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Levo Oil Infuser Review: A Love Story [Updated 2021]

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When I fall in love, I fall hard and I fall fast.

After the farmer and I had our first date, I moved out of my house on the commune into his house on the commune the next day. (To be fair… he had the nicest house on the commune… it had doors!)

When I hear that people have been dating for months and haven’t said “I love you” yet, I get confused. In my mind, if it wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t going to be love. So I can’t imagine being with anyone for months without falling in love. It kind of seems like a waste of life to me.

I’m not a relationship/love coach, so this isn’t a professional opinion, I just wanted to give you an insight into the way my mind works when it comes to love.

Because I am in LOVE with the Levo Oil Infuser. I’m sure I’ll get some troll mail about how it’s bad to be in love with an object, but I care not.

Because when you’re in love, you give fewer f*cks.

It’s one of the perks.

And I hesitated to write about a cannabis gadget using the “L” word, but when I brainstormed for this review the word “love” came up so many times that I knew I wasn’t going to get around using it.

Levo Oil Infuser Review

You guys probably know that I’d never review something I didn’t like, but love is a really strong word.

I like that the Nova is an easy way to effectively decarboxylate my cannabis.

I like that the Firefly 2 came from the future to make microdosing so simple and tasty.

But… you guys… I LOVE the Levo.Levo Oil Infuser

My husband (that guy from the commune) has pointed out how bizarre my relationship with the thing is becoming… It’s not like he doesn’t have the evidence:

  • I’ll go full on minimalist and won’t let anyone leave anything on the counter, but the Levo stays because it’s too gorgeous.
  • I wipe fingerprints off of it every day, while my toddler has oatmeal in her dreadlock.
  • It’s the only thing I have EVER saved the box for.
  • I have a special drawer dedicated to its accessories.

And yeah, all of that just sounds like grownup stuff (aside from the oatmeal dreadlock).

But do you know what’s not grown up stuff?

  • Patting my Levo on the “head” for a job well done every time I see it and I don’t think anyone else is around.
  • Introducing people to it as soon as they step in my house.
  • Keeping a batch of infused vegetable glycerin in the machine for 3 days because I LOVED that I could just wander up, press a button and pour infused vg it directly into my tea.

It’s true. The Levo became my on demand warm cannabis infused vegetable glycerin dispenser there for a minute. And I’m sure you probably shouldn’t do that for some reason (unnecessary wear and tear?)… but yeah… you should if you get the chance… Because if the apocalypse happens tomorrow, you’ll be glad you had that experience.

One morning, it got really chilly in our house and the vg had thickened up so I couldn’t dispense it into my morning coffee without reheating it. I made a little sad face, mumbled that it was too cold and turned it on.

The farmer saw this and couldn’t help himself, “That is literally the most white girl problem I have ever heard of… ‘Ohh noooo… my hot marijuana machine isn’t warm yet.’”

But my Levo didn’t make fun of me. It just warmed up that vegetable glycerin and poured a little in my cup.

It gets me.

Now, I know that those first exciting feelings of love fade over time.

In just a few months, the farmer and I went from making out under the flowering plum trees to wanting to kill each other while driving across the country in a 1969 lifted camouflage Subaru Brat.

Now, the Brat was one of the only other objects I’ve ever loved in my life. She had a hula girl strapped to the front and the Hulk glued to the back and it turns out that -while it was the COOLEST car ever- it wasn’t the most practical car.

It also turns out that in a loving relationship you shouldn’t make unilateral decisions like buying a lifted Subaru Brat… especially when you can’t drive said car because she’s a stick, with no power steering, and gigantic tires. You literally had to be the Hulk to drive it. Alas, I have the upper body strength of the hula girl.

But I also know that (unlike a lifted camo Subaru Brat), even when the novelty is gone, the Levo has staying power.

It makes incredibly easy, potent, delicious oils and sweet tinctures at the touch of a button. Because the Levo doesn’t grind up your plant material (like some of the other infusion devices) it makes the tastiest, most beautiful oils and sweet tinctures on the planet. VG and olive oil are two of the infusions that (IMHO) are hard to get the taste right on when you infuse them with cannabis. They are both delicious when infused using the Levo.

Clean up is another place where the Levo really shines.

With the herb press, you don’t even need to touch the plant material to squeeze out any leftover goodness, and when it comes to sticky infusions like vegetable glycerin or honey, that is a huge blessing. I’m pretty sure I joked about dipping my hands in tea to get off the infused honey in the past and I’m so glad that I don’t have to live that joke anymore. Now, I just dip the pod into a pot of hot water or into a huge cup of tea without turning into human fly paper (see below).

As for the rest of the parts, you can toss everything in the dishwasher and move on with your day.

I’ve tested sooo many other infusion methods and I’m just telling you that once you experience the cleanliness of a Levo, it’s hard to go back.

And the design… I mean… look at this thing.

Levo Oil Infuser

What I really love about the Levo and the company that makes him (cars are girls, appliances are boys… and I’ll probably get troll mail for assigning inanimate objects gender roles) is that they’re constantly designing new things that add to the functionality of the device.

The Power Pod and the Herb Press came out this month and they make the Levo a no brainer for me to recommend. They also have these great silicon cube trays for easy storage and dosing.

Unlike some of the other infusers out there, the Levo uses a magnetic stirring mechanism that doesn’t aerate your ingredients. This increases shelf life and also means that the Levo is far and away the most quiet infuser on the market.

Let’s take a break from our love story and I’ll walk you through using a Levo step by step so you can see just how simple it is.

Using a Levo

  1. Fill your pod with herbs or THE herb 😉
    Levo Oil Infuser pod with cannabis
  2. Place the pod and the magnet in the infusion chamber (I don’t know what it’s actually called).levo oil infuser top don
  3. Pour in your oil, honey or vegetable glycerin.
  4. Press start and then set your desired temperature and time (Levo has a handy guide for that).
  5. When it’s done, press any remaining oil or sweet tincture out of the pod using the herb press, rinse the pod out and put it right into the dishwasher.
  6. Place a container under the machine and press the little raindrop button to dispense your infusion directly into whatever jar or bottle you’d like to store it in.
    levo oil infuser dispensing
  7. Remove the infusion chamber and put all of the parts in the dishwasher.levo oil infuser dishwasher
  8. Wipe it down, give it a kiss, tell it how much you appreciate it, etc.

Pros + Cons

Now, I know that you guys are used to my pros and cons lists when I do reviews, but I’m not going to do that here. Because the only cons I could think of up until this point have an easy solution.

Here’s the deal on the pod size. The pod that the Levo comes with is pretty small. I think it fits about 4 grams when I weighed it. Then you have to use 2 cups of oil to reach the top of the pod. If you use cannabis that is 15% THC, that means that each teaspoon will be about 6mg THC.

So in order to make oil that is potent (like 12mg/teaspoon), you have to do a double infusion OR you have to use 1 cup of oil and fill the pod halfway and do that again for another cycle.

When I first tried the Levo, it was also a bit difficult to squeeze out the plant material and there was a lot of good stuff left in there.

The solutions?

Levo Oil infuser power podEnter the Power Pod and the Herb Press. The Levo folks came up with a pod that is twice the size of the original and makes it easy to make more potent infusions in one cycle. The Power Pod is an extra $9.99 and I would suggest that if you’re going to get a Levo, you need the Power Pod. It’s worth it to make more potent infusions without having to reload the pod every time.

levo oil infuser herb press

The herb press is simple genius and it gets every last drop out of the material while it’s still in your pod. So again… easy clean up. It’s also an extra $9.99, but if you’re making more than a couple of infusions a year, it’s worth investing in.

The Magical Butter vs. The Levo

After writing this post, a bunch of readers wanted to know which was best: The Levo or the Magical Butter? If you’re torn, you can read more about that HERE.

After a couple of years experimenting with both, they still both have a place in my kitchen, so you’ll have to check it out and see which one is best for you. [In a nutshell: Large batch/heavy use? The MB2. Small batch/home use? The Levo.]


Overall, I think for the price, the Levo is the best small batch home infuser.

I’ve tried so many methods and infusers and can honestly say that this is the only company that really put some thought into infusion and made it perfect for the home cook who loves to experiment and create small quantity/high quality batches.

Levo oil infuser with cannabis

I think that’s what makes it so loveable. It’s unique. It’s easy. It makes the most flavorful oils and sweet tinctures. It keeps my kitchen clean. It’s quiet. And it’s beautiful.

I think me and it should probably get a room.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Tell me about it below!

Much love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

69 thoughts on “Levo Oil Infuser Review: A Love Story [Updated 2021]”

      1. Kristina, we just picked up both the Levo and the Nova. My question is: when using Nova-decarbed cannabis in the Levo, would you use a lower temp and less time? What temp and how long would you recommend, since the herb doesnt need to be decarbed during the infusion process in the Levo?

        1. No, just follow the instructions. While the Nova prepares the cannabis for infusion, the Levo actually performs the infusion, binding the THC molecules to the lipids in the oils. Both processes take time and temperature. Before the Levo, I would often leave my flower simmering in the butter on the stove in a double boiler at 190 degrees for 3 – 4 hours. Time and patience – that’s key to quality infusions.

    1. Hello there, I have just received my Levo yesterday and today made some ghee … now it wont turn on again and I am concerned that i have a dud…. would anyone have any suggestions. I tried using a different power point and still working. It simply wont switch on again. TIA I love the idea of it and the freedom to enhance butters and oils etc. etc. Thanks and happy weekend.

      1. Hey Wendy! Reach out to their customer service and they can take care of you from there. Wish I could help more and hope you love your replacement or get it working again 😉

        Much love,

        1. My first levo 2 had lid issues that were common I found out. The hinge on the lid just cracked and it would not work because one side would not close right so it kept saying it was open. So I manage to get it to work with popsicle sticks wedged in, but then the little plastic part that locks it and makes it work broke too! I think it got brittle from the heat. Small cheapy made in china. But I got ahold of levo online and in two weeks I had a brand new shiny one that works. I love my Levo sooo much! I could not live a functional life without my canna meds! Now I am going to get the really new one with all the bells and whistles! Just trying to decide if I want copper or gold! Poor me having to choose! He he! I will be keeping my Levo 2 though cause I will be able to do even more!
          Also the guys that helped me were Awesome! Best machine EVER! SOO LOVE IT!
          IF they come out with one that can do larger amounts I will be all about getting it too! My 2 cents! Mrs. Green Jeans

  1. Great review!! If I could afford it i’d But it! I’m just starting to do infusion and baking. Not good at it yet. Smoking with lupus is not good idea but need edibles a bit more controlled dosage and higher at times. Thanks for such honesty love it???Kathleen

  2. OK, you have convinced me to get one. Do you know if you can use alcohol in this to make a concentrate? I am 74 and have to wait for my SS check to arrive. Black Friday special?

      I have seen you tube people put it through but only to see if they could and they are so lucky it did not explode .

  3. I want to know if there is a smell your house gets while this is working. We try to keep the smell out since we are renters and our landlords may not like it.

  4. Probably a stupid question but hey I will ask anyway. How potent is the smell while the machine is doing it’s thing? Other machines I put outside because of the potent smell.

  5. Hi! Do you have any suggestions about infusing honey or Vegetable Glycerine in the Levo? Or can you use both in the levo like you would coconut oil?

  6. Does this work for butter and coconut oil infusion? Is there a machine that infuses grain alcohol? It would be nice to not have to wait 30+days. Thanks. Peace, Love and Happiness to All

    1. Yes very well for both!! I infused Everclear 2 cups for 1/2 ounce using the extra power pod I bought at 160 degrees for 10 hours. I have no idea of the actual potency but it looked and smelled great!! I also infused local honey 2 cups to 1/2 oz at 104 degrees for 10 hours. I picked 10 hours because that’s all the machine would do.

  7. I got my machine today! I ordered it after reading this.I am so excited to try it! I don’t see any “settings” for honey on the levo site.So I was wondering if you could tell us the temp settings and if there is a good ampunt of time to set it for? Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Corinne
    I m hoping you can share a recipe with cannibas / avacado oil. If there is one in your book I’ll just buy the book. Thanks Corrine for all you do! Thank you for sharing your exsperiences so our life is a little bit easier!
    Wade Jones

  9. As soon as my ship comes in I’m going for the Levo / t-check bundle. You sold me on both Corinne. I’ve been looking for a way to produce more consistent medicine, and these two devices appear to be the cats meow.

  10. I’m so looking forward to the day I can acquire the Levo , so I can make the salves hubby & I need to alleviate our daily pain. Thank you Corrine, for all the wonderful things you do.

  11. Can you make infused honey in this machine? I’ve been googling all day but can’t figure out a straight answer. I’d probably only use it for VG tinctures or honey so I’m trying to decide if its worth the purchase price. Thank you! x

      1. Honey 2 cups with 1/2 ounce in the power pod 140 degrees for 10 hours is what I did to make VERY FANTASTIC local Sativa infused honey!!!

  12. Hi Corrine, Thank you so much for everything you are sharing! I love your detail, photos, honesty, advise and style of communication. You have been a source of confidence building to me with preparing my own tinctures and edibles and Im really excited to get my Levo! I have a question: does the Levo machine retain any odor after use? Also, I vape, any advice with using AVB with the Levo?
    Again thank you for all you are doing : )

      1. What’s AVB? I also have a Firefly 2. Love it. … and plan on getting the Levo and TCheck. Just not sure how anyone knows HOW MUCH cannabis to use each time they infuse (?).

  13. I purchased this on Monday. Did not get the discount that was being offered on Monday, but figured if you like it, I should have it. I am learning how to do all this and should have the right tools for it. I need something that will test strength next!

  14. how would you compare this product to the Magic Butter 2 . I was thinking of buying the MB2 but since reading this I am not sure which way to go. Usually do about 2-4 cups of butter but id like to try other things too like oil and a tincture. For my coffee too ; )

  15. I just made my first batch using the Lift to decarb and then the LEVO. I used 5 gms of 19% THC from a dispensary, 7 oz of MCT coconut oil. My calculations said it should be 22 Gm of THC/tsp, 5.5 per 1/4. I used the dosage calculator. However, my math might be off. Several people tried the 1/4 tsp and felt nothing. I used 1/2 tsp and still felt nothing. What am I doing wrong? I love the gorgeous LEVO, so simple. I have Magical Butter, but this seems so much easier for small batches. Thanks for all of the information you provide.

    1. It works with both, as well as, alcohol for tinctures. Use your Sunflower Lecithin in your recipes, not in the Levo. Thanks for the questions!

  16. Hello! I don’t have the power pod and had a question regarding infusing to make more potent when using flower and VG. Can I fill the 4g in the pod and infuse the VG, drain the vg out of the Levo, and then use the same VG in the Levo again but use fresh flower? thanks!

  17. I have the Levo now and I’d like to infuse some honey. Does anyone know what temperature setting and for how long would be the best to do this?

  18. Corinne, I have been following wake and bake for a few years now and have successfully used your decarb method as well as your crockpot coconut canna-oil recipe in that time. Just last month, you inspired me to purchase the magical butter, the lift and the icheck to up my game and while i am still waiting for the handy little t-meter, I have been going crazy with the other 2 machines with some pretty sweet sugar leaf. I LOVE the appliances! I have made honey and coconut oil in no time!!! I think the Levo is next so I can create many more culinary creations in small batches with specific flower as well as other herbs 🙂 I also LOVE your recipes and ordered your cookbook bundle! I have read Dazed and Infused twice and have made a honey tincture and the cupboard chiller so far and lip balm is next… just waiting on supplies from Amazon ( I really appreciate the product links you give) Thankyou so much for creating such a wealth of knowledge that I can refer to for my food creations and medicinals AND for being such an inspiration with your own personal journey! I will remain an avid and appreciative follower! And a warm welcome to Kristina!
    You both rock!
    Light and love,

    1. Awwww, thank you Jennifer! We are so happy to hear you’re enjoying the info! And thank you for the welcome, I so love working with Corinne and all of you! It’s truly a joy!

  19. The wealth of knowledge you provide has been very helpful for me! I get chronic headaches/migraines (brain injury survivor) and am still trying to figure out how to use cannabis efficiently. I have had my MMJ card for a year now ….still not sure what works what doesn’t but definitely having less head pain!!!! Hooray! I am trying to make my own edibles but thats kinda tricky without certain machines. Tcheck, Nova, or Levo….I want therm ALL but budget is tight right now. Which one would you recommend getting first?

    1. Hey Chrisele, while the gadgets definitely make the process easier, you don’t ‘have’ to have them to make your edibles. Decarbing can be done in the oven, infusing can be done in a crock pot or on the stove. Potency checking is really the only thing you can’t do without the gadget, so if it were me, I’d grab the tCheck first, and work on perfecting my decarbing skills in the oven. 🙂

  20. Do you have any suggestions on honey temperature or even VG? I bought it for honey and have yet to find a temperature. Or how you come to find a temperature. Is it 10 degrees lower than smoking point? I am so confused!

  21. I bought the Levo just because of you CORINNE!! I love this machine!!! I’ve been using it every day. BE CAREFUL with the pod…. I broke the magnet off the Power Pod. Of course through a live chat on the website and they sent me another one the same day. So their customer service is very AWESOME!! I haven’t figured out a way to fill the power pod easily but I did cut off about a 3 inch piece of a paper towel roll and it’s pretty handy!!! Pardon the high tech gadget I invented for myself HAHAHAHA!!

  22. So my partner and I bought both the Nova and the Levo after reading these reviews and we have not had the best of luck. We decarb in the Nova and then follow all directions for the Levo, so far we have done 3 batches of oil (one being infused once, one being infused twice and one being infused three times with fresh herb each time). However when we make our edibles we get varying results. The batch of gummy edible we made from the oil which was infused once gave me moderate affects but it did not affect my partner at all. And when we tried a 10g gummy from a batch made with oil twice infused, neither of us felt anything.

    Do you have any idea why our edibles are so week and so impotent??

    Thank you so mich~James

  23. Hello, good day. I have a question. To make the canabbis infutions on the levo, you need to decarb the batch of cannabis first? If so I need to purchase also the nova and the levo?
    Thanks in advanced=)

    1. If you want the cannabis to be fully decarboxylated… yes. You’ve got to do that in advance. You can either use the decarb methods listed on the site or get a Nova. Player’s choice!

      Much love,

      1. Hi Corinne,
        I bought my Levo2 over a year ago when searching a better way to decarb and infuse. I found it and fell in love and well, I am wondering… Why are people buying this “Nova” thing to decarb? My Levo2 Dries, decarbs( activates) and infuses all in one. So why would you need a Nova?

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