ABV Oil – Getting the Most from Your Flower

What’s ABV Oil?

Some people call it ABV and some people call it AVB (already been vaped or already vape bud, respectively) but they both stand for the same thing – the material you get from your dry herb vaporizer when you’re done vaping.

In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about making ABV oil.

Word to the wise: This is impossible to dose. In a previous version of this recipe, we recommended the tCheck. We don’t use the tCheck at Wake and Bake and we cannot vouch for its accuracy at this time, so keep in mind that you won’t really know how strong your ABV oil can be.

Let’s Talk about Vaping Flower

firefly II vaporizer

Many of us, when we hear the term “vaping” we think of e-cigarettes, cannabis oil, and little miniature electronic devices for smoking cannabis concentrates. However, your bud, or flower material, can also be vaporized if you have the proper device.

Vaping vs. Smoking

If we have learned anything from the tobacco industry, we know smoking isn’t great for our health. Even aside from the lung cancer argument, inhaling specs of burning plant material and hot smoke into our throat and lungs, simply doesn’t sound pleasant.

Vaporizing cannabis doesn’t combust anything, nothing burns. Instead, a small oven boils the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor which you can safely inhale. With the advanced technology available today, these devices can get pretty specific on the smoking experience. Here’s a few a couple pointers with any cannabis vaporization device:

  • Low temperatures (350-370 degrees) generally are more flavorful with less intense cerebral effects, more uplifting and increases alertness.
  • Higher temperatures (390-420 degrees) produce stronger potency and intensity, more sedative and relaxing.

So, anyway… once you’re done vaping, you’re left with cannabis material which has turned brown in color, and almost resembles tobacco. However, there are still cannabinoids in your ABV cannabis material, so don’t just throw it out! (Like I have been… for months… second face palm of the day.)

ABV Cannabis Oil Recipe

Do like we’ve started doing, we picked up a nice jar with a sealing lid and we keep it with or near our Davinci, so when we use it, and clean out the oven, we have container nearby to collect the “leftovers”, or ABV cannabis, when we are done. Now, the material does shrink some during vaporization, so depending on how often you vape, it may take you awhile to accumulate enough material. To quote Dazed + Infused,

“I used myFirefly II vaporizer almost daily for over 2 months and could only accumulate 1/4 cup of ABV because it conserved the bud so well that I could keep toking it for the whole day without going through a small bowl.”

However, once you’ve collected enough ABV material, here’s how you can make magic from something others consider trash.

ABV Oil Recipe

Here’s what you need:

  • ABV (Already Been Vaped Cannabis Material)
  • Enough oil to cover the plant material
  • A double boiler with a meat thermometer

Step One: Skip Decarbing! Yay! The plant material you retrieve from your vaporizer has already been decarbed through the process of vaporization.

Step Two: Put the ABV in the double boiler, and pour in enough oil to just cover the plant material.

Step Three: Let the water in the double boiler come to a boil and watch the temperature. Don’t let the oil get over 180°.

Step Four: Allow to simmer for at least 2 hours, watching the temperature, and stirring occasionally.

Step Five: Strain with cheesecloth or a strainer, and your oil is ready to use in your favorite recipes, salves, and what have you.

What About the Potency?

There’s no way to truly know how potent your ABV oil is. Your best bet is to start low and slow and experiment as you go.

21 thoughts on “ABV Oil – Getting the Most from Your Flower”

  1. Hi! How did you measure the thc content? I just made some edibles (my first!) with abv oil. I started with about 15g of lightly vaped flower. I estimated the abv to be at 5%, or 750mg for the whole batch, which I portioned into 45 servings. I like to medicate lightly, so I figured I could cut a piece in half or quarters. Well, I licked the spoon (delicious!) and had one other small nibble and I was high as a kite for six hours! It was an enjoyable six hours, but I’m a busy mom with little kids (fortunately I was home alone for a rare afternoon). I’m almost afraid to test it again. I wonder if I should do a little more math with the thc content in the strains I used. All the abv was mixed in the same jar, so I would have to make a guesstimate.

    1. Hey Martha! Corinne uses a TCheck to test the potency of her oils. The newest one measures CBD content too! Here’s a link to the TCheck blog if you’d like to learn more.

      1. The problem with TCheck is they want $150 per year for the subscription to break down the content of your sample. That’s outrageous.

  2. Hi there! I discovered this blog on Pinterest a month or two ago and can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the information from y’all. I’m totally fascinated with everything you can do with cannabis and what cannabis can do for you.

    After reading tons of posts on Pinterest about infusing oil with my ABV material, I was confident on what to do and could have done it with my eyes closed. But then, my husband stepped in and took over… after watching a video on YouTube. [A] video… as in ONE video… of a teenage girl who didn’t know squat. Needless to say, he did it all wrong. Especially when he was adding the oil. He kept adding and adding and adding. Even though I kept telling him it was way too much for the amount of ABV we had. So, I don’t know which question to ask first… How do I keep my husband out of the kitchen and the oil infusing process? Or, Is there anything I can do with our super weak coconut oil? Thank you! ?

    1. LOL, first thanks so much for the giggle this morning, loved your comment! Here’s my advice… a) yup… keep the hubby out of the kitchen. I typically send mine out on the disc golf course. 😉 B) Unfortunately, about the only thing you can do to save the current batch is infuse it again with more material. 🙁 Good luck with both!

  3. I gathered up my old used vape material (ABV) & washed it in clean water about 3 times to get the cleanest base material I could. I read that somewhere! I came out with 3 oz. of cleaned ABV! I dried it first then put it all in my MBM2 and covered it with melted Organic Coconut oil & set it at 2 hrs. at 160 degrees. After filtering through the MBM2 provided filter and my own pool filter which is much finer (75 vs 25 microns). After collecting and settling I was left with a dark green yet good looking 3 1/2 cups of what I call Dark Budder! Making brownies & cookies we soon realized it was a great sleep aid. It’s also good for pain and & body relaxing. It’s mellow and a great way to stretch your dollar if you’re a patient. For those ‘light’ users you may find it stronger so be careful and dose small to begin with as with any edibles. Heavy stoners can just munch and go to sleep within an hour or two! it’s up to you! There IS life after vape!

  4. One thing I can’t figure out-in the prep process for any kind of canna oil, infusion, etc, temps are kept lower to avoid burning off all the beneficial compounds. But when you go to bake with the canna oil or butter, ordinary baking temps are specified-325 for brownies, etc. What is the science behind that, knowing that the prep stages for the butter/oil you shouldn’t go that high? Is there an internal baking temperature factor that keeps the baked goods from having all the goodness baked out of them? Or is it something else? Or is the oil/butter “stable” at that point and temps are not as much of a concern?

    1. The internal temperature of the brownies rarely goes above about 180 degrees. Since THC doesn’t boil off until 314.6 degrees, as long you’re not burning your brownies, you’ll have plenty of “goodness” in there! 🙂

  5. now it makes sense why the first time I infused oil, I got high while I was making it!
    I Didn’t no it was too hot and the drug was floating in the air of my kitchen!

  6. Time-saving tip – you don’t need to let it sit for 2 hours. You do not need a double-boiler or any complex set-up either. Simply microwave your coconut oil until it gets to about 160-170 degrees, then stir in your AVB (I’ve always heard it referred to as “already-vaped bud”) and keep stirring for about 5 minutes. That gets the vast majority of the cannabinoids off the plant material and into the oil. (I know this because I work at a cannabis testing lab, and I tested my AVB before and after – less than 1% remained after stirring for 5 minutes). A quick strain of the oil (I use cheesecloth and a potato ricer) and you’re good to go. I usually go for a half oz of AVB to 2 cups of oil, which gives about 1.5 cups after straining. If you have enough AVB, you can top up your oil to 2 cups again and run another half oz through the same oil to increase the canna concentration. Also, this doesn’t stink out your house like it would if you let it sit for 2 hours!

    1. Once you get your oil can you use it in a brownie mix? And also, say the package calls for 1/3 cup of oil. Should you only use 1/3 of your AVB or will that make them not potent enough?

      1. Yes, it makes a nice brownie mix because it doesn’t taste of weed as much! And it all depends on how much AVB you extract into your oil. Get as much in there as possible!

  7. Hi l would like to get some but are unsure how do it do you supply it and if so how much does it cost and do you have the recipe for the chocolate bears or the chocolate

  8. What about AVB In a tincture. Would that work? Would I just pour alcohol over it , leave it in a dark bottle, dark place, and let it sit for few wks? I think yes.

  9. Has there been any discussion regarding the use of a sous vide in making the ABV oil. I have used this method for decarbing bud for making butter. Works well. Let me know what you think about this process.

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  11. I was gifted 3.25 ounces of ABV and curious what quantities to use in my MBM2 for butter and lecithin ? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

    1. I have found using 14 grams of ABV per pound of butter (high fat content) works very well. It will all depend on how the original was treated. I have set my vaporizer at 392°, seems to work the best for its ABV afterlife. The last batch I made tested at 33mg of THC per ml. That’s fine with me. I use a tCheck2 for tests, so there is a 10% margin for error. The only way to really find out, being it was a gift and don’t know the quality of the original, is make what you want, and test it. Then go from there. Best of luck, enjoy.

  12. If lecithin can enhance the thc uptake in the body, would you want to add it to the making of the abv oil to get the most out of it??

    1. Hey Aaem!

      Have you read our blog on lecithin?
      Adding lecithin will make your oil more effective, but it’s a personal preference if you’re wanting it to feel the effects faster and stronger.


      – Victoria (Team Wake + Bake)

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