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CBG Flower Review: Where to buy the BEST CBG Flower

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After last week’s Cannabis Study Club: Does CBG Live Up to the Hype?, we got many questions about where to buy CBG flower. 

(TL;DR – We use this source to buy CBG Flower.You can use the code WAKEANDBAKE for 15% off)

In Study Club, Andrea Meharg of Reveal Cannabis walked us through the science and potential uses for CBG. Everyone in the Club was excited to try it and start making their own CBG oil and edibles. 

Here at Wake + Bake and over at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, we’ve seen so many people have life-changing, health-transforming experiences by incorporating CBG into their cannabis regimen. 

I’ve heard a lot from people incorporating CBG to overcome chronic pain and digestive issues, and they’re singing the praises of CBG. 

I made a batch of CBG oil for my dad, and it decreased his blood pressure to the point where he could reduce the amount of medication he was taking. We’re still testing it, but it’s been promising so far.

Many readers and students have told us that adding CBG to CBD has increased the benefits they’ve experienced over using CBD alone.

I never leave out the CBG when I’m making cannabis oils, tinctures, and edibles now that we can buy CBG flower and have it shipped directly to us here in the US. 

Now, I will say that if you’re not the DIY type -or if you just want to try CBG before bringing it into your kitchen- you can always buy organically grown, high-quality CBG Oil (I like this one). 

But there’s one big problem with buying CBG oil. It can get expensive over time, especially if you require higher doses. 

While I’m all about investing in things that improve your health, I also know that making your own CBG oil and cannabis products is a great way to save money, control ingredients, and provide affordable medicine to your family and community.

CBG oil can be a bit more expensive and hard to find because it’s still the hot, new cannabinoid on the market. 

How much does CBG Oil Cost?

With a cannabinoid that has been dubbed the Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids, premade CBG oil and products typically sell for a premium. 

Pre-made CBG oil on its own can cost $99 for 900mg – typically a month’s supply (see below to see how much you can save by making your own CBG oil).

Buying CBG oil can be a great way to test out a new cannabinoid, but when you find something that works for you, shelling out $100/month can make it hard to stay consistent and reap the full benefits over time.

How to Make CBG Oil Affordable

CBG Flower Review

Buying your own CBG Flower and making a CBG Oil recipe that you can incorporate into edibles or take sublingually is the most affordable way to incorporate CBG into your cannabis and health journey.

I’ve heard thousands of questions from folks over the years, and I know that cooking with cannabis and making your own cannabis oils and tinctures can be intimidating.

Cannabis is a dynamic plant medicine, and it can be even more complex when you branch out from THC and start incorporating CBD and CBG into your edibles recipes. 

But I want you to know that it is absolutely possible to make your own edibles and custom oils and tinctures that save money and work better for you than the things you can buy in the dispensary.

If you’re new to cooking with cannabis, check out my Cannabis Cooking Masterclass, and I’ll walk you through the whole process so you can save hundreds of dollars a year on oils, tinctures, and edibles.

When you sign up, you get instant access to a bonus class that walks you through making CBG oil, so you can see how simple the process is. You can enroll in the masterclass here.

How much does buying CBG flower Cost?

The cost of CBG flower varies, but it’s more affordable than it’s ever been. A few years ago, you couldn’t find it anywhere, and it was sometimes double the cost of high THC flower. 

Right now, you can buy 12% CBG flower for as little as $60 per ounce. 12% CBG may seem slightly low if you’re used to buying high THC flower and seeing 25%+ on the label. 

Because high CBG genetics are pretty new, I suspect that we’ll see that number climb in the coming years as breeders get better and better at increasing the amount of CBG the plant creates.

But even using 12% CBG flower saves so much money when making your own CBG oils and tinctures. 

Cost Breakdown: Buying CBG Flower to make your own CBG Oil

Using Wake + Bake’s free edibles dosage calculator, I ran the numbers on exactly how much CBG oil you can make with a $60 oz of CBG.

CBG flower review - Cost comparison of CBG oil

By buying your own CBG flower and making the CBG oil recipe, you can cut your CBG costs by over 50%.

Decarboxylating and infusing in the Ardent FX gives you 86-95% extraction of your cannabinoids depending on the carrier oil you use (olive oil did the best in their lab tests). 

So you can expect to get anywhere from 2500-2800 mg of CBG oil for about $60 plus the cost of carrier oil (about $20). That’s like buying three bottles of CBG oil for less than the price of one!

Where can you buy CBG flower?

When you start making your own CBG oils, CBG tincture, or CBG edibles, sourcing high-quality, organically grown CBG flower is the most crucial first step. More than some other plants, it’s essential to buy hemp and cannabis that doesn’t use commercial pesticides and herbicides.

The cannabis plant is a bioaccumulator, which means that it sucks up all the gnarly stuff in the soil. This means that growing more hemp could improve the health of our soils and reduce some of the burdens from heavy pesticide, fungicide, and chemical fertilizer use.

Unfortunately, when farmers are growing cannabis on land that has been exposed to chemical inputs, it can result in heavy metals and residual pesticides, fungicides, and chemicals in your medicine. 

Ensure the CBG flower you buy has been lab-tested by a third party and always ask for a COA (certificate of analysis) if one isn’t provided to you.

When I set out to buy CBG flower, I looked for a source that could provide CBG that was grown using organic methods and inputs, supported small farms, and that would be available year-round.

I tried a few companies and then came across Sacred Smoke Herbals and have been buying their CBG flower ever since. As a bonus, Sacred Smoke is also a women-owned company (an unfortunate rarity in the cannabis and hemp industries).

CBG Flower Review

best CBG flower

Spoiler alert: In most cases, buying CBD and CBG flower isn’t a top-shelf affair just yet. I’ve purchased and tested a few different types of CBG flower that contained seeds and weren’t as sticky and smelly as the top shelf high THC flower we have access to here in Colorado.

I’ve smoked some CBD and CBG pre-rolls that were dry and brutal.But the great thing about turning CBG flower into oils, tinctures, and edibles is that it’s not as crucial that the flower is of smokeable quality.What is essential is that the CBG flower you use is organically grown, so you’re not inadvertently tainting your medicine with pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals. 

CBG Flower Review – Sacred Smoke’s White CBG

I’ve been purchasing CBG flower from Sacred Smoke for well over a year now and have made countless infusions using both their CBD and CBG flower. 

Because Andrea at Sacred Smoke sources from several small farms, and she’s located in a place with a high concentration of organic hemp farms, I’ve never run into an issue with her CBG selling out.

This CBG flower review is for a cultivar called White CBG. Most of the cultivars of CBG I’ve come across include the term White or frost. Other CBG strains available include: 

  • The White
  • White Whale
  • Jack Frost
  • Frosted Cake
  • John Snow

White CBG Flower Review

When I opened my first order of CBG from Sacred Smoke, all of the White and Frost names made sense. The CBG flower was covered in white crystals.

I’ve ordered the White CBG at different times of the year, and it seemed to smell the freshest in the winter, after harvest.

Buying CBG shortly after harvest and storing it in your own jars is a great way to preserve freshness and to ensure you don’t run out. 

On the flip side, if you’d like to save more money, buying during the summer when farmers try to get rid of old inventory or buying smalls and shake is a great option. 

When we make oils and edibles that are decarboxylated, most of the volatile terpenes are destroyed in the process, so it’s not as important to buy fresh, high-terpene CBG flower for those purposes.

Of all of the CBG flower I’ve tested, I keep coming back to the CBD and CBG flower from Sacred Smoke, and it’s the one I recommend.You can use the code WAKEANDBAKE to save 15% off your purchase at Sacred Smoke.

Buying CBG Flower in Canada

When I talked to Andrea Meharg – the lead Cannabis Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute (and our resident Canadian) – about buying CBG flower in Canada, she reminded me how different the hemp scene is outside of the US.

While we can have it shipped to our door down here, our friends up north will have to do a little more legwork.

In Canada, strains containing CBG are starting to pop up in provincial and territorial stores, but it’s still tough to come by. Andrea’s local dispensary currently has one strain containing 3.5% CBG, and she says people are “going nuts for it because it’s the only one we can get.”

Takeaways: Where to Buy CBG Flower?

In the US, we recommend buying CBG flower from Sacred Smoke Herbals (she also has affordable organically grown CBD flower that we highly recommend for making a CBD oil recipe or for making custom ratio oil blends). 

In Canada, ask your local dispensaries if they have CBG products. If not, let them know you would love to see more CBG. The demand for this promising cannabinoid is sure to be on the rise as more and more people try it and spread the word. 

Questions? Comments? We love hearing from you, so drop your thoughts in the box below! [all comments are held for review, so your comment won’t appear instantly. No promotions, spam, or trolls allowed 😉]

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