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Homemade Foria: a Sprayable Weed Lube Recipe [Updated 2020]

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Today, I noticed that many of you pop on this site looking for a homemade sprayable weed lube Foria recipe.

I guess the internet probably shows you the Wake and Bake site because I posted that Weed Lube recipe and tutorial up awhile back.

But that’s not what you’re looking for… now is it?

You’re looking for something liquid, sprayable, and infused with cannabis. Maybe you loved Foria so much that you’re looking for a less expensive alternative.

This has become my favorite weed lube recipe in the 5 years that I’ve been experimenting with that kind of thing. It’s affordable, high quality and I can make it as strong as I want.

It’s my favorite thing to gift friends and family (yeah… I’m that lady) and I’m constantly asking people to try new versions of it.

The old “love butter” style weed lube is a little more complicated and can yield varying results depending on the ingredients, temperature, etc.

But this formula is nearly impossible to mess up, and is much more versatile. It can be made with either flower or a variety of concentrates and can be put together quickly and easily (especially if you’re using an Ardent FX).

You don’t need to be a cannabis, chemistry or kitchen wizard to work and it has just 3 ingredients.

It can also be used as a sublingual spray (great for microdosing), massage oil, or you can put it right into any recipe that calls for a liquid oil and turn it into an edible.

The life-changing power of Weed Lube

weed lube made with hash

After talking to Ashley Manta on my podcast Pioneering Cannabis awhile back, I learned a lot more about why weed lube works.

But before then, I had no doubts that it did work. Not only had I experienced decreased pain and increased pleasure during sex while using this weed lube for the past 5 years, I also heard the stories from countless readers and students.

On the second mentorship call for the Spring 2020 class at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, students spent the first 20 minutes sharing how much weed lube had changed their lives. It was almost hard to cover our topic for the day because they were all so excited to share.

And that’s because, especially as women, our sexual health is so important to our overall fulfillment.

When things aren’t great down there, they’re not great anywhere. Even though we’re a more open society about sex in general, woman have a hard time sharing their experience with feeling numbness or pain during sex, or any perceived sexual “disfunction”.

A lot of us become disconnected from that part of our bodies, leading us to low energy, low sex drive, and even things like prolapse. If you’re here because you’re looking for relief and to start enjoying sex (maybe for the first time ever), I want you to know that painful sex doesn’t have to be your norm.

Women who have used cannabis lube to treat painful sex report that the cannabinoids help their pelvic muscles to relax and open up, helping alleviate their symptoms so they can enjoy sex.

It can also help stimulate the clitoris and increase blood flow, while potentially decreasing localized inflammation. Theoretically, weed lube turns the pleasure up while turning the pain down.

I typically like using cannabis suppositories for any kind of penetration-related cervical pain (this can also be helpful if you struggle with finding pleasure with a larger partner).

Using cannabis suppositories sexually has reportedly allowed women to achieve different types of orgasm and pleasure.

And I prefer this spray lube for any discomfort or to increase pleasure on the external side of things, the labia, clitoris or vaginal opening. Before you ask… Yes. You can use them both simultaneously.

So if you’re here and you’re experiencing anything less than stellar sex, listen to the podcast, make the lube, and give it a try. The worst thing that could happen would be that you have an oil that’s great for microdosing or for making edibles.

If you’re here because you want a gold medal in the sex olympics and are looking to uplevel your sex life, that’s great too. There are reports of 15 minute orgasms attributed to weed lube out there, so reach for the stars.

How to use Sprayable Weed Lube

homemade foria recipe

Cannabis lube isn’t used like regular lube. That’s because the point of weed lube isn’t actually to lubricate.

In Ashley’s words… it’s a “marinade”. Apply several pumps 15-45 minutes before you’re going to engage in a sexual experience.

I know it sounds like a long time, but in my experience the 30-45 minute mark is when things tend to become a lot more sensitive and when pain levels start to go down.

The amount of pumps you need will depend on the cannabis material you use and your overall sensitivity.

Doing this solo the first time is a great way to figure out what works for you. It enhances all sexual activity, even the kind without a partner.

Pay attention to the timing and any changes to sensitivity. Overall, just take your time and enjoy yourself. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself with just one solo weed lube session.

Your sensitivity down below will be heightened and everything should feel subtly more open, relaxed and pleasurable. If you ever start feeling irritated or it doesn’t feel great, just rinse it off.

Is weed lube safe?

making weed lube in the nova

Skeptics and critics like to turn their nose up at this and say that “data is lacking” or that putting cannabis in your vagina “may be unsafe.” And they’re right, data is lacking. Welcome to the wide world of cannabis.

I can only say that I’ve tested this for years and so have other women with great success. If you have sensitive skin, test it first on a small part of your body and take it very slowly when applying it down under.

If you notice any irritation or it feels like an infection is coming on, discontinue using it and see if that’s the culprit for you.

Remember, if it doesn’t work for you, no worries… This weed lubricant is edible, so you can use it to bake up a loaf of Cannabanana Bread or add it to your morning smoothie.

Is Weed Lube Only for Women?

weed lube recipe

Yes… and no. According to men who have tried weed lube, it doesn’t do anything for them. This makes sense. The tissue is very different on a penis than it is on a vulva or on the ultra sensitive clitoris.

But guys, that shouldn’t stop you from whipping up a batch of this. I can’t tell you how thrilled (and open to suggestion) your lady would be if you surprised her with a bottle or two of this stuff.

You could also put some in capsules or add it to a smoothie or milkshake, and try this aphrodisiac internally while your lady has a more topical experience.

A few male readers have mentioned that using cannabis lube on their penis helped them perform for longer. I’ve never tested this, so I’m not sure, but let us know in the comments below what your experience is.

Calculating Your Weed Lube Dosage

We get asked questions about dosage all the time, so we’ve created an edibles dosage calculator for you to do your own math.

While the variables will change in your kitchen, here’s an example for you to base your calculations off of.

This was the formula for the latest batch that I really liked:

  • 10 grams of 18% THC flower in 1 cup of MCT = 1800 mg THC in my total batch
  • This made about 6-30ml 300mg bottles. After a lot of digging, I think this is close to the weed lube industry standard of about 2-2.5mg per pumps (depending on the size bottle you use and the amount of each spray).
  • At that dosage, 4-6 pumps is a good starting dose.

Let me know in the comments what you try and what works for you.

I update the blog as often as possible with what I learn from new research and from you. Remember… we still have a lack of actionable research and we’re all learning together. Sharing helps everyone!

Sprayable Weed Lube Recipe

how to make weed lube

You can use both decarboxylated flower or concentrates with this recipe. Adjust the amount of material used based on your desired strength by using my dosage calculator.

The two simplest methods I’ve found are using an FX (or the Mini) for infusing flower into the oil.

And a the double boiler method for infusing using decarbed concentrates (I’ve only experimented with FECO/RSO, bubble hash and kief, so if you try something else, let me know).

Flower Infused Weed Lube Recipe

1. In a crockpot on warm/low or in an Ardent FX or Nova, combine:

1 Cup MCT Oil or Liquid Coconut Oil

7+ Grams Decarboxylated Cannabis Flower

2. If using a crockpot and trim, stir regularly for about 2 hours keeping the temperature at about 180 f. If using the FX or the Mini, use the infuse setting.

 3. Strain.

 4. Pour into glass spray bottles. I like storing a big batch in the fridge and using these small bottles (they’re also great for gifting)

Concentrate Infused Weed Lube Recipe

  1. in a double boiler over medium high heat, combine:

1 Cup MCT Oil or Liquid Coconut Oil

1+ Grams Cannabis Concentrate (FECO, Bubble Hash, Kief, etc.)

  1. Heat up to about 180f, stirring occasionally until fully combined (approximately 20-30 minutes). It sould be an amber color and look completely homogeneous. Bet you haven’t heard that word in awhile.
  2. No need to strain, just pour into sprayable bottles.

And you’re done!

This recipe can be found along with a bunch of other jokes and information in my latest cookbook Wake + Bake.

For feedback and questions, let me know in the comments below!


With Love,



Corinne Tobias

My name is Corinne Tobias and I’m the creator of this site that is all about cannabis and health (and having a good time combining those things!). Since 2013, I’ve helped millions of people on their cannabis journey and have been featured in publications like High Times, Merry Jane, Jezelbel, Westword, and Vice.

94 thoughts on “Homemade Foria: a Sprayable Weed Lube Recipe [Updated 2020]”

  1. Hi, thanks for the recipe, definitely going to be trying this one out. Just wanted to confirm for peace of mind, is it a teaspoon or a tablespoon of lecithin you’re recommending – I’ve made mistakes with these measurements before and screwed stuff up big time! Thanks.

      1. Hello. Can I double the amount of oil for this recipe because I’m using the magical butter machine that requires at least two cups? And then just know that I’ll have to use twice as much of the final product? Thank you.

        1. no one who is someone

          I can not use coconut oil on my skin. It makes me breakout. What Can I use as a replacement? I am so looking forward to making this. I have endometriosis and spastic pelvic floor syndrome …ugh. I am looking forward to enjoying sex again!

  2. You are wonderful–I love your blog and your sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your cannabis lube recipes! I can’t wait to try this one.

  3. Really enjoying your posts, thought I’d share my secret to getting the most “bang for your buck.” “Bounce from your ounce”
    Many years ago, I began using a table top vaporizer…when the herb was done (I use the term bunk). I would throw it away…BIG MISTAKE.
    I started saving it and decided to bake with it (what the hell right?) This…was the single greatest discovery of my life. What I have essentially been doing is carboxilating the herb a teaspoon at a time, and inhaling the vaporized goodness of everything below 338 degrees. Though the oven is a good way to do a big batch, I like this because its the definition of frugality, and really gives your stuff a second wind. Save that bunk! Try it.
    I dare you. 🙂

  4. Hi Corinne! I noticed this post is about 6 months old now. Have you tried making more batches with different amounts of BHO? Is 1g still your suggestion?

  5. Hi Corrine! Though I think I know the answer to this question already, is there any way to weed wash this oil? I’d like to remove more of the earthy smell if possible!

  6. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I bought the MB2 on your recommendation but they say you have to use two cups for the machine to work, that’s a lot of product, do you have any recommendations for cooking it longer to get more THC for the buck? Looking forward to your tincture book!

      1. It comes down to potency. You can use the required 2c minimum for the MB2 and a smaller amount of flower. Adjust your dosage accordingly. For example: if you use half the amount of flower, you’ll double the dose once you determine your personal requirements. Don’t just jump into a double dose, however, until you are comfortable with the strength of the raw materials you are using.

        Another trick is to do an 8 hour run, let it sit overnight, then run it again. Squeeze every little bit out of your flower. In either case (standard run or extended) you’re going to want to use a smaller mesh filter bag. The one that comes with the MB2 machine is fine for a first strain, but considering the possible uses for this, any plant material can be slightly irritating. Second and third filtering will solve that quite nicely. I use a 25 micron bag to finish.

        I’ve done many, many runs with this machine and I’m finding various ways to achieve the results I want for a variety of products. I use a tCheck to determine potency, (+/- 10%) and have been thrilled with the outcome.

  7. Hello Corrine, Hail from Brazil!
    I’d like to know if i just need to put my decarb weed with the MCT oil and than its done?

  8. Could I just use some of my cannaoil (coconut) and apply it or is it vastly improved by adding the lecithin and putting it in a spray bottle? Can I use previously prepared cannaoil and just add the lecithin?

  9. I have some Cannabis Oil (sub-critical Co2) concentrate… About 63% THC content, any ideas as to ratio I should use? 30/70 40/60…??

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  11. Thanks for this recipe. How many glass spray bottles (at what size) would you need for this size recipe? And where did you get your bottles from?


    1. Avatar photo

      Is it hard like a rock? Is it still maleable? Is this at room temp or in the refrigerator.

      Either way, you can reheat it and add some liquid oil like sunflower or olive oil (wouldn’t be the best flavor) until it’s the right consistency.

      Let me know how it goes!

  12. I am very interested in making this recipe but am confused about the ratios. If I use 1/2 oz of bud (pre-decarbing), which fills a 1-cup capacity measuring cup packed fairly tight, then decarb (at which point I end up with a smaller amount — maybe 1/3 cup), and follow the instructions by putting it all in my MB machine, will this work fine? I can’t figure if you are referring to the 1 cup bud in the recipe as pre- or post-decarboxylation. I have looked at a few other weed lube recipes and some call for as little as 4g per cup of MCT or coconut oil. Also, the MB machine has a minimum fill level of 2 cups, so I just used 2 cups MCT oil and the 1/3 c. decarbed bud. Based on the other recipes I’ve seen online, I’m not sure if it’s going to be really weak or really strong! I guess I’ll find out… but I’d still appreciate if you could clarify. Also, since you refer to using the MB machine, I suggest you alter the recipe to account for that 2 cup minimum because unless the bud is a nice, heaping cup, it won’t reach the minimum fill line. Thanks so much for your input and the recipe, I will post after I’m done testing the finished product. 😉

    1. the fiora lube is only 400mg or 450mgs in the whole bottle. at 400mg that’s 1 gram of 40% cannabis oil. if using a strain that grows at 15% (midgrade) you need less than 3 grams of oil. so using only an 8th of flower, even a weak flower, will be stronger than the fiora lube.

  13. I followed these instructions to a T, except I had to add 1 more cup of MCT oil to get to the minimum fill line in the MB Machine. Tried it, and was disappointed, used a TON too. So I assume it was too weak, although Doing the math, it seemed I’d be putting more in there than some other recipes recommend. I want to try this again, given that I can obtain enough to do so, and I’d have to make a double batch. Is this something I could re-infuse with more decarbed bud, rather than start from scratch? I would greatly appreciate your clarification on the above matter about the amount because if you have 1 cup bud, after decarbing the volume is much less than a full cup.Thanks Corinne!

  14. hey Corinne, you’re probably busy… thanks for the recipe, I would love if you could reply to my posts (I have one above about making it and measures cuz it’s not working as planned. Hasn’t worked at all! I wonder what I’m doing or did wrong?) I am seeing if steeping may help, do you know anything about that? Thanks in advance, answer at your earliest convenience, sorry for bugging you again. 😉

  15. You are amazing! I just want you to know that! You literally have me in stitches reading every single one of your posts. You are the best weed website out there and cant wait to buy you’re book. You are my wake and bake guru haha

  16. Just found you. And glad I did. My wife is disabled. Has reflex sympathetic dystrophy or what is now called complex regional pain syndrome. She’s had carpal tunnel, cervical spine surgery C5-6 twice, needs R knee and L shoulder joint replacement surgery. She takes brand Opana ER and IR (generic oxymorphone is useless and watered down). Narcotic therapy inhibits hormones. I use methadone and I now have to give myself testosterone shots in the ass once per week. She’s 58, I’m 54 (as of 2/17).
    Where are you located?
    Do we get a weed card and go to a local shop for the ingredients?
    Do we buy hash oil? What is decarboxylated (product)? Do we buy stuff that has already had this done or do we buy supplies and perform this ourselves?
    I’d like to try your method before feeding Foria $$. $35+ for four sex sessions is expensive.
    Also, please grant me some leeway. You know the doctors in San Diego who have been convicted of sex crimes against their patients recently? Some were past doctors of Jayne’s. We’ve had others, ob-gyns (both inside and outside Kaiser) do things which were criminal. Jayne does not have Kaiser now but I’m stuck with them. Cheapest, worst formulary, worst plan in USA. Hate them. They market gun control and SSRI’s by the bag full. Their meds are the cheapest and worst quality. They admit this and don’t care. Mandatory arbitration, confidential, makes them untouchable.
    There’s a website called It discusses alternatives to pap scrape. Thanks to my research, Jayne refuses the 53% accuracy pap now. There used to be a urine based pap test she used called Trovagene. A San Diego company. They were 93% accurate. They also do cancer testing. The HPV test was d/c due to “lack of interest.” It was deliberately left to rot. We tried getting them tv coverage. The company refused to advertise. Why? The BS is comparable to the power big companies & government has over women and birth control. Just like weed.
    The brainwashing I grew up with re weed…incredible.
    Thank you for what you’ve done. I plan on getting your cook book. And reading how weed cured you. Very interested in that.
    I was also molested by a team of nurses at Pomerado Poway CA hospital in 2010 prior to my hernia surgery. While the others watched one “messaged…” I did not allow it to “end.” Thankfully the pre-op sedation wore off. I gave them the finger and immediately I felt my IV line p/u and then woke in Recovery. The only woman I’ve made love to is Jayne. We’ve done it all…
    We’ll answer anything you want re getting out of pap.
    Also, every major lab offers HPV blood testing! Did you know that? This is the unknown alternative that can be used to rate HPV exposure while saying “hands off” and refusing the useless bimanual & rectovaginal.
    There’s also the Delphi Screener. Research this and ask why we don’t have access HERE. Perhaps Mr Trump’s daughter can influence positive hope and change. That would definitely make us better off than we were four years ago.
    Did you know that during the internal feelups every erotic spot inside (and outside) is deliberately palpated by the doctor? This causes involuntary arousal & lubrication which is why they tell you to use “cleansing breaths.”
    Did you know in the stirrups you automatically engorge for them to see every couple minutes? Same with your nipples. If they pinch them during breast exam that also causes involuntary arousal.
    I’m the son of an RN. I grew up listening to my mom & her friends discuss these perversions and how their daughters used to cry…
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    PS An Australian pathologist recently agreed with Australia’s new screening guidelines. He said dysplasia is a “common” young woman’s disease. That it resolves on its own if given enough time. That CIN1&2, even 3 most of the time, resolve on their own if given enough time. That cervical cancer is an old woman’s disease with greatest ratio at age >85. Which means sarcomas (deep tissue) cancers are hitting which pap cannot detect. [pap scrapes are “smeared” onto slides which are read by computer. A few are then oversampled (reread) by human eyes. Hence the poor accuracy. Rejected slides often result in patient being sent for colposcopy. Which is extremely painful. Watch it on youtube. You can view any gyn procedure on youtube. Endometrial biopsy, IUD insertion, (both extremely painful) can be viewed.
    Young women, those recently having birthed, can easily have pap’s that will score as cancerous. Procedures like LEEP and Cold Knife “amputate” the cervix which result in an “incompetent” cervix and automatic miscarriages plus lifelong pain, drainage, spotting, and usual hysterectomy so docs can cut out evidence of bad medicine.
    My wife and I refuse doctors if we aren’t allowed to be at each other’s sides as advocates.
    Doctors cannot feel ovaries & uterus (except perhaps the first inch) except in skinny young women. Period. This is one reason why it took actress Fran Drescher 9 office visits & multiple doctors to have her cancer diagnosed.
    Doctors insist young women have very thorough exams but can’t wait to run out the room when the patient is older and heavier.

  17. People may want to try and get a hold of cannabis distillate. It is as pure and clean of a THC product. It typically comes in 1 gram syringes, and is 90%+ THC. 1/2 of this gram would be equal to about 450mg that foria uses. Just mix with MCT oil and warm up to melt the distillate in, and you should be good to go!

    1. We use a lot of raw coconut oil so we’re ready there. And the lecithin is no problem. Foria uses 450 mg of the distillate. Is that equal to hash oil? And what about the CBD oil? Should this cost much? This is my second day researching this. This would help me a lot. Chronic pain and the narcotics just drain the body of life.
      Thank you for your help.
      Hope what I wrote helps you and any women you know.
      In Australia they just approved the Evalyn brush but d/c Delphi Screener. The Evalyn is a do it yourself pap. It’s not passive as Delphi and Trovagene, or a blood test is.

  18. I’m going to try it this weekend. Can’t get a hold of liquid lecithin so will make do without. No liquid coconut oil either so planning to replace with Avocado oil.

    To get the instructions straight (I have never made cannabis oil in my life), I need to decarb the hash first (I will use bubble hash) – I’ll do this by putting it in a tea bag made from a nylon stocking, and sous vide that in a ziplock for 60 mins at 95C/200F. Then I’ll put the teabag in the oil and sous vide that 85C/185F for 4 hours.

    Will this work?

    1. Oh! I have to use coconut oil, because of the saturated fats, I read it in another post. I’ll have to wait then till Amazon pulls through…

      I’m more concerned about my filtering method… with the stocking tea bag…

    2. Avatar photo

      Hi Izzy,

      I’m not very familiar with sous vide and I’ve never used it to decarb. I hope another reader can jump in here and help you out…

      Much love,

  19. Okay, another feather in the cap. I have done tinctures, salves and oils with the MB machine, using a variety of base oils/solvents (coconut, everclear, etc). Thought I’d give this one a go.

    Here’s what I did:
    2 cups of liquid coconut oil. You can get it at any health food store or on online.

    3/4 oz. of my recently harvested/cured Mean Queen strain. It’s a local hybrid (Mean Green and Space Queen) with apprx. 19% THC and .6 CBD. I grew it from a clone obtained from a dispensary. I’m using flower since I prefer the flavor, aroma and clean “chain of custody” for my product. I control everything from sprout to dropper/spoon/capsule.

    I only used 3/4 oz. for this first go as a test. I’ll likely increase the flower material in subsequent batches once I self-titrate. To be clear for those running a MB machine: you NEED to decarboxylate your material. Just learn to do it with your home oven (calibrated) or with one of those nifty machines from Ardent. It’s not difficult. Really.

    I added vitamin e oil (about 3 T) and 1 T of liquid lecithin. Since I am using cured and decarbed flower, there is a slight haze to my finished product, despite using the 190 filter bag that came with my machine. It’s not enough to create any sort of graininess in texture. I might run it through a natural coffee filter to further clarify it.

    The aroma and flavor are a concentrate of the Mean Queen strain I started with, so I’m happy with that result. This is my intention with the concentrates I am making, so it’s been a happy morning. As for the intended use for this particular lube/oil, this is where rigorous testing and scientific method come into play! And I’m a scientist. Well, I play one on TV. It has a lovely texture for massage and other blessed events.

    I’ll update once I determine potency and effects. Just taken a dropper of the stuff orally to see how I did compared with other edible oils, but so far the flavor indicates success.

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        1. I’m not sure how old this post is, but I’m just getting caught up and I peed my pants in the process. This is the best Fuggin’ website ever Corinne! Now back to my oil makin’ , lube rubbin’ cannabis tastin’ bibiddy bobiddy boo wake and bake recipes! Yes!

    2. He’s WHAT? An idiot maybe.
      I want nothing to do with a devil whoreshipper.
      As for Trump? He’s already done more for USA than Obummer ever did. And that’s before he’s even taken his oath of office.
      You want a miracle? Pray to Jesus. The ONLY true God.

  21. Yes! Spells and incantations are the next logical step in the burgeoning cannabis industry. I just can’t figure out where in the spell to add my precious botanicals. This is a problem. I tried Spell #5 (invisibility) last night, and added the cannabis at the end of a six hour processing run. Oh boy was that a mistake! Instead of ME becoming invisible, both my dogs and half of a cat just disappeared. I could hear them, but they were totally invisible. It’s a good thing I only used an ounce of flower, otherwise the whole neighborhood might have vanished.

    Hortons, we need some more information so we don’t inadvertently create a black hole and swallow the planet. We have enough problems, and a black hole isn’t useful right now (maybe tomorrow…in DC). More importantly, you don’t have any spells to reverse this magick! I know my dogs are hungry, but I don’t know where to feed them. Please help with refining these spells for easier incanting. Maybe you could ask Corinne if she would include a chapter on this technique in her upcoming book. You could call it “Here’s Hortons Whos, Whats, and Wheres.” Just a thought.

  22. Great article. Gf and I have been testing the product for a while now with our own formula, which is basically the same. 8oz coconut oil, 21 grams of trim (or 7 grams of bud), 1 Tablespoon lecithin. Seemed to work on the gf, but the problem is the finished product looks really green and unappealing. Any way to get rid of the unsightly color? Trim comes out darker than buds, but both very green. Thanks much.

  23. This worked for me:

    4g mid-grade hash. 60 ml coconut oil
    Decarbed the hash alone in a sous-vide, 95C for 60 minutes
    Mixed the decarbed hash and the coconut oil, 4 hours, 85C in the sous-vide
    Strained the mix through a tea bag

    Could have been stronger I think. Pussy stoned but I expected more… and my tolerance isn’t even that high. It did allow me to have anal sex for the first time ever though, so… xD

  24. Can I use RSO (rick Simpson oil) to make this? It only takes orally ingesting about a grain of rice size to get me way stoned (low tolerance) so, does anyone have experience making it with rso?

  25. What’s up, I tried the recipe with 2 c. MCT oil, 2 Tbsp lecithin, and about 32g of decarboxylated bud, a strain called Narnia that I had smoked before and could tell had the horny properties I was after… problem was, I followed the recipe and at first only had enough to fill the MB2 halfway to the min line so I had to get more bud, and that third time I used the Ardent Lift, it kept going on its cycle, the light never turned green so the bud was in there overnight. I’m not sure if that may have “ruined” some of the THC, but anyway, otherwise almost doubled the recipe to fill the MB2 up enough. Strained. Looks and smells like it should. And I think it works but it could be stronger, I definitely am going to contact the person I bought the Lift decarb machine from, as it may have made the finished product less potent — I expected more, as I have gotten randy as hell by smoking some strains, I was expecting the same feeling with the lube. 4-6 sprays did make solo sex more intense and I could have kept going all night, but beforehand, I didn’t get that “burning desire” I was after. Is that typical? It definitely feels different, and I have yet to try it with a partner, so that could make the difference… I’ll update as my “testing” continues.

    My question is, does anyone think that the Lift staying on overnight (??? It worked fine the first few times) may have scorched some of the THC in the 10g or so I added afterward (first added 22g, then did the math and 10g was about what I needed for the same ratio and to fill up the machine), thus making the finished product less potent?

    AND, more importantly, if an oil or tincture isn’t to strength, can you add to it and run it through the MB2 again? Or would that be ruining the semi-potent product I have now? I may try to mix it with another, stronger batch, and just use a crockpot the second time so I don’t have a minimum line to reach on the MB2.

    Any input is much appreciated!!!!!!

  26. So, I have 1.5g of “Budder King Budder” (99.7% THC content), that i really want to use to make DIY Yoni-Bomber Lube… I guess my question is, how much fractionated coconut oil would I need to infuse it into for a woman to get a good bajingo buzz from 4-6 spritzes?

    1. I should probably qualify my comment by saying my wife is a sturdy gal, but has really REALLY low tolerance. ie, one CBD cannagel last year gave her the best night’s sleep she’d had in decades….

      Also, very funny blog/posts/recipes/articles. Love your writing style, Corinne! Very much like my own (to me, anyway!)

  27. I really enjoy your recipes and site. This particular recipe is concerning though, because it is a bad idea to use oil of any kind on your lady parts, especially if penetration is involved. I can give you a nasty, smelly yeast infection. That’s why the commercial lubes are made with water and PG…so they will be water soluble. Maybe a PG recipe would work better?

    Anyway, thank u so much for putting all this information out there. I’ve enjoyed the education almost as much as the humor.


    1. That is not always the case! Commercial lubes don’t use oil primarily because it degrades latex, not for feminine health reasons (I used to be in the business of public sexual health). If you use condoms or dental dams or tend to get infections after using oil as lube, definitely discontinue use. However, the majority of women don’t have a problem using coconut oil as a lube 🙂

    1. It may shrink “some” due to drying, but not noticeably. You should be able to measure one cup and be ok. If anything, make it a heaping cup. 🙂 Thanks for the question, and good luck!

  28. Thank you! I’m definitely gonna make this ASAP. Can you tell me what the gross word is that allows this to be absorbed into women’s genitals and not men’s? I’m very interested. Haha thanks again!

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  30. An intact man (one with his entire penis structure who hasn’t been circumcised) has the capacity to absorb cannabinoids through his mucus membranes just like a woman.
    Either with direct application or shared from the woman during intercourse.

  31. Hello, I live in Germany and my English is very bad so I have to use a translation program. can you please send me the foria recipe by mail?

  32. I love this idea because I have used foria and not so much impressed it’s more just a tingle.. I have powder lethicin is that something that would still work if fully dissolved or should I purchase the liquid form?

  33. Look at the Ardent Nova. I have both and use the Nova to decarb before the MBM. Or for small batches low as an ounce use the Nova to decarb and infuse. So with both can make small or large infusions.

    1. Avatar photo

      Great question!
      This was the formula for the latest batch that I really liked:
      10 grams of 18% thc flower in 1 cup of MCT = 1800 mg THC in the total batch
      This made about 6 30ml 300mg bottles and should set you up to be similar to the weed lube industry standard of about 2-2.5mg per pumps (depending on the size bottle you use and the amount of each spray).
      At that dosage, 4-6 pumps is a good starting dose.

      Does that help?

  34. ‘And a the double boiler method for infusing using decarbed concentrates (I’ve only experimented with FECO/RSO, bubble hash and kief, so if you try something else, let me know).’ So if I have some RSO, how much would you recommend to use for this recipe, and could i then make it in my Nova? Thanks Corrine! You are fabulous! Blessed be.

    1. Avatar photo

      It depends on the dosage? Has it been lab tested? If not, you can guesstimate using dosage math. I’ll have a tutorial up for that soon!

    1. Avatar photo

      Great question! I’ll have to add that in… nope… can’t be used with condoms and I’m not sure how an oil does with silicone… I’ll hve to look into it.

      1. Actually, it can with some condoms. So long as they aren’t latex. Check the label. There’s a few different brands.
        But latex will break down quickly and, viola, gone!

        1. Avatar photo

          I thought it was all condoms! That’s awesome! Now I’m on the hunt for weed lube friendly condoms. Share here if you find any that would qualify! xoxo – CT

    1. Avatar photo

      Hey Dennis,
      Great question!
      It’s not so much about sativa vs. indica vs. hybrids. The percentage of THC and CBD in the plant must be considered. The different terpenes (which give specific strains their “flavor” and helps shape the effect) will change the end result.

      I hope this helps! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected] 🙂

      -Maddie (Team Wake + Bake)

    1. Avatar photo

      Hey Paula!

      That just depends on the strength of the trim you are using! Use a lot if you want it to be super strong 🙂

      Feel free to use our Free Dosage Calculator on the site.

      I hope this helps! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

      -Maddie (Team Wake + Bake)

  35. Hi Corrine, i know that this recipe calls for THC flower but have you had any success with CBG or CBD infused weed lube?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Canales

  36. HI Corinne, do you decarb your concentrate before adding to MTC? I’ll be using a gram or shatter or wax to make it. Thanks for the recipe!

  37. Hi Corinne!

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

    I tried Foria pleasure a couple of years ago and I totally fell in love with it. I have been looking for an easy way to get the Foria to Amsterdam but I haven’t had much success.

    Therefore, I am totally making this magic O-potion asap. I was just wondering if I can cook it with the Bain-marie method?



    1. Avatar photo

      Hey Roxana!

      It’s worth a try! We used the double boiler method, but the Bain-marie method is worth trying 🙂

      -Maddie (Team Wake + Bake)

  38. Hey Corrine,

    I tried the Concentrate Infused Weed Lube recipe above, but my wife is reporting absolutely no effects, even with spraying quite a bit 6+ sprays and waiting over an hour, not using any other weed or substances to properly gauge its effects. I used a Full Spectrum Hash Oil, which I believe should work and be fully decarbed. I did the double boiler method, and made sure I was keeping the temperature between 180-200. The only real change I made was to use .5g and 4oz of MCT oil, effectively halving the recipe. Any ideas? Was the FSHO not the right choice?

    I even tried putting it into a slow cooker on low for a couple hours to see if that would help, as many recipes seem to involve that step, but still no effects at all. Any help would be appreciated!

  39. Hey Corinne,

    I followed your recipe here for the Concentrate Infused Weed Lube, but after multiple attempts with 6-8 sprays, my wife has reported absolutely zero effects. I followed the recipe in every way except for using Full Spectrum Hash Oil instead of FECO. Based on my research, it seemed like that should work fine. I heated both up in a double boiler, maintained temps near 180, and combined the FSHO with MCT oil.

    After a couple attempts, I even tried to heat it up again for a couple hours on low in a slow cooker, since many recipes include that step and I figured there may be a chance that I was wrong, and the FSHO was not fully decarbed. Temps were around 200 in the slow cooker. Still, though, no results at all.

    Was FSHO the wrong choice? Am I missing something else, here? Is my hash oil salvageable in some way? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

    1. Avatar photo

      Have you tried testing it orally to make sure it’s decarbed?

      I’ve done a lot of digging over the years and it can be very hard to find out if a concentrate was previously decarboxylated. Some sources say that all Full Spectrum Oils are not decarboxylated. I’ve had budtenders tell me concentrates were decarboxylated only to check with the company afterward and find out they weren’t. Testing the weed lube orally (or if you don’t like that experience, finding someone who does) would let you know if that’s possibly what’s happening.

      If you know it’s decarbed, the next question I would ask is: have you done the dosage math and measured how many mg are in each spray? I like doing this and comparing it to foria’s so I know if I need to adjust the number of sprays used to get just about the same mg.

      If it is decarbed and you feel confident about the dosage math, it’s possible that she could use more (everyone is different) or that it just doesn’t work for her. I gave a bottle to someone and she used the whole thing (due to a miscommunication) and reported not feeling much of a difference. But other women have told me a few sprays changed their lives completely.

      Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the data to know if this is a placebo effect or not. But if it is, nobody needs to tell me. I’m okay with not knowing 😉

      I hope that helps! Let us know what works/doesn’t work.

  40. My local dispensary carries a concentrate made with MCT oil. Could I just use that or would I need to use the double boiler method still?

  41. I was wondering if you have any knowledge on masking the weed smell from the oil? Is there some ingredients that you can infuse with your cannabis that counteract the strong cannabis smell that are also safe to ingest or rub on skin?

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