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Best Weed for Sex (The Facts, Science, and Best Strains) [Updated 2023]

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Like sex itself, Cannabis can be a powerful sensual experience. 

Combine the two mindfully, and you can elevate a purely physical exchange into one that – cue the Marvin Gaye, rainbows, and flying unicorns – brings you a sense of ecstasy and bliss.

Cannabis Coaching Institute

If you’re reading this now and experiencing sexual dysfunction, pain, anxiety, or are feeling shut down around sex, bliss and unicorns may seem like a far cry from where you are.

Like all of life, sex can be tricky. Sex can be downright weird. And for many humans, sex can be triggering or painful. 

Negative thoughts can quickly barge into the bedroom like a toddler who is supposed to be taking a nap. Among the problems that might arise, here are just a few:

  • Physical pain, numbness, or insensitivity
  • Performance anxiety 
  • Insecurities about your body or appearance
  • Fixation on your or your partner’s physical pleasure (or lack thereof)
  • Worries about work, your overgrown lawn, the leaking bathroom faucet, and a million other possible distractions 

As a result, your post-coital glow may be soured with gloom and tainted by feelings of isolation and disconnection. 

The good news? Science and anecdotal evidence both back up the idea that Cannabis can boost your experiences in the sack.


Best Weed for Sex: What the Research Says

best weed for sex

To get better at sex, you have to actually be having sex.

Getting elevated with Cannabis is scientifically linked to more chances of getting down. 

Stanford University School of Medicine study found that regular use of weed often correlates with a greater number of sexual encounters. Cannabis users have up to 20% more sex than those who didn’t use Cannabis.

Of course, more sex is not always better sex. But some research suggests that regular Cannabis users also have more orgasms than infrequent users. 

“After adjusting for race and age, women with frequent marijuana use, regardless of use before sex or not, had 2.10 times higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than those with infrequent marijuana use.” (The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women via Pubmed)

Interestingly, women in this study didn’t necessarily have to use Cannabis right before sex to have increased odds of orgasm. 

With all of the health-promoting and relaxation aspects of supplementing with cannabinoids, easier orgasms could come from the cumulative effect of feeling better overall. Perhaps regular Cannabis users are more open with communication. 

All we really know is that weed consumers seem to be having more sex, and they’re enjoying it more.

Even though the research is promising, Cannabis is a dynamic plant medicine. 

Here’s what I mean by that: There is no “best weed for sex”. Every strain/cultivar is different. We have unlimited cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles. And every human has a unique endocannabinoid system that is constantly changing.

Want to know more about the Endocannabinoid system? Listen to Wake + Bake Podcast Episode 104: Why Does Cannabis Work?

what is the Endocannabinoid system

This is especially true for women whose endocannabinoid system shifts throughout their cycle (for example – anandamide peaks during ovulation and drops during your period). 

I say all of that not to scare you away from using weed for sex, but to remind you that Cannabis and hemp are medicines that benefit from education, intention, and tracking. 

The truth is that the best weed for sex will be different for everyone.

That’s because “the best weed” is weed used by curious and intentional humans who are excited to explore and integrate what they learn.

So in this post, I’m not just going to give you a list of strains and call it a day (because that wouldn’t be the full picture). Instead, we’ll discuss how you can incorporate Cannabis into your sexual evolution from where you are right now.

Pretty high minded, eh? (puns are back due to popular demand).

Jokes aside, I hope you leave this post with a list of things to explore that increase your connection to yourself, your capacity for pleasure, and your relationship with your sexual partner(s). 

The Process: Figuring out What Cannabis is Best for Your Sex Life

The process is simple, but it takes time.

Cannabis Coach Pro Tip: It’s best to work on one issue or desire and one method at a time so that you can track things easily. Starting off with too many issues or too many products will make it take much longer to track and find what works.

  1. Determine how you want to feel and identify one issue you’d like to improve or one desire you’d like to focus on (i.e. “I’d like to increase my libido overall” or “I’d like to reduce discomfort during sex after my prolapse” NOT “I want to decrease my anxiety, have 2.10 more orgasms, and ride a flying unicorn after smoking 2 new strains, using weed lube and suppositories, and a CBD massage”).
  2. Learn about the different ways you can incorporate Cannabis into your sex life (see below).
  3. Choose one method to explore first. Take notes on how it works for you.
  4. Once you’ve tried a few methods on their own, experiment with “dose layering.” Take notes on how that works for you.
  5. Rinse. Repeat. Explore. Evolve.

This process will become intuitive over time, but in the beginning, being methodical about Cannabis and sex is the fastest and easiest way to learning what this plant has to offer for you.

Finding Your Best Weed for Sex: Determining Where You’re at and How You Want to Feel

The first step to exploring weed for sex is starting with why you’re coming to Cannabis in the first place. 

  • Are you in pain when you have sex, experiencing dryness, tightness, stinging, aching, or discomfort? 
  • Is your sex life great, but you want to add in some spice and increase pleasure?
  • Are you getting up in your head too often to say “yes” to sex when you’d like to? 
  • Do you feel anxious or self-conscious when you’re in the act?
  • Do you want to explore sex solo and reconnect with yourself?
  • Do you and your partner want to recapture a frantic feeling of teenage lust? Or are you wanting to sink slowly into an hours-long encounter filled with deep passion?
  • Are you curious about tantra and spiritual practices and how Cannabis can enhance your connection and expansion into these more ethereal realms?

Good news. There’s a Cannabis for that. 

You just have to find which way works best for you. Luckily, this process is fun. And it can be a relatively easy process if you know where to start and what to look for.

I love looking at this process from the perspective that Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator Michelle Crawford brought up during our Q+A about Cannabis and Sex. 

She calls it “solutions engineering with Cannabis.” Solutions engineering allows you to ask yourself, “how do I create a solution to this problem with Cannabis?”

The solution may not be as simple as “roll it up and smoke it.” 

Most people find more benefits from using cannabinoids in a variety of ways.

Smoking high-THC Cannabis is just one of those ways, and while it’s still the most popular, it isn’t for everyone and may not help you leverage the most impactful benefits of this plant. 

To engineer solutions that will enhance your sex life, it’s best to approach your relationship with Cannabis as an ever-evolving tool, not a magical pill.

Marijuana and Sex: Preparation Makes Perfect

Now that you know how you want to feel and what you’re moving towards, we can discuss the options for incorporating weed into your sex life.

If you’re experiencing pain, want to increase pleasure, don’t want to consume THC, or wish to have an incredible sensory experience, start with the weed lube or suppositories section below.

If you’re interested in having a head shift, increasing euphoria, or experimenting with dose layering, explore the sections on inhalation and ingestion.

Using Weed Lube for Sex

You may have come to this article thinking, “what’s the best weed for sex?” and were hoping to get a handful of strains you could roll up before you get under the sheets…and we’ll get there. 

But after hearing from thousands of people about using weed for sex, the resounding feedback is that – especially for women- it can be challenging to predict the effects of smoking or ingesting Cannabis before sex. 

For some people, using the “best strain for sex,” even in small doses, can enhance overthinking, anxiety, or lethargy. 

On the flip side, I haven’t heard of a single person who had a negative experience using weed lube or suppositories to enhance a sexual experience. 

While the evidence is limited, many report that weed lube:

  • Enhances sensation
  • Decreases pain
  • Makes orgasms easier, longer, and more powerful
  • Increases wetness

The downside of using suppositories and weed lube for sex is that they can cause skin irritation in a small percentage of the population (make sure you test your product on a small area before going for it), and they can be expensive (DIY with this Weed Lube Recipe!). 

**Important note: Most weed lubes and suppositories are oil-based, meaning they can’t be used safely with condoms.***

While weed lube doesn’t typically enhance stimulation for men, male readers have told me that it helped delay ejaculation and extend a sexual experience where their partner is having much more fun. 

I was told by Certified Sex and Cannabis Coach Rick Garcia that THC lube can increase sensation for men but that it takes 45 minutes.

For men, using weed lube will likely take more patience and experimenting to see what it does for you.

best cannabis for sex

During the Cannabis for Sex Q+A (click above to watch), one male-identified participant mentioned that it shouldn’t matter what it’s doing for the fellas as long as it makes their partner feel better. Good point, Jimmy!

Check out this post about weed lube to learn more and to get my favorite weed lube recipe

Best Weed For Sex: Using Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are inserted into the vagina and are helpful for pelvic pain and to enhance cervical and G-spot stimulation.

I prefer suppositories because they can help with pain and improve sensation from the inside out. 

Read more about Cannabis suppositories here.

Best Cannabis and CBD Topicals for Sex

If you’re excited about using weed lube or suppositories for sex, try one of the recipes below. They’ve been tested by thousands of readers and top the list of my favorite recipes for good reason.

While I’m very pro-DIY, I know that it can be intimidating.

When you’re looking to buy a weed or CBD lube, make sure to find something that uses organic ingredients and is lab tested.

Eating and Smoking Weed for Better Sex

If you’re looking for a perspective or consciousness shift, want to connect more deeply with yourself or your partner, or want to explore your inner landscape, eating or inhaling Cannabis or hemp can be helpful.

From a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective, some strains and Cannabis products may assist in the following:

  • Relaxing your mind and body and connecting you with what’s happening in the moment
  • Deflating your inhibitions and helping you let go of self-conscious thoughts
  • Increasing release of positive endorphins
  • Improving body confidence
  • Sparking sexual appetites, increasing desire 

The right weed for sex can also improve sex from a purely physical standpoint, too, by:

Products bursting with high amounts of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can add excitement and ecstasy, but for the anxiety-prone, products bursting with THC may accentuate paranoia instead of pleasure. 

In those cases, opting for products containing less THC and more cannabidiol (CBD) may make you feel more relaxed all over your body and mind.

One thing’s for sure — many people report that both THC and CBD help increase the overall pleasure of sexual experiences.

Best Pot for Sex: Edibles 

The Sensuali-Tea from Kikoko is explicitly advertised for lovers who want to connect and bliss out in every possible way. With a 90-second steep, the 7mg THC (medium potency) tea is ready to rock. 

If you’re looking to DIY, how about a cocktail made with some weed infused ice cubes or the Chill RX tincture that contains other herbs selected to enhance relaxation.

Best Strain for Sex: Sativa

While the indica/sativa classification is slowly transitioning into a terpene profile approach, your local dispensary likely divides its products into three categories: sativa, indica, or hybrids containing traits of both. 

Sativas are renowned for their uplifting (and often giggly) effects. Indicas are usually offered to people who want to squash anxiety or calm their minds, relax muscles, and for those seeking a potent body-centered high.

Even though Cannabis Coaches and Certified Cannabis Educators are moving away from this model of talking about Cannabis, I know you’ll ask in the comments anyway. 😉 

Here are two sativa-leaning strains well-suited to smashingly energetic, spiritual sex:

  • Sour Diesel: This is a legendary and readily available strain known for its energizing, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am feeling. It will get your motor running, sending your lust into hyperdrive and make you want to run your fingers all over your partner’s body for hours at a time.
  • Super Lemon Haze: The delectable citrusy aroma of Super Lemon Haze has high limonene content, and that’s the compound that gives the strain its name. But limonene isn’t just a fresh, engaging smell. It also tamps down stress, bringing out the smiles in both of you. 

Best Weed Strains for Sex: Indica

  • Northern Lights: As one of the most famous indicas of all time, Northern Lights can send you into couch-lock or used more moderately and with the right company, lip lock. Its spicy kick relaxes the muscles and ushers anxiety out of your mind, presenting a dreamy feeling that’s great for connecting with loved ones.
  • Purple Urkle: Substitute pain with pleasure with Purple Urkle, a berry-flavored indica with a full body high. After you make slow, fiery love with your partner, this one will put you into a deep, peaceful sleep.

High CBD and CBG Weed for Sex 

If you’re exploring Cannabis for sex but don’t want to use a high-THC cultivar, you can always try strains like Lifter or White CBG. 

Many people find that inhaling CBD and CBG flower using a dry herb vaporizer or by smoking can help bring the effects of these cannabinoids on much faster.

Great sex often starts above the neck and out of the bedroom.

Communicating about Cannabis and your sexual desires, turn-ons, and turn-offs ensures that this powerful psychoactive tool brings you together instead of driving you apart.

As with all good things, you can overdo Cannabis in the bedroom, making you less functional and sex less fun. Used too frequently or in massive doses, this powerful psychoactive substance can cause more problems than it solves. Prolonged or overuse can even reduce sex drive.

With considered use, though, the joy of the right Cannabis – and of course – the right person (or yourself!), can help you level up your love life in ways you never imagined. 

Cannabis for Sex Takeaways

TLDR; Cannabis and sex have a unique relationship that can bring about both physical and emotional satisfaction.

When used intentionally, and by exploring the right product and timing for you, using Cannabis for sex has the potential to form an enriching bond between partners – one built upon mutual respect, understanding, and perhaps most importantly, pleasure.

What’s your favorite way to use weed for sex? Tell me in the comments below!

With Love,



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