which I’ll share soon um, after I actually try the product, I don’t wanna be like, this is amazing. I never tried it. 

[00:23:10] How is this even legal?

So this is how it works. So in order for, for this product to be considered legal, Via the farm bill. It has to be made from plant material. That is 0.3% THC. Right? So. If they go to the farm, they get the buds that are 0.3% THC.

And then they go into that manufacturing process, right. They go through that process that creates the CBD isolate, but also creates this, uh, very concentrated mother liquor. And then they make the product from that .Don’t giggle . So, and then when they make the product out of it, they also still have to make a product that’s 0.3% THC.

Okay. And so then they put that into a product, say a gummy, right? A four gram gummy that makes it so that it’s less than 0.3. So it’s made from a plant that’s 0.3, it’s made into a product that’s less than 0.3%. THC by dry weight and they can have up to 12 milligrams of THC in one of those gummies legally. Now, most of what I’ve seen is like 2.5 and five. And again, the, the argument, um, is that there are all these other cannabinoids in there as well to support this in a really good product. So that’s what I know about it. And if I were in a prohibition state and I had the choice between getting an illicit gummy from someone or even carrying around cannabis and having one of these hemp derived THC products, all I can say is that for myself, that would be a no brainer.

Cuz I could say here’s the COA, this is legal for the farm bill. I could say something like that. I’m not saying there’s not legal precedents for, you know, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer, but I can safely say that.

It does open up options, which I think is the most exciting part. It opens up options for so many people in so many places where they’ve heard about THC, they’ve heard about cannabis and how much it can be helpful. And they do not have a safe place to get it. You have to do your due diligence. 

Like how do I know if the gummy that I’m choosing is from a safe source or this type of process that Corinne’s talking about, as opposed to the first process you were talking about? Um, the access thing is huge. It just makes me so angry that the access thing is huge. 

 It’s not a dangerous product, it’s a very high safety profile. So the first thing I would say, if you’re listening to this and you’re in a prohibition state and you’re like, I want access to this is to join your local grassroots organization. Please, please, please. And, and really, uh, put your voice out there in saying that you want this to change and you need it to change.

[00:25:35] How to know if your hemp-derived THC product is safe

Um, but the second thing. Is that when you’re looking for a product like this to ask these questions, is it plant derived? Um, is it, has it gone undergone a conversion process? Um, those are the big questions and I will enter that with a really annoying caveat, which is a lot of times people will say, I don’t know, or they’ll use language that is wildly confusing. A lot of companies use wildly confusing language in this industry. Um, and it’s really hard to know for sure. So I’ll say that’s, to me is the biggest problem here is that how, how are you gonna know what you’re getting?

You know, so asking for third party, lab tests and COAs and all those things only really takes you so far, you really have to go down the rabbit hole. And that’s why I think for us as educators, and coaches, we need to be get going down this rabbit hole because people are buying this stuff. I mean, this is, I was talking to a company and they’re out of their top three products two of them are THC products and this is a multimillion dollar company, you know, like every year. So that, to me says that people are buying these things and they’re utilizing them. 

And it’s working and they’re and, and whatever, or they wouldn’t be coming back. Right? 

[00:26:41] Will hemp based delta-9-THC products trigger a drug test?

The other thing I wanted to know is does this trigger a drug test? If you take these. 

Yeah, it is literally the same thing that’s growing on. Um, cannabis that is high THC dominant genetically. So it’s gonna be the same molecule and it will trigger a drug test.

So that’s definitely something to keep in mind. I’m in this place, this industry and doing this job because I want to help people. And I would never want someone to take something and get fired from their job or have to like have a huge life circumstance change. So if you do undergo drug testing, do not take this product and don’t take CBD that’s that’s full spectrum. Take a broad spectrum product because full spectrum can also trigger a drug test. 

Just had a client lose his job like three months ago because he was taking a CBD product and he was taking it for months and it must have that little bit of THC and he lost his job.

It’s a thing. Like it’s awful. 

And he didn’t know that that was possible? 

He didn’t know because he thought he was taking a CBD product. You know, this is before I worked with him. This is one of the reasons why he came to me was he had all this time now, cuz he’d been fired and wanted to figure out how to use cannabis, to like deal with the depression and shit. He was like, I know it works, but I’ve never been able to take it before cuz I get drug tested and then he got drug tested, taking just CBD, which really helped his anxiety. Yeah. Oh yeah. So yeah. Big problems to solve. 

Yeah. Hmm. I’m so excited to see where this goes. And then maybe you can find us a great source, like a, a source that you trust of those gummies. And then you can tell us about it. 

Would you try this? If you were here in the states, if you were to come to Colorado, would you put it in your body? 

oh my God. Are you kidding? If I came to Colorado, I would put aside all my health training and all my like, training about weed for like a weekend. And I would just try everything that you guys had. And then, yeah, I would much rather try that than these Franken cannabinoids, which we’re gonna talk about on a different podcast.

Like yes, super scared of those. This seems like a better process. I wanna know more about it, but yeah, it seems promising, um, and it looks like maybe that people who have been screaming in this space for a long time about like, Hey, I wanna try these other cannabinoids, but not in the way you’re producing them. like, yeah, maybe it’s a good option. 

I think so. Maybe. All right, everybody. Thanks so much for joining us today on the Wake and Bake podcast. If you have any questions, if you’ve tried Delta nine, if you are confused about it, uh, please let us know. Email us its [email protected]. Make sure you like and subscribe and send this to someone maybe even your grandma who needs to know a little bit more about cannabis and how it actually works, 

Warn your grandma that we swear. And Corinne says mother liquor, a whole bunch of 

though first.

see you next time. 

 Okay, so you tried these gummies on the other side. Tell me about that experience. Yeah, so I tried the gummies. I loved the gummies.

I loved the gummies, like they’re the best edible that I’ve ever bought and eaten, and I couldn’t believe it. I was like, Okay. Is it just me? Like if I just went down this rabbit hole and been like, the mother liquor’s amazing and like it’s a placebo. So I started giving to my family members, my friends, my colleagues.

I was giving it to everyone. And everyone agreed on two things. One, that they were amazing. They’re help you sleep. They’re great for pain. They were like, you know, this was all this feedback that I was getting. And two, they were the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten in your entire life. , like when we talked about this and I hadn’t tried them, I’m like, Oh yeah, flavor.

What does it matter? And I mean, we are trying to figure out ways to like use a chaser or something to get this out of your mouth. Like we’re like, our recommendation is like, eat it before you brush your teeth in the morning, eat it before you brush your teeth at night like it is. Intense to say the least.

However, the more that I’ve learned about it since then in the, in the development of these types of products, it is this idea of like the enhanced full spectrum, which I know you and I talked about doing another episode on what full spectrum is, but it has just higher concentrations of everything and you can taste that.

It’s pretty intense. 

It kind of doesn’t matter though, because the second you tried them, we’re on a call and you’re like, These things are amazing, and they’re working at like really low doses. You already are somebody who experiences effects from low doses, but you were even able to take lower doses and you were feeling great.

So, yeah, they taste like crap, but if they’re really working at super low doses, I think that’s amazing for that to happen. Like, chase it with your toothpaste, you know, have bad drink your toothpaste. Yeah, I know. It’s, it’s like for a microdose, I use a quarter of this 2.5 milligram, um, you know, a half to a full one for sleep at night.

And they worked so much that as we were launching Hemp company, we decided to sell them. So we sell them and these ones are made with the mother liquor, , mother liquor formulated, and organic ingredients.

And you can scan the QR code and make sure there’s no bullshit in. There’s no bullshit. Um, so we wanna make sure that if you were going to try hemp gummies, that you would be able to do it from somebody that you trust. So we made these and if you would’ve told me, Back in August when I had my little chip tooth and like my terrible attitude about all the THC you could buy online that we were gonna be making a THC gummy that tasted terrible and worked great.

I wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s where we are today. Look how far we can come when our kids are at school. 

Full year of school. I’m with you. I’ll chant it, and tell them what flavor it is. Corinne. 

Oh yeah. I don’t know if you can see this. And if you’re on a podcast listening to it, you can’t.

But hemp flavored, cause I’m not gonna lie to you and call it like fruit flavored . Tastes like hemp dude. . Oh my God. I think one day we’re gonna start making all these different flavors, like next time it’ll be mother Liquor flavored. And then the time after that it’ll be like, it’ll be like the Bernie Bots, Every Flavored Bean from Harry Potter.

It’ll be like booger flavored and we’ll just, just keep going. Oh God. Anyway, if you wanna try ’em, use the code, wakeandbake and go to you get 10% off. And I would love to know, I would love to know how it goes for you. 

Give Corinne ideas for flavor name ideas,

 Yeah. Yeah. After you try one, you have to go onto a social media account of your choice and tell us what they should actually be named in terms of flavor. If you can beat hemp flavor, I’ll put it on the next label. . . Awesome. Thank you. 

See you next time. 

[00:33:29] Corinne Says Mother Licquor a Lot

 But it’s called the mother liquor and the mother liquor is the leftover. Yep. That’s what it’s actually called. 

L I C K E R or L I Q U O R? 

I wrote it as L I C K E R . 

I really hope it’s L I Q U O R right now. 

it probably is. It probably is.

And I was like, oh mother licker cut! No, I’m just kidding. Let’s keep rolling. 

So when they use the mother liquor, it stop it! 

So in this, this mother liquor or mother liquor, 

 that results in the mother liquor.

And Corinne says mother liquor, 

 mother liquor.

 mother liquor.

 mother liquor.


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1 thought on “Wake + Bake Podcast 102 – Is Hemp-Derived THC Bullsh*t?”

  1. I had to start making my own CBD tincture to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Problems with prescribed med’s & the RA affects made me miserable. My first tincture recipe used 190-proof Everclear and JoAn flavoring. That alcohol taste soon wore out its welcome, although the medicine did help. I bought the Ardent Nova and used it to decarb and infuse the goodies into MCT oil. The flavor is more palatable but still a bit hempy, like you state above, but I don’t find it objectionable and don’t need the LorAn anymore. The benefits outweigh the very slight negative taste.

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