High Chai: Cannabis Infused Tea Recipe

High Chai, aka cannabis-infused tea, is one of my favorite recipes for two reasons: Chai tea is delicious This is a great way to use your leftover material after making cannabis coconut oil in the crock pot. The last time I made weed tea, I made waaayyyy too much of it and it went gnar in my cooler at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival last June where I forgot about it until I moved in November. If you make a batch of weed tea and you can’t use it in the near future, just don’t add the coconut milk right away. You can freeze it in individual servings and when you’re ready, let it thaw, reheat, add the coconut milk, and enjoy not having to clean out 8 mason jars full of funk. So… High Chai Weed Tea. Some notes before you make the High Chai Weed Tea Since writing this post in 2015, I’ve had a few questions about this recipe. How much High Chai can I drink in one sitting? Try a small teacup (1/4 cup) and then go from there. If it’s too strong, you can always dilute it with straight chai tea. This one can sneak up … Continue reading High Chai: Cannabis Infused Tea Recipe